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stolez from Chimera233:DD!Category: (general)
Sunday, 31 January 2010
05:07:42 PM (GMT)
Can you drive yet? If so, how many tries did it take until you passed?  

Have you ever changed yourself to fit in better?  
fuckno. why would i wanna be like everyone else?

Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction books / movies?  
Fiction ftw>:3

Do you keep old shoeboxes?  
lol, who does?

What was your favourite thing to do as a child?  
wrestling with my cousin, i still do that actually...

Do you have any useful skills? Which?  

What type of food does your favourite restaurant serve?  
oh! fish:D

Do you play I Spy while in long car journeys?  
yes... but i get bored easily and am a sore loser so i give up quickly xD.

Have you ever seen an eclipse?  
yes! it was awesome(:

Are you an interesting person? How so?  
ive been told i am... but idunnolol

Is there anything you're excited for that's happening soon?  
my birthday:DD<3!!!

Do you think you're easy to get to know?  
yeah, i'm not really a personal person and tell people about my life quickly which i
shouldn't really do>.>"

Are you similar to what your starsign says you should be?  
can be, can not be. depends on my mood.

Have you ever taken a career test? What did they say you should be?  
nope, and even if i did they would get it wrong anywaysXD.

Is your best friend older or younger than you?  
everyone is older than me D:<

When asked to help make dinner, would you make the starter, main or dessert?  
Desert! i'd make a big triple... no! qaudruple(is that a wordXD?) chocolate cake:DD!
and then on the top around the rim i'd put little dots of cream and strawberrys ontop
of them! then id but strawberry cream all around the edge of the cake and
ontop(again) i'd put little charaters on it, like bunnys and suns and rainbows!

Have you ever had a dream about being online?  

Are you one of those people who talks to everyone when they're out?  
whatcha mean>///<>:3

Do you usually leave voicemails on other people's machines?  
only when i'm hyper...

Do you know somebody whose christmas lights stay up all year round?  
nearly everyone in my streetXD.

Do you always shut your computer down when you're finished with it?  
yes, then 2 minutes later when i'm bored i come back on XD~

Are most of the pens around your house from random companies or plain?  
random companies

Do you dread filling out the about you box on most websites?  
yes! toom much to say about myself and so little space to write in D:.

Do you prefer the Code Red Mountain Dew to the Orange kind?  
idunno. i only had mountain dew once in America(i stay in scotland) and it was white

Do you get embarrassed when talking about things like sex?  
fuckno. i'm surrounded by people who talk about sex n shit XD.

Do you often write people's moods off as 'PMSing?'  

Do you think that men endure too much?
endure... what a big word:3.

Are there any towels in your house with cartoon characters on them?  
yes, many XD.

Do the half sheet paper towels annoy you?   

Ever been in a mosh pit?  
yno, but i wanna:3.

What was the last thing you did that gave you a rush?  

Is Vegas one of your must-see places?  

Pet rat ; Yay or Nay?  
yay:3, i had one... called nibbles but she died ;_;

If given the chance, would you ride a unicorn to Iceland?  
fuck year! 

Have you ever washed a cat in your bathtub?  
no, but it looks fun:D

Ever seen the movie Max Keeble's Big Move? Opinions?  

Would you call yourself a writer? Written any stories lately?  
yup, i'm an awesome writer and yes i am actually.

Do you think that the iPad sounds like a foreigner trying to say iPod?  
whats an iPadXD?

Did that last thing make you laugh?

Are you good at reading people's body language?  

Do you feel obligated to feel bad for people who are crying?  
depends, for some i am and for others, i don't give a fuck XD.

Ever ask a random stranger to pretend to be someone for you?  

Ever threatened somebody and actually went through with it?  
noD:, i'm a big scaredy cat>.<"

Does holding newborn babies scare you?  
no, i love holding my baby sister:D!

Are needles something that you're afraid of?  

Piercings, Yay or Nay?  
yay! when i'm old enough i wanna get nose(in the middle, not the chavy wayXD),
tongue, snakebites and anti eyebrow. alos, smilies are hawt XD

Have you ever been prescribed medication?  
yup, many times

Do you have a collage of pictures in your bedroom?  

Are Mac computers a bit frustrating?  
no, they are awesome:D! but srsly...... WINDOWSFTW

Ever consider a career in photography?  

Excited for the new Alice In Wonderland movie? Too creepy looking?  
yes, but no XD.

Favorite Nicholas Cage movie?  

Does either of your parents watch Judge Judy?  
no, but my gran doesXD.

What colour does the button on your computer glow?  
Green, Orange and RedXD.

Did you ever have those glow in the dark stars on your ceiling?  

Do you have a Friday night routine?  
um... no, why would i XD?

Do you kind of have to pee right now?  

Does bad grammar in surveys annoy you at all?  
uhh huhx3.

For projects do you prefer using glue or tape? 

‹INSURGENCY› says:   31 January 2010   439665  
psh, you poser, get your own stuff XD
nah, this is pure WIN
ilove9 says :   1 February 2010   756866  
D: i'm not a poser. i just stealz stuff XD.
and rearry:3? i should damn hope so.
i put alot of work into the desert partD: 

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