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Sunday, 29 November 2009
05:08:40 PM (GMT)
This is ordered according to what I think will intrest people reading. The stuff
only friends will get is on the bottom.

I went on my first real date!

Emily and I saw an animated talking animal movie. Why? Because it was that or New

Now, traditionally they guy asks the girl out, and the guy pays. But Emily and I
kinda asked each other out, so each of us came with the intention to pay for both of
us. I think we ended up paying for each others tickets.

I figured I'd get her a plushie or something, because she reads manga too, and can
appreciate utterly corny gestures like that. But all I could find were webkinz >.<' 

I got her chocolate, and laughed for the entire time before the movie about chocolate
commercials. ("Milk chocolate lindt... It's smooth, it's creamy...
Completly decident.")

An important note to all those who ant to bring a date to the movies because you see
the romantic hand-holding in movie, I would caution you all. Emily and I were holding
hands for about half the movie, and it got really awkward, because how do you move
your hand without being rude?

I ate meat 
 It was Thanksgiving, so yeah. I had ham for the first time in months. I'm feeling
really bad, and I'm having more trouble staying on the wagon since then.

Still unemployed.
I can't seem to get a job. It's really annoying. I do tons of volunteer work, so it's
not like I'm totally inexperienced. And I'm a licensed babysitter, with first aid
training. Surely I'm qaulified for something...? Right?

I talk a lot about my good friend Mariana, but she moved to Florida. I miss her so
much! And she's coming back to visit for a week over winter break! I'm so happy~~!
Finally, someone with oddly colored hair, who talks about science and religeos
philosophy, and uses big words that no one understands half the time, but acts like a
littlekid the rest of the time!

No luck.
I haven't found a magical portal yet. This speaks wonders towards my sanity, which
many nae sayers have been questioning of late- and they don't even know about the
portal thing- but it depresses me to no end. Anyone have a enchanted wardrobe I can
Last edited: 30 November 2009

‹Queen Of Thee Pit Of Darkness xD› says:   29 November 2009   312471  
So wait, are you bi or are you a boy?
Kirti says:   29 November 2009   805796  
I'm a girl, Psy. And I'm pansexual. I really don't give a dang about
what gender somone is. I fall in love with their thoughts, not their
lunasan says:   29 November 2009   360147  
I've completely forgotten about what you were looking for dem for
I found double ports...
... and now it's annoying as hell 'cause the back of my eyes are

can I quote that? 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   29 November 2009   431023  
Sorry, no luck with finding portals here.

Wait, what movie?
alocacoc says:   29 November 2009   365399  
You can borrow my enchanted wardrobe. But I need it back soon. I'm
visiting Narnia for Christmas.
Kirti says:   29 November 2009   800460  
Ah, you mock me and my failure! If someone could send me the
wardrobe, I would be most appreciative.

We saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox, an animated talking animal movie. It was
that or Twilight. (And I loved Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Qoute away, my dear.
‹<DaisyPetals>› says:   29 November 2009   107924  
Hehe, I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox today. >w< It's awesome, no?
^3^ hope you go on another date soon. 

Glad your friend is coming back!  -flails in joy-

xD;; I can't get a job anywhere either. OTL  Hang out with me in the
unemployed corner?
‹Panda  Bear› says:   30 November 2009   362122  
I'm happy for you, Kirti 
Kirti says :   30 November 2009   379354  
Me, you, and Mariana can discuss how aorable Christopherson is at
unemployment corner! (She doesn't have a job either.)


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