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Star-Stabbed... part 4.Category: Stories
Saturday, 20 March 2010
05:49:54 PM (GMT)
Max woke up in the morning and looked around. There were less wires and tubes
snaking around her now; and less machines. She smiled, glad that she looked less like
a robot. A doctor came into the room and started to explain some more things. “I
understand you’ll be rather confused about the whole incident, and what exactly
happened. I also understand that Chris is rather traumatized by the whole thing and
can’t really bring himself to explain it to you.”
“Yeah I noticed he seemed a bit quiet…”
“Anyway, you are still very ill. I can’t stress this enough, but you must try and
lie still. You lost a lot of blood in the ordeal, and the blade was about 3mm away
from your kidney.”
“Ok… so I really almost died?”
“Basically, yes.”
“Have you heard anything off my dad? And where’s my mum?”
“Your mum said that she’ll try and visit weekly. You’re still in London at the
moment, and it’s a 5 hour drive from where you live, even longer with cues. All of
the hotels in London are also very expensive, and there are no free rooms in any
hotels in nearby towns and cities.”
“Ok… and my dad?”
“You had a text off him… We decided to read it to see if it was anything
important. It was asking how you were and so on, so we used our office phone to phone
his mobile and tell him how ill you were. He says that he has a job, and he’s going
to get a one way ‘Easy-Jet’ flight to the UK for £50 as soon as he gets
“Great… how long ago was that?”
“About a week or two ago- when you were in a coma.”
“I was in a coma?”
“Oh yes. You slipped into a coma shortly after arriving here, we weren’t sure
you’d pull through.”
“So that was why Chris was holding my hand and crying when I woke up!”
“Obviously. Well, get some rest, and I’ll be back this afternoon to see how you
are. We might even consider moving you to a normal ward soon- the one that Chris is
on. I believe there is a free bed next to his.”
“Well I better be off, talk to you later.”
“Bye…” She said, and let her head sink into her pillow. Her stomach began to
rumble and she realized she hadn’t eaten for over 2 weeks. When a nurse came in,
she asked if she could have a drink and something to eat. The nurse replied; “Not
at the moment. You have to be tube fed as you can’t sit up at the moment. You can
start eating full meals when you are strong again.” Her long black hair bobbed as
she talked. Max nodded and reached for the book her mother had left for her. It was a
rather old book, but she picked it up anyway and started to flick through the pages.
It was the diary of some teenage girl, called Georgia. She read through the first few
chapters and huffed. ‘This was believable, but if I wrote a book about my life, it
would sound so out of this world no-one would read it.’ She though to herself,
putting the book down. She started to hum some songs, but soon gave up as her throat
started to hurt again. Eventually Chris wheeled himself through the door and took his
usual position beside her bed. “Hey.” Max smiled.
“Hey. You ok? How’s the war wound?”
“Doc says it’s getting better thanks. You?” She asked, curious.
“Not bad. It’s slowly getting better though. I see you’re minus a few machines
and stuff, so I guess you’re making a… um…”
“Speedy recovery??”
“Yeah that’s it. Are you eating anything? You look really pale, and thinner than
“Well, I’m being tube fed. This nurse came in and when I told her I was really
hungry, told me that when I can sit up properly I can have proper food.”
“Gutted. What kind of mush are they feeding you? It can’t be very healthy, I
mean, look at the colour of your skin!”
“I know! I think that’s the only tube I have left now… oh there’s the one for
this drip for painkillers or something.”
“Ahh. My lovely girlfriend shall be fighting fit again in no time… will she?”
“I hope so. This morning, the doctor said that soon I can be moved to your ward.
They’re going to try and keep a bed empty near to you for me.”
“That’s great Max. I love you so much you know, every night I just can’t stop
thinking about you. It’s torture knowing you’re in so much pain, and I’m not
there to, comfort you or anything.”
“Yeah, I get what you’re saying. The painkiller isn’t even working! My side is
just, really hurting. Feels like someone’s stabbed it… funny that!” Chris
laughed and wiped a tear from his eye. “Yeah it is a bit isn’t it?” He agreed.
He heard some beeping and opened his eyes properly. He started to panic when Max was
lying still on her bed, eyes closed halfway, and one of the machines next to her
emitting a high pitched whining noise. He pressed the panic button on the wall and
gripped her hand. Several doctors and nurses rushed into the room and ushered Chris
out. He sat in his wheelchair just outside her room, trying to see what was happening
through the window. He wiped a few tears away from his cheek and looked down at the
polished white floor.

