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Forbidden- Part 3/3 of Chapter 1Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 October 2009
04:24:08 AM (GMT)
last part ended with: Remember, don't stay near them... "Elli?" "Miss Foster?" "Elena!" "Agh..." I was on the floor in the math room. The class was around me and Cam was stroking my hair. James looked down at me, worried. "Bring her to the nurse" said Mr. White Cam picked me up and carried me down the hall. "I could have walked myself..." I started complaining to him. "Shh... Save your energy." he said. When we got down to Mrs. Bay's office, Jake followed us in. Cam put me down on a seat and Jake smiled. He walked over to me. "Well?" he whispered. I pushed him away. Cam looked over and was quickly by my side, explaining to Mrs. Bay what had happened. Jake just kept staring at me, and i felt a wave of nausia sweep over me... ' ' ' I think I fainted again. When I woke up, I was in my house. I sat up, only to lay back down again. My head was pounding. I looked over to see Zac, Cam, and James. When they saw me, James went to go get a glass of water for me while Zac and Cam came over to me. "Really, i don't need anything" I insisted. Zac shook his head. "You took a hard blow to the head. Mrs. Bay says we need to watch you." "No. I mean it." I said. Cam leaned over to Zac and whispered something. Zac nodded. He turned to me. "What did he tell you?" "Who?" I asked. "Jake." I looked at them. "He told me to stay away from you two..." They looked at each other. Then Cam said,"Don't listen to him. He's bad enough trying to ruin our lives anyway." "Who is he?" I asked, looking at Cam. "An old enemy. You... I shouldn't tell you how we met. It's an... odd story. but the thing is, stay away from him. or at least don't go around alone. He... Jake can hurt you. Terribly." then he looked away. James came back into the room. He looked like he as on the edge of hysteria. "There's a wolf." he said. "Outside. It's looking in!" "God damn..." Cam picked me up off the couch. "Zac call... Animal Control..." They seemed to bristle at that. Then Cam carried me up to my room with James. James looked at Cam. "What's going on! There's never wolves around here!" "James, lay down." I said. I got out of the bed slowly. "You need rest more than I do." As soon as James got to sleep, something weird happened. "Elli, go outside" said Cam. Then he said it again, fiercer this time. 'I guess it wouldn't hurt...' I thought. I went downstairs and to the front door. When I was about to open it, Zac grabbed me away from it. "What are you doing!!!" he demanded. "Cam told me... to go... ouside..." I stuttered. Zac looked at me. "No... not Cam... Jake did." Just then, the door burst open and the wolf ran inside. "Oh God!" I gasped. Zac picked me up and retreated upstairs. "Zac what's going on!" "Don't worry. We'll take care of it!" A group of the Animal Control came in. Zac kind of shivered. They took out a tazer and shocked the wolf, now staring at me. "We're going to put it back into the woods." When they left with the wolf, the news people came and questioned Cam, James, Zac, and I. ' ' ' Justine rang me. I had just put my nightgown on. "Hello?" "Hey, It's Justine. Are you O.K.?" "Yeah, i'm fine. Just a bit shaken." "Are your gerbils O.K.?" "Angels being herself. Demon is... staring at me? Demon?" I walked over to his cage with Angel. "He'll be fine. He's probably shaken, too." "Yeah you're right." "Emma is here." "O.K. Put me on speak. I'll talk to you both." "Hey Elena," said Emma. "Hey Em." I said. "You sure your O.K.?" asked Justine. "Yes. Hey, I gotta go. The others might be asleep by now. Jason and Mittens are at his friends, thank God!" I said. Then I went to sleep. ' ' ' The next morning I got dressed really early. The boys and I wanted to get to school. I put on my black jeans and my black Aeropostale shirt and went downstairs to eat. They must have mad breakfast, because it smelled quite good down there. After we ate, we took off for school. It was raining, and we all stayed close together because of the wolf accident. On the way, Emma and Justine joined us. ' ' ' "Miss Foster, Mr. Michaelson, Mr. Skul, I need to see you after class" said Mr. White. I looked at James and Cam. 'God help me' I thought. aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddddd next time is PART 1/3 OF CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!!

‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   28 July 2011   163733  
Ali, I don't like this story as much. You are rushing into it and
making it too simple. .__. It's.... bitter. Like a meal with no
flavor. :L
‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   29 July 2011   512926  
bah you should read my books. they were worse. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   29 July 2011   686561  
Lmao I would if you'd return the favor. xD I personally think my
stories are good, but I'm told otherwise. 


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