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Sunday, 20 December 2009
11:35:36 PM (GMT)
My grandparents just left. They came to help me shovel and to make sure we were okay. I went outside, in my jacket, runners, sweats, and gloves. I was in a really happy mood, but now I'm balling, well crying, my head hurts nad I feel like killing myself. ~Story~ My brother came home about ten minutes before my grandparents got here. He told me he and his friend got really freaked out because they saw a figure in St.Patrick's window. So, that convinced me to tell them about some real stories. I told them about the little girl that died on St.Patrick's/Dr.Hammens school. Then I told them about hte shooting in Meyers. And then I told my sister about the janitor that hung himself in St.Mary's, inside the shop room. <---Mr.Dolittle told us about that. So, when they got here, I got dressed and went outside, and grabbed a shovel and started talking ot my grandma, telling her that Trystan had seen a creepy figure in the school, she told me that was freaky. And to lock the doors when we got inside. I did. And then I told her hte stories I told my siblings, she said that was really freaky. Then I said, that if ghosts existed, then it would make sense for them to haunt our town. She laughed and said yes. And then my grandpa came up behind me and started yelling. "Stop saying those sort of things. They aren't real. And your probably getting them all wrong, we've lived here longer than you and I've never heard a goddamn thing about these stories. You'll upset the fucking neighbours if you don't shut up." That wasn't all. But that was the big part of it. Then I walked into the backyard with my grandma and cried, she told me to go inside, and told my granpa to Stfu. I didn't go in, and my grandpa came back there and yelled at both of us. My grandma hugged me and I ran inside and cried. Well am still crying. I'm so upset about this because I never impress my grandfather. He's always disappointed, he hates me. He hates my father as well. My mom told me this, and so has my grandma, she tells me to stay clear of him because he despises me. Because I ruined my dad's life. That is all. I would like to hear some cheerful words to make my head stop hurting please. Talk to me? I just need to.. be talked to. I'm really upset is why. So I'm annoying you now, I just really wanna hear good things right now..

‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   20 December 2009   112809  
Ohwow. D:
That's pretty terrible but I wouldn't think much about it.
Your grandfather hates you.
Fight back. You're showing him your weak and you're letting out your
feelings as tears.
He has rights to his opinions and you have rights to yours. Neither of
you guys are right, though. It's only a belief of ghost like religion
He may hate you, but for that reason is stupid.
Ignore him. You're family. He can't honestly hate you, he might
be a bit mad but he's probably like... eh, what's the word?
I guess like a Tsundere. 
In due time he'll like you. Dont' just go off and cry and say things
and say that you just couldn't impress him.
Fidn out things he wants to see in you.
Try to do that and you may be surprised. One little thing he likes and
he'll never hate you. c:
alleygirl92 says:   21 December 2009   956285  
I suppose your right. screw it, you are right
And, the more you do try to impress someone, often times, you
disappoint them, But I suppose it's all right to give everything you
mentioned a shot. 
I haven't cried in a while. O.o;
And I cried more when my dad got mad last night, but I honestly feel
fine. Just have to let bottled feelings out sometimes I suppose. 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   23 December 2009   788294  
There's just no pleasing people these days. Just ignore him and, even
though you want to make him happy, ignore him. If you can't please him
then don't. I hope you're okay now. Everyone needs to share their
feelings some time.
alleygirl92 says:   24 December 2009   293831  
I know.
And it was rather stupid for him getting mad at me.. After my dad got
everything out of me that night, he phoned him and it got into another
Just over ghost storiesactually, real stories
And thank you, yes, we do have to share our feelings sometimes. 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says :   25 December 2009   615584  
You're welcome ^^ glad that you're better  

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