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I don't care about Kupika anymore?Category: kupika development
Thursday, 13 August 2009
01:10:34 PM (GMT)
Before you proceed:

Here is actual quote from that page:
This site used to be cool with lots of people who talked about videogames & anime but now the owner Hina doesnt care that the place is infested with hypocritical perverts and retards so the site sucks now, lol.
Well.. Actually I do care. But I am not sure what should I do with the "hypocritical perverts and retards". They are humans, too. 1) Why the site sucks now, lol? 2) What do you suggest to make Kupika "cool" again? I know Kupika has changed so much. What I'd specifically ask is, what changes do you think are causing this issue? Should we "undo" those changes? Or do you have any other suggestions?

‹⋟♪〜дℓ○ηε тσℊє†нεℛ, αℓω› asks:   13 August 2009   321923  
Who wrote that about kupika?
hina says:   13 August 2009   964895  
No idea, but what's more important is the message itself. I want to
know the "why".
‹♥TakeMeToHeavenJesse› says:   13 August 2009   795675  
First comment Hina~
Kupika's overly awesome In my opinion. It's safer from facebook and
myspace, and twitter. I don't have accounts on there cause that's
I just ignore all the fakes and perverts. Believe me Hina. A lot of
people on Kupika love the site. The fakes and perverts ARE humans but
they don't have the right to 'cyber' or post blackmail all over.
I don't think that made sense. Yikes :/
Hyperpixie says:   13 August 2009   679377  
Whatever, people are a problem.
Danielle10 says:   13 August 2009   329413  
I think we should ban 2 nd accounts from the same IP addresses so
there won't be any spam accounts.
Danielle10 says:   13 August 2009   984526  
(actually, facebook is safer, lol)
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   13 August 2009   362174  
well i agree with jess my sister has a facebook and my mom always
says you be carfull on that site but i say you tell haley that to
because im not the only one on this site.ive made awsome freinds here
even though ive gotten blackmailed for my last account its still an
amazingg  site so nothing really needs to be  changed.
Danielle10 says:   13 August 2009   328998  
Take off the blackmailing which means banning cyber freaks and
Hyperpixie says:   13 August 2009   454677  
2nd accounts are good if you get hacked or whatever, though
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   13 August 2009   546593  
i know but im on like my fith
hina says:   13 August 2009   681889  
It is not technically possible to ban people based on IP address.
There exists a way to mask/change/hide your IP address. And there's
dynamic IP too.

Jesse: thank you for the kind words!
‹♥TakeMeToHeavenJesse› says:   13 August 2009   916642  
It's not problem. Kupika is Kupika. And I like how the way it is.
Kupika's for online penpals. No psychopathic perverts and fakes.
Danielle10 says:   13 August 2009   538196  
Hmm, ban predators who everyone is talking about?
‹♥TakeMeToHeavenJesse› says:   13 August 2009   168252  
* Typo. I meant to say not a problem :/
‹MalixDexide› says:   13 August 2009   154288  
I'm sure everything will be better if we get rid of (What Jesse
said,) the psychopathic perverts and fakes. The presence of the
psychopathic perverts and fakes bring more in. What we need to do is
ban mature content of ANY kind here on Kupika.

You make friends on Kupika. Kupika should not be a one way ticket to
adult content.
Bobbi333 says:   13 August 2009   119893  
‹Denieru› says:  44 minutes ago   

Hmm, ban predators who everyone is talking about? 

Just buz ppl tlk about them doesn't mean there predators!!!! ppl have
said im a predator wen im not!!!! being perverted is not bad (im not
but firends are) they just dont need to publocize it!!!! I like what
the person above me said just ban the ppl that have adult content on
there profiles! AND THERES ALOT OF THOSE PPL!!!!
‹MalixDexide› says:   13 August 2009   146711  
Exactly. If they came to pour adult content into the anonymous chat
or their profiles, make them look elsewhere.

