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Sunday, 3 January 2010
07:13:32 PM (GMT)
I feel inspired!!

So I say this counts as tomorrows entry.
Day two of the Daily Mind Theater Resolution:
Lady Emily of Sealand

Message to: Lunasan

     Hey Luna, do you think you can come to the convention? I just got a ticket,
and my moms ganna start driving me tomorrow.

Message to: Kirti

     Sorry, I've got a deadline, and my parents can't take time off. (Plus,
someone has to keep an eye on the real website!)

Message to: Miss_RolePlay1995
       Did you hear that there's going to be a Kupika CONVENTION? I just packed
and I'm heading out tomorrow. Can you go? (I know it's not in Calgary, but it's at
least in Alberta...)

Message to: Kirti

        YES I CAN GO!! I got my ticket today,  and I'm going to have my own BOOTH!
(I hope someone comes to it ;_

Message to: Miss_RolePlay1995

        I'll see you there! And there's someone I want you to meet. <--

And so it was! An estimated two thousand Kupikans were heading to Alberta Canada for
the first annual Kupika Convention. To get in you needed a ticket, and... Well you
needed a ticket anyway. (It wasn't a very big convention after all.)
      Booths were to be set up by Kupikans who could convince Hina that someone would
come to them. Hina himself would not be attending, but was well chuffed that
someone was offering to host the event in the first place.
      One five star Kupikan was going to be going to meet a penpal she'd had for two
years for the first time. But there was something Kirti's friend did not know about
the meeting.
      Miss_RolePlay was lounging around at her booth, thinking about how much she'd
rather be wandering around looking at other booths, and feeling a bit
disappointed at the lack of interest in the booth she was lounging at (The Little
Orphan booth), when she found herself caught in a jumping-tackle-hugglomp as a girl
in a red dress, red fedora, and yellow wig squealed,
The hug-er was easily recognizable as Kirti, both from photo's and from the fact that
she was partially cosplaying as the avatar she'd used since mid two thousand seven.
     What was not visible in her carefully posed photos was that Kirti was quite
short, and while certainly not overweight, she was what she described as "soft",
"plushie", and "huggable".
      And what was not obvious from her avatar, though she did warn it, was that she
was very socially awkward.
     So, while still hugging, she said "Hanggone- yuar Miss Role Play,
     Oh, another thing. Kirti was also not known for her ability to speak clearly.
And while it is not nearly as bad as it looks written out, it was a shock for
SAM!!!!!!! to hear at first.
     "Yep, that's me," Said Sam, trying to act cheerful enough to make their social
awkwardness not matter. 
     Suddenly, Kirti pulled out of the hug, straightened her dress, and turned
towards someone Sam hadn't noticed.
     "My apologies, Mistress," she said, and gave a deep curtsy. Then she turned back
to Miss Role Play and said, very formally, with a completely serious expression,
     "Presenting my guest to this event- Lady Emily of Sealand."
Lady Emily of Sealand bowed her head curtly. Emily of Sealand had striking blue eyes,
shiny golden blonde hair shorter than many boys wore it, and was very thin. The top
Sam's head lined up with her nose.
     There was a pause in which Sam had no idea how to respond, before Kirti and Lady
Emily were laughing uncontrollably.
     "Oooh, you're so mean," Emily said, her voice shockingly high and light.
The feminity she produced made everything seem to fade off. If you put her voice in
writing (like this), you wouldn't need any periods.
      "I swear she's always doing that..." Emily said, still laughing.
       "So, you aren't a Lady?" "Yes she is! She is an unlanded member of the
Nobility of the Nation of... Pfft... Sealand." Kirti said, starting out D:< and
ending up more like x3. Was that description unforgivable in the eyes of the literary
world? Perhaps, but it was a convection for a website, after all.
       "Sealand... The amusement park?" "That's Seaworld... Sealand is a small
Principality... It's six miles off the cost of Britain... Right now it's just five
hundred fifty square meters of manmade steel and concrete island, but one day... The
Principality of Sealand..." "Will own Russia!" Kirti and Emily said.
       "Five hundred and fifty meters...? Are you sure you did your conversions
right?" Sam asked incredulously.
       "Sealand, formally Roughs Towers was originally a World War Two observation
base, before it was abandoned at the end of the War. Roy Bates moved his finally
there, and because it was in international waters, declared it an independent nation.
One casualty-less micro war later, Sealand was secure in the rule of the Bates
family. Sealand makes money by serving as a secure base to Internet providers,
exporting the Sealand dollar to coin collectors, and by selling the title of Lord,
Lady, or Knight," recited Lady Emily of Sealand dutifully.
       "I made her royal on Valentine’s day, because she forbid me from getting her
a present. Tee hee!" Kirti said, and gave Emily's hand a quick squeeze.
       "I'm saving up money to make her a knight... Right now her only title is
girlfriend," Emily laughed softly, and got a smile from Sam. (Some jokes just don't
get a full laugh. It happens.)
       "Anyone want some food?"
       "Yeah, let's go," said Sam.
Emily of Sealnd- end
Last edited: 3 January 2010

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 January 2010   782011  
A Kupika Convention would be fun! O_O
But with everybody scattered around the world, it'd be hard to get
many people to come. D; (Plus its sheer ridiculousness <-- not a word.
might prevent it from happening.)

Nice job on the Mind Theater!
Kirti says:   6 January 2010   819246  
I know, it's horrible that this might never happen! (Also, it costs
quite a bit of money to buy Sealandish nobility. Nearly forty American
dollars. Pfft.)

I just reread it and realized that I wrote it from your
perspective... Weird... (Did I do an okay job? o.O) 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 January 2010   880587  

Yep, I thought it was ok. 
Kirti says:   6 January 2010   860681  
I probably got your thought process wrong though, lsts. You're much
saner than I am. 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 January 2010   395186  
I'm surprised I've kept as much sanity as I have over the years. My
siblings drive me to the verge of insanity sometimes. 
Kirti says :   6 January 2010   551926  
I really don't beleive myself to be insane... I know that I
make sure to have logical reasons behind my actions... But the number
of my friends who, qoute, worry about me sometimes (unqoute) has now
grown to six. Siigh. 

My sister isn't annoying, she's just kind of mean. (She ignores me and
says I'm the annoying one. Which may be true.)


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