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Thursday, 10 September 2009
12:25:50 AM (GMT)

the best guys are the ones least noticed. the ones who don't usually have the hottest
blondes on their knee in the lunchroom. the best guys aren't the ones who flirt with
everyone daily, and leaves every girl breathless. the best guys have it all planned
up and all bottled up, just waiting until they find the best girl. the girl who they
can just throw it onto. that girl, isn't the one who hunched up her skirt to show
boys her thighs. that girl isn't the one wearing a shirt promoting a band she's never
heard of, just because she found out kids from her school go to their concerts. the
best girls are the ones who also have it all planned and bottled, waiting for that
shy guy with no girls on his knee. that girl may sit in her room and listen to taylor
swift and relating to it, and she may clean her nails every night. that boy may curl
the ends of his hair 'cause they don't flip enough, or pull his gym shorts up too
high. neither of them will be gorgeous, or picture perfect. they both will have
flaws. but flaws that will make them a hundred times more perfect for each other. he
won't be the only one who wants sex, their love will come all naturally. he would
show her he cares, all the time, but not repetitive and turn it into a chore. not a
habit. he would actually want to being her flowers. she wouldn't have to drop hints.
she would not straighten her hair for on of their dates, because she knows he likes
curly hair, but not because she feels like she has to impress him. neither of them
would hold in thoughts, or let problems build. if they needed to scream, they'd
scream. she'd start crying and hit his chest and scream and tell him she hates him.
and he's try to pull her off and scream right back and tell her she wasn't being
fair. but then, soon enough, she'd be bawling in his arms and he'd be rocking her
back and forth and humming. he would just rest his head on her shoulder, kissing her
cheek occasionally, and listen to her cry and tell him why she's so hurt. he'd nod.
and then explain rationally why he felt the way he did. and she would agree to work,
and so would he. they'd be totally fine the next day. he wouldn't act like a douche
to her in front of his friends, in fear they'd make fun of him. instead, he'd walk
with her and hold her hand. he'd show her off and introduce her to all the locker
room guys.  he wouldn't worry about popularity, or wearing the most expensive
sweatshirts. he wouldn't care if she wore make - up every day. he'd notice if she got
a hair cut. she'd watch him put his things in his locker, before she ran up. because
watching him amazed her. she would see perfection in him, in every way. he wouldn't
think of all the girls he's missing out on when it's their month anniversaries. she
wouldn't think of the boys who have bigger muscles and brighter smiles. because to
her, his smile out shone them all. and his lips were the softest. and his hair was
the shiniest. and his laugh was the one that made you laugh whenever you heard it.
and his humour was better than anyone else's. and his family was the sweetest. and
his arms were the best for laying in. 
because the perfection of love, is in imperfection.

lunasan says:   10 September 2009   679225  
ok yes lol kinda like you said, but still.
justbreathee says:   10 September 2009   649856  
this is so amazing, gabby. it's really honest. i absolutely love the
way you're right. this made me smile, the whole way through (:
justbreathee says:   10 September 2009   767258  
the way you write*
adangerousminority says:   10 September 2009   468658  
I cried, who knows why. ;l
I'd really like to hear more though.
becauseigothigh says:   10 September 2009   426653  
why would you cry? ; _____ ;
hotairballoons says:   10 September 2009   399985  
Whoaaa. This is great. Gave me chilss.
adangerousminority says:   10 September 2009   846858  
gabby, who knows why. ;l
becauseigothigh says :   10 September 2009   238468  
olivia; thanks.
mariah; i was crying when i wrote it. LMFAAAAAAOROFLHAHAHAHAHA.

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