Max could feel someone stroking her hand, and the odd tear splashing her arm. She
slowly opened her eyes and blinked, looking in Chris’s direction. “What… what
“I don’t know… you were just lying there… you looked dead.”
“Sorry… um… how long was I like, sleeping?”
“A month and a bit, I think.”
“What? But… school…?”
“Sorted. Oh, you aren’t in London anymore- you were actually well enough to be
moved back home.”
“I never thought I’d say this, but I actually miss school.”
“Well I guess if you don’t get any worse you’ll be well enough to come home
“I hope so…” Max noticed that Chris was no longer in his wheelchair, but was
sitting on a normal plastic hospital chair. She looked into Chris’s eyes and wiped
a tear from her own. Closing her eyes and putting her head back on her pillow, she
sighed. “I just… I don’t think it’s worth living anymore.”
“Max, don’t say that.”
“But it’s true. I’m just so ill, you’ve spent so long just sitting by my side
you know, holding my hand, crying. I don’t like to see you upset…”
“I’d be even more upset if you died.”
“I know…” She went quiet and closed her eyes, as Chris watched a watery tear
sliver down her cheek.
“Max, I love you. Never forget that.”
“I won’t.” She whispered.

Several weeks later, Max was lying on the sofa at home, looking up at her own
ceiling. She just lay there, looking up, for several hours, until her mum came and
sat on the end of the sofa and asked her what was up. “I just… miss Chris.”
“He’ll be round after school, now don’t you worry. I bet he misses you too.”
“I doubt it. He’s probably sitting on the school field having a laugh with his
mates- probably forgotten all about me to be honest.”
“He’s a teenager. When I was your age my boyfriend was always out and around. He
needs some space- just give it to him.”
“Ok I guess…”
“Now anyway, stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something useful, like making a
start on that huge pile of homework the school has sent you!”
“Do I have to?”
“Yes! Come on, the teachers will expect it in when you eventually go back.”
“Well it’s not my fault… Fine I’ll make a start…” Max got up and limped
over to the coffee table, grabbed the pile of homework and a pen, sat back down and
made a start.

At 4pm, there was a knock on the door. Max’s mum got up to open it, but Max shook
her head. She slowly stood up from the sofa and shuffled over to the front door,
still wrapped in her blanket, holding her side. As she opened the door, Chris smiled.
“So you’re home then?”
“Yeah, come in.” She sat down on the sofa and moved her homework onto the
computer chair. Chris sat on the seat next to her and put his arm around her
shoulders. “I couldn’t concentrate today you know. I got shouted at twice for
daydreaming. I just couldn’t stop thinking about you.” Max’s mum looked at her
in an ‘I told you so’ way and asked Chris if he would like a drink. “Oh, yes
please Mrs Williams.”
“Just call me Claire. So what would you like? We have cola, lemonade, milk…”
“I’ll just have water please.”
“One water coming up! Do you want anything Max?”
“No thanks mum- I’m fine.” Max’s mum went through to the kitchen and Chris
leaned close to Max, planting a gentle kiss on her cheek. She went red and put her
head on Chris’s shoulder. “I think I’ll come back to school next week…”
“Are you sure? I mean, someone could knock your side or something…”
“I won’t be able to do PE for a while… and the holidays are soon. I mean, you
might not think there’s much point in me coming back to school but there’s exams
to do…”
“You won’t know the answers to any of the questions though.”
“I’ve read all the homework and fact sheets I’ve been sent, and I’m going to
go to the after school subject classes to catch up.”
“Ok then, if you think you can handle it.” Max’s mum bought the water through
for Chris, sat back on the sofa and began flicking through a ‘take a break’
“Mum, do you think it would be ok if I went back to school next week?”
“I guess so… if you think you can handle it. Maybe we can arrange for you to
spend half the day in lessons, then the other half in extra tutoring for your
“Thanks mum.” She sighed. At that moment, Chris’s phone started ringing and he
went into the hall to answer. He came back after a few minutes and explained to Chris
that he had to leave- something was going on at home. “Fine… I hope it’s all
ok. Come by tomorrow?”
“Sure. See you Claire.”
“Bye Chris.”
“Bye Max.” Chris mouthed ‘I love you’ to Max, so that her mother didn’t
find out.
“Bye Chris.” She mouthed back ‘I love you too’ and blew him a kiss. Chris
pretended to catch it and waved goodbye.

… to be continued?

‹thefirstpartisrelevant.› says:   20 March 2010   287333  
I know who you areee, you let me read the first bit beforee.
It's really good.
Anon_69 says :   21 March 2010   468182  
Shhh ;P Hehe i know you too ;D Well, keep my identity a shhhh 'cus my
friends shall take the piss *thumbs up* 


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