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Cassandra's StoryCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 14 October 2009
06:46:23 PM (GMT)
Women: Next
*A girl walks in blushing deep red*
Women: Sit down
Girl: yes Ma'am
Women: Whats your name
Girl: M-my name is Cassandra
Women: Im Mrs. Lynett
Cassandra: Nice to meet you
Mrs. Lynett: Yeah yeah
How old are you
Cassandra: Im 16 my parents told me to get a job 
Mrs. Lynett: Ok So wat do you Look for in a Career
Cassandra: I want to be around animals but I dont want 2 be a vet
Mrs Lynett: OK How about a Zoo keeper
Cassandra: That sounds Good *Smiles cutely*
Mrs Lynett: Visit w/ Mr. King
Cassandra: Ok Where is he
Mrs. Lynett: There will be a Women at the front desk she will tell u
Now Scram
Cassandra: yes, Mrs. Lynett
*She runs out*
*L8er She gets to a building*
*She Walks in*
*She Finds Mr. Kings office and Walks in*
Mr. King: Welcome 2 my Sanctuary
Cassandra: Hi
Im Cassandra Are you Mr. King
Mr. King: Why yes I am
*he smiles*
Cassandra: Im here because....
Mr. King: Mrs. Lynett already called me to let me know your coming Cassandra
Cassandra: Ok
Mr. King: Lets start the interveiw
What is ur Favorite color
Cassandra: Purple
Mr. King: Do you have any pets and do you mostly take care of them
Cassandra: My family Lives on the outskirts of the city on a little farm
So I take care of the Horses, Birds, and a bunch of other animals
People also give us Injured animals too so I take care of them
My mom taught me how to take care of injured animals when I was Younger
Mr. King: I c So ur responsible and help your family
Cassandra: Yes
I Also have a baby sister and I take care of her too
Mr. King: So your very busy
Wat Makes you think you can get a Job
Cassandra: well....
My family is having Money Issues and My Moms Not able to get a Job Right now because
she's pregnant
I Was thinking I could get a job now that Im 16 and try 2 Sopport my Family
Mr. King: Hmm......Well Uasually you have to go through college to be a Zookeeper but
I'll make an exeption
But if you Slack off I'll Fire you
Im gonna Get some1 2 Observe you every once and a while
Cassandra: Thank You
Mr. King: You start next week
Cassandra: Ok
*She walks out*
*The Next Week on Monday She heads to work*
Cassandra: G'Morning
*A cute guy walks over 2 her*
*Cassandra blushes*
Guy: hey Im Sai
Nice 2 meet u
Cassandra: Nice 2 meet u
Sai: We should get 2 training Immediatly
Cassandra: OK *She smiles*
Sai: First off lets give you a tour of the Zoo
Cassandra: K
*They walk 2gether*
Sai: So where r u from u dont seem 2 be Japanese
Cassandra: Im from America
Sai: I c im from Tokyo but I come to Kyoto for work
Cassandra: I moved 2 Japan a month ago
My Mom is really sick
My dad is working but I had to move because of his job
Sai: I c
Thats our Pan....
Cassandra: Aaaaw they are so cute
Sai: Heheh
there Ryoko and Chi
Cassandra: There cute names
Sai: Ok lets move on
Cassandra: Ok
Sai: over there r our
*Cassandra Runs over toward the bear cages and jumps over the fence*
Sai: Dont Cassa....*Notices the bears licking Cassandra's face*
*Cassandra Giggles*
*Sai Sighs*
Sai's thoughs: What is she?
No1 can easily climb the fences....And the bears hate every1
Cassandra: Lets go
*Sai notices her right beside him*
Sai: Aah how did u.....
Uh never mind that lets go 2 the racoon cages
Cassandra: I love Racoons *Smiles*
*She runs off*
Sai: Energetic I c
*He follows her*
*He notices her flip over the fence and pet the racoons*
Shit and I have 2 deal w/ this
*A guy starts freaking out*
Uh srry boss
Boss: Get her out of the Racoon cage
Sai: Yes sir
Cassandra Lets go
*Cassandra appears next 2 Sai*
Cassandra: Im right here though
Sai: Damn ur fast
Cassandra: Heheh
Boss: Let me talk 2 Sai
Cassandra: Ok
*Sai follows boss over toward a desk*
*A sprite flys out of Cassandra's backpack*
Sprite: Geeze......I could barely breathe in ur bag
CAssandra: Srry
Sprite: U cant leave any signs that ur not human
GAwd I think there already thinking ur not human
U just need 2 get this Job and do great so ur not accused of being an Alien or
CAssandra: Dont worry *The sprite gets back in her bag and Sai walks back over*
Sai: Sorry about that lets continue r Tour shall we
*They finish the tour and Cassandra starts training*
*She trains for hours and then goes home*
Last edited: 5 November 2009

jamesrgrimes says:   1 November 2009   888815  
NICE!! Write More
‹VampiresaRaven› says :   1 November 2009   437954  
Heh Ok


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