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The Haunted HouseCategory: Stories
Saturday, 20 March 2010
05:27:51 PM (GMT)
- I had to write this for school so sorry if it's crap -

He stood at the front door of the mansion, and looking back at his 3 friends standing
behind a bush, Damian started to regret agreeing to this dare. Earlier that
afternoon, himself and his friends had been playing dares, when Liam had dared him to
play 'Ding-Dong-Ditch' on the most haunted place in the city. He rang the bell, and
was about to turn and run, when the door swung open and a wrinkly grey hand crept out
and grabbed him by the grubby blue collar of his school shirt. His friends gasped,
and wanted to run away, but also wanted to see what became of their friend, so they
hovered behind a garden shed and took it in turns to watch as Damian was dragged in.

Inside the house was dark, cold, and damp, and the carpet beneath his worn trainers
crunched as he walked. What had grabbed him had by now vanished. He turned around to
try and leave, but came face to face with a huge padlock and shiny silver chains,
locking the heavy oak door he had just been pulled in through. Terrified, he pulled
out his mobile phone to check the time, and to possibly use as a torch so he could
find a way out. 'Low Battery' the display flashed. Then, however, he heard screaming
noises from somewhere outside.
	That very moment, his 3 friends were sitting outside wondering what had become of
Damian, when a black, cloaked figure crept up behind them and killed them all with a
pistol, and solid gold bullets. The figure dragged them up to the attic and bit their
necks, lapping up their warm, deep red blood with its long black tongue.
	Damian's eyes had adjusted to the light, and he looked around. Suddenly, he heard a
long, loud, high pitched howl from the room to his left. Slowly, he walked towards
the door. He grabbed the shining golden doorknob and twisted it, carefully pushing
the door open. On the other side, there was a small girl, with dark black hair, pale
skin, and wearing an extremely old fashioned dress. She stood stone still, and Damian
approached her slowly.
This however, was a huge mistake. She spun around, eyes glowing, teeth bared, and
ready to strike. He quickly backed out of the room and pulled the door shut,
	He walked around the house quickly, desperately searching for a way out, before that
'girl' got him. He headed up the staircase, when he came across the dark, cloaked
figure, bearing a rope and a heavy metal pole... Damian screamed, and tried to run,
but the figure grabbed him, kept him still while it tied him up then beat him with
the pole until he gave up and was able to be dragged to the attic. He was tied to a
chair, when the figure flicked on a light, and Damian could see his friend's corpses,
lying on the floor, blood dripping from their necks. He knew what his fate was, he
groaned, and spewed all over the floor at the very thought of his like ending in such
a horrific way. 
	The figure leant over him, and its dazzling white fangs glittered. Damian took one
last breath, and the figure dug its teeth into his neck. His face contorted, and he
screamed as the fangs sunk further into his flesh, and the creatures black slimy
tongue slithered over his skin, lapping up the lush, scarlet blood. His pale skin
crawled as the creature stepped away and looked at him. Damian wished it would go, so
he could try and escape from here, so he wouldn’t end up like his friends. His
shirt was soaked with blood; he felt faint and just wanted it to end. Leaving him
alone, the creature left. Finally Damian had a chance to escape, but it would have to
be soon. He somehow released his hands from the knot that held them, but his wrists
were worn and red, his skin peeling. In agony, he untied the rope that was holding
him to the chair, and stood up. His legs were weak, and blood dripped from his shirt
onto the floorboards. He looked around, and not before long he had discovered that
there was no way out, except from the door the creature had just walked through. He
crept over to the door and put his ear against it- in case the creature was on the
other side and waiting for him. No sound- at least he could try.

	Grasping the handle with his sweaty hands, he pulled. The door wouldn’t budge. He
stood back against the wall and prepared to try again, when suddenly the door swung
open and almost hit him in the face. Now he knew, he would have to run. As soon as
the creature had moved out of the doorway, he dodged around and ran like the wind. He
ran down the corridors, not knowing where he was heading to, with the creature hot on
his tail. The corridors seemed to last forever, but finally he came to the front
door. It was locked- no surprise there then. The creature was quickly getting closer,
so Damian hid in the shadows under the stairs, hoping it wouldn’t see him. It ran
straight past him, not giving his hiding place a second thought, and rushed into the
kitchen. Damian got up and went back to the door, trying to force the padlock open so
that he could escape. However, the creature had heard him and was now coming back
towards him, carrying a sharp butcher’s knife, ready to strike. Damian was
petrified, he couldn’t breathe. The creature raised the knife above his head and
brought it down hard upon Damian.

Damian had seen this coming and had ducked at just the right moment, making the knife
hit the chains on the door rather than him. They broke instantly, and while the
creature regained its strength, he was able to escape.

- Criticism and comments welcome & much appreciated -

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