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Saturday, 20 February 2010
03:06:22 PM (GMT)
Thanks for your support guys.
Warning; contains sluts mermaids and provocative women nymphs.
Lots of running and reflecting. x]

     "Hello~." Lindie said cheerfully. "My name is Lindie."
     The naiadss exchanged looks, some smirking and others rolling their eyes. James
spoke before they could, "We're looking for the Key."
     The redhead swept hair from her face. "Are you, now? We know of no such
     "Don't try to bullshit me." James unsheathed his sword.
     The brunette's eyes widened. "We'll tell you where the Key is," she said slowly,
and all Lindie could think was that it was all too easy, "if you let us spend some
time with this darling little girl." She gestured to Lindie.
     "Okay," Lindie said cautiously;  she felt obliged to say anything.
     "Alone," the blond added, flipping her hair over her shoulder. 
     "And where do you suppose I go?" James asked.
     "Away. The forest, perhaps?" The blond answered. "I'm sure you're dying to get
rid of her."
     "I heard that."
     "No, I'm not. But..." He raised his sword. "Tell us where the Key is first."
     "The mountains, of course." The redhead answered.
     "Mountains?" Lindie asked, but when she looked she could see the mountains in
the distance, peaks above the treetops. 
      Seeing recognition in Lindie's eyes, the blond smiled, then turned to James.
"Go on now, you promised we'd have our time with Lindie."
     And so the boy left.

     Lindie wasn't sure of what was happening; first she was eating the small bit of
cake they'd given her and the next, everything seemed distorted. Colors faded into
themselves, and focusing became more of a challenge. She could smell colors and taste
     "What am I doing here?" Her voice came slurred as the naiads moved themselves
closer to the girl's body. "Oh, you guys are naiads." She laughed, the drugs slurring
her voice and bending her words. Something slimy and wet rested on her arms, held
them firmly. Lindie could feel her body being pulled, her hair floating around her
face and her breathing becoming a challenge. 
     A challenge? She tried to breathe in again, choked. Oh well. Probably nothing.
But then it came again, the choking sensation and a burning in her lungs and she
realized perfectly well what was happening-- she was drowning. Her limbs moved but
not to her will; they were like jello, moving every which way but the way needed. 
     She could feel the life seeping from her lungs. She was going to die. She was
going to die.
      No, she told herself. Swim. Swim.
     Choking. She was choking. Her legs maintained a steady tingling feeling, as
though the water had them asleep. She flailed helplessly before coming to her
concrete decision; she was dying, and there was no way out.

     The women were dressed provocatively, with clothing that barely hung to their
chests and unmentionables. Though as they melted from the trees, that was the last
thing on James' mind. Lindie had been left alone with people (women, but still) he'd
barely known, that she'd barely known, that neither could trust. And while his mind
told him there was nothing to worry about, his instincts told otherwise.   
     They touched his chest, ran hands through his golden hair. He kept a straight
face, knowing he'd only have to be here for the time required; as much as the naiads
needed. He couldn't tell if this was positive or negative, but found himself slapping
away tree branches that served as hands for the women. 
     "Come on James," they whispered in his ear, "stay here in the forest with us.
Forget about the Key."
     "I can't forget about Lindie," he responded, "therefore I can't forget about the
     "Lindie's dead, James." But the words did not register in his mind as the nymphs
began removing their clothing. "Stay with us."
     He felt slightly aroused by this, though as he remembered what they were this
feeling faded. These were fake beings, made of trees and nothing more; Lindie was
real, and Lindie he would protect. Again the instinctual feeling tugged at his
stomach, the words finally registering. 
     Lindie is dead.
     The words seemed to mean next to nothing as he thought them over. In fact, it
meant he could stay. Forever.

     Her head bobbed against the surface before she was pulled down again, the scaly
hands of the naiads gripping her legs. At some point or other she must have kicked
one hard, because the hands let her go long enough to her to cling to the muddy
     You're not getting away, they breathed into her ear. James isn't here
to save you now.
     It was a trick, she realized. Without her, the restoration would be impossible.
There would be no reproduction; no more humans to speak of. It had been so obvious!
Why did she not realize what she had played herself in to? Not only that, but the
cakes. She'd eaten the cakes and that's when they pulled her under. The cakes had
something in them that made her feel like she was on drugs, and now she was sinking.
Was that part of the side effects? Feeling as though she were sinking? No, she could
feel everything so vividly, the scales around her ankles and the water filling her
     Filling her lungs. She had to get out of the water. 
     She dug her fingers into the soft mud, but the grip around her ankles and legs
stayed. She clawed at the mud, trying to climb higher. She needed air, and she needed
it quick. 
     She could taste the air as her head came out of the water, but choked as she was
pulled back down. Just a little farther. Just a little farther, and she'd be out of
the water. Lindie kept herself propped on her arms, feeling the weight of the naiads
still pulling her down. 
     She kicked a leg above water onto land, though the blond was still attached to
it. She dug her toes into the shore and pushed her weight above water, the grips on
her ankles releasing themselves. 
     She ran.
     She ran past countless trees, "James!" she screamed, bushes and tree branches
scraping her skin where the once-new clothes did not cover; her arms, the skin below
her knee, her face... "James!"

     James. He could hear his name being called, and cringed. There it was again.
Recognizing the voice, he stood from the rock he had claimed. "Lindie?"
     She came into view, scraped arms, legs, face. She was soaking wet, and there
were noticeable cuts and scratches around her shins. There were also some around her
upper leg, which were bleeding through her pants.
     "Oh my gosh," he muttered as she walked towards him. She took his arm and tugged
him in no specific direction. 
     "We have to go!" She screamed. "It's a trick. The Creatures want us dead, we
have to go!"
     "Lindie, hold on, what happened?"
     "The naiads they--" She didn't finish before one of the wood nymphs hissed from
behind one of the trees. "What was that?"
     'You should be dead!" The nymph lunged at her and Lindie screamed, putting her
arms up in an attempt to defend herself. There was the sound of a sword being
unsheathed, followed by a short cry; when Lindie opened her eyes, she could see the
woman falling to the floor, dead.
     "My bow and arrows!" Lindie said, gasping. "They're by the lake!" Another nymph
lunged from behind a tree, this time at James. He stabbed it effortlessly and moved
closer to Lindie. "I can't go back alone," she whispered. "They'll kill me."
     "I'll come with you," he whispered back. The nymphs were now coming out of the
trees, two or three at a time. Lindie gasped, but he took her by the wrist and ran.
Last edited: 24 February 2010

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