Another thing you can do is take out the anonymous chat. It is overun
with those kind of people so going there is useless.
Danielle10 says:   13 August 2009   858733  
I meant Oroborus actually.
He sexually abuses Helliki hurts girls on Kupika.
And anyone who's on ChrisHansen's list. 
Hyperpixie says:   13 August 2009   267821  
ChrisHansen hasn't got a new account, it got deleted.
All the big known predators/hunters are gone, for the moment...
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   13 August 2009   427961  

I think the blackmailing system works well enough. There's no need to
ban these people; this is an anonymous ''pen-palling'' site. You don't
have to talk to these people if you don't want to. There's no point. I
mean if these ''predators'' go after people on here, the victim always
can blackmail them. The person will get ignored by people who don't
want to talk to them, and have people who want to talk to them. 
‹burblegurm› says:   13 August 2009   321747  
Hina, D:
You do care about Kupika.
You actually trust us to solve our problems ourselves.
You don't treat us like babies. :I
‹♥TakeMeToHeavenJesse› says:   13 August 2009   612929  
We are babies :D
‹burblegurm› says:   13 August 2009   868123  
So we need people to ban all the bad people when we have problems
instead of us just doing it ourselves?
We don't have enough common sense to handle a problem so we need
babysitters moderators to do it for us?
Hina you trust us I guess. D: And that's just the internet and
And anyone that complains shouldn't blame you. :c
LaRouxs_Biggest_FanEVA says:   13 August 2009   866135  
He hates Kupika??!!! Who would bee sick of Kupika?? Kupika is overly
awesome!! It's one of the best of sites I have ever been on and it is
sommat 2 do in ur spare time....so I dont no why he/she is tired of
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   13 August 2009   783839  
Okay, I think one thing to make Kupika cooler would be this;
Take off Anon.

We honestly don't need it anymore. :/
But, other than that, Kupika is a place where I can be myself.
No one should say it sucks.
Danielle10 says:   13 August 2009   957114  
Yeah, Anon is a drag. FT also sucks sometimes. Post is very, very
weird. This Neku hater keeps on posting porn on it.

Maybe, we can change Post to just a shout-out box. Post a shout out
and it will appear for 10 seconds of Kupika..? 
Horseloverforever says:   13 August 2009   322383  
Hina I think you should make the games a little less what's the word
VIOLENT. all the blood might give the younger people on kupika
nightmares. maybe you can have catergories like dress up games for
girls? And maybe we can have some contests in kupika. And a member of
the day! That would be great. That way everyone will get a chance to
be popular! I hope this helps.

Haley (HorseLoverForever)
kattany3 says:   13 August 2009   598399  
Yea banning the same IP isnt a good idea. Because I KNOW that me my
brother and of Corse Bekahboom we all have the same IP.
blindwonder says:   13 August 2009   636477  
I remember at first when I joined, I hated the fact that ignoring and
blacklisting was all we could do. I guess over time I grew to like
I've read some people saying they wished that Kupika was still the way
it was in 2006, or something. I wasn't there at the time, so I can't
say anything about that. But the site changes over time, and the more
it gets popular, the more perverts and what not will come, too.
There's no helping it.
Really, we've lived through drama and people who have really scared
some of us here before. Why can't we do what we've always done?
MySpace and other big sites are owned by a company, and even they
can't prevent people like that from coming on.
This isn't a place just for kids, so like people have said, we
shouldn't need babysitters.
So, whoever wrote that should probably just get used to it, or leave.

It's strange to think that I would have thought like that person a
year ago.
‹burblegurm› says:   13 August 2009   426614  
Do not make Post into as shout out box Dx Please.
A decent number of us have enough of a life to just leave the spammer
then go back. D; 
I met all my friends on Post. >:l And I still love going on it.
Anon. really does seem useless though D; And it's kind of annoying
seeing as how it's just full of Porn spam and fights.
I hardly go on the games. D: But they're okay.
If children don't like Kupika's conditon, they shouldn't bitch about
This is not a childrens site, this is for everyone.
If parents don't like it either, they shouldn't let their kids go on
The people who rant against Kupika and blame you for it should really
shut up, this is one of the best sites ever and every site has

This is a place where just like Axel, I could be myself. D: When I
state my opinion/question it won't get taken down like on some sites.
Danielle10 says:   13 August 2009   264334  
Post has some porn sometimes by that troll girl.

