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Dairy Scary Diary (Read it and get scared) -its real..Category: (general)
Monday, 9 November 2009
11:15:22 PM (GMT)
-November 7, i have been to scary dairy my fair share of times.. the first two times
or so it was pretty freaky, im guessin just cause its out in the middle of nowhere
and its darker than crap etc.. but after that i was so use to it, it became "non"
scary lol but this one time (actually the last time) i went out to the dairy it was
very different.. we got to where you park the cars and all started the long walk
toward the dairy. it was like any other dark night no moon really, but enough light
to tell where you were goin without flashlights. we got to the big row of trees that
hang over the path right before the barn comes into sight, and it seemed that all of
a sudden crap was starting to get like really dark! if youve ever stared at a small
point of light in a dark room without blinking and noticed your vision fading.. thats
exactly what happened. we all got creeped out buy this but persisted on the path. as
the barn and dairy came into sight the weirdest feeling came over me and i stopped..
without saying a word i noticed that everyone else had also stopped. the feeling was
nothin i had ever felt before, it was like the dairy was giving off vibes, and not
good ones either. i felt like it was seriously upset and it just overwhelmed all of
us with the most wicked uneasy feelings of anger (hard to explain sorry). it almost
felt pissed off at us.. well needless to say we all split and have never been back
since. from going out there im guessin about 15 times and even being comfortable with
the place, the last time literally scared me that is my story.. the names and times
were changed to protect the innocent.

-I remember the first and only time I went to the dairy. I was still in high school
and I went with 4 friends. While we were going down that long path to the dairy, I
heard rustling in the bushes. The rustling followed us all the way to the dairy. When
we got there, someone mentioned how they had heard something in the bushes and then
everybody said that they had heard it too. None of us wanted to mention it when we
heard it because we were either too scared or we thought we were the only ones
hearing it. Also, I charged 3 batteries for my 2 video cameras. When we got to the
dairy, all my batteries had died. That was really weird since I charged the batteries
right before I left.

-I have only been to “The Scary Dairy” once; I did not get any overwhelming vibes
from the place, I guess because it was in the middle of the day. I did however, get
some pretty strange vibes in the field next to the dairy itself. The feeling I was
getting was though as there has been animal sacrifices in that location. 

As for Camarillo State Hospital, now that is a totally different story. I have
captures nice bright orbs in many of the pictures I have taken there. There was also
a time when three of us whom were part of this one investigation heard faint
screaming coming from one of the empty buildings. On that same night, I was also
getting high spikes on my EMF equipment.

-between the dairy and the campus there is some weird hotel type deal out there i was
wondering if any of you guys have ever been? its pretty weird, kinda scary as well
although i dont know any back story on that besides thats where the employees of the
old dairy town used to stay.. that would be neat if any of you guys who are more
sensitive could check it out, maybe pick some stuff up.

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