(And if anyone read one of my earlier comments, the one about sexually
abusing Helliki, IT WAS A JOKE. Don't think of it as something else.)
‹burblegurm› says:   13 August 2009   768111  
Then we're able to handle it Danielle. D:
It's called walk away. =3=
Danielle10 says:   13 August 2009   753832  
People always reply on post and MORE LATINA PORN. xDDD
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2009   978222  
Hina, you've done a great job with Kupika, and this person is
absolutely out of their mind.

You're right. Everyone here is human, and there's nothing anyone can
do to make certain things go away. Everything develops and moves on
through stages, most of which we can't do anything about. Changing
things on Kupika isn't going to change its people.
If this person thinks it sucks, why do they waste their time with it?
Why not leave?

I've grown more than two years with Kupika, and I'll continue to grow
with it. No matter what. It's part of me now.
‹♥Purple Elephant♥› says:   13 August 2009   385663  
Here's what I have to say...
If you didn't care about this site...
Would you come on reguarly and try to make it better?
Would you try to come on at all?
Would you have even developed it?

I know, some people will try and 'Kupika isn't safe' or 'Kupika Sucks'
or 'Kupika has too many scam people', but trust me, this is a hell of
a lot safe then MySpace.

Thanks for making the site Hina.
‹♥Purple Elephant♥› says:   13 August 2009   461663  
Linda makes a good point.
If you don't like the site, why did you join in the first place? Or
even comment?
‹burblegurm› says:   13 August 2009   857593  
Meh, don't worry about it Danielle. :D Just be one of those people
that convince the feeders it's a troll, then leave.
‹CarnivoreCannibal♥RaWr!› says:   13 August 2009   313566  
I think Kupika should stay the way it is right now.
I absolutely love Fleeting Thoughts and
Posts is cool except for the occasional idiot 
who gets up there and starts posting porn.
The fact is, there is nothing wrong with the site,
it's just some of the people who are on it.
You're never gonna change the people who 
like to pretend they are predators that
rape people or the perverts who harass people...
They are just going to continue to do what they
think is fun.
And, since they're always gonna find a loophole 
even if you ban them,  some people
are just going to have to be unsatisfied.
Honestly, I think Kupika can survive without those
unsatisfied people. I see a new person here everyday!
And lastly, the person that said the qoute is retarded.
He or she shouldn't be blaming Kupika or Hina because some
of the people up here act stupid just to get a reaction.
Jessicaaa says:   14 August 2009   697747  
Honestly, There is nothing you can do about the perverted people and
what not.
That kind of stuff happends on ANY website. People need to just learn
to ignore that and be the bigger person. Those people have a right to
be on this website just as much as anyone else does. 
 To improve the website, who knows. It's not that the website "sucks"
now but the people on it have just created it to be worse. 
 If they just keep complaing about it all that is doing is making it
just a bigger problem. Leave it as it is. Personally, I think it is
fine but that is just my opinion.
Lyncheh suggests:   14 August 2009   789482  
It's too late.

It used to be awesome. Remember up to and during when we did the
Christmas song? It was great at that point. You'd know pretty much
everyone on FT. Even though even then there were mainly children,
because there were fewer members, it was easier to teach them not to
spam, to post chain letters etc.

It got worse. I don't know exactly why. It's no longer personal. You
no longer recognise certain people on FT. The site is full of 'scene'
children with fake pictures, having their 'private' conversations on
post. And I mean full.

It's too late for Kupika now. If there's ever an 'older' version of
Kupika with verified age then I'd be thrilled to join. Though somehow,
I don't see this happening.
Lyncheh says:   14 August 2009   634279  
But whatever you do, don't bend to the kiddies' will.

"waaah, there's porn on Kupika."

Yes, there is.
No, you're not their parent.

If I see a swear filter or a porn ban or some other child feature, I
will not be happy to use Kupika until this is removed. If children
don't wish to see porn, they can click the back button. And if they
can't do that, they shouldn't be on the internet.
Motoko says:   14 August 2009   334399  
Well there little kids on kupika. My sister, andyetanothersakura, is
only ten years old. Maybe you shouldn't have people cybering where
anyone can post. Like, they should cyber in chat, messages, or in
clubs. I know what it's like to stumble onto a porn site and get
grossed out (darn you danielle!)  or have an option to block those
things. But I wouldn't suggestion having parents having access to
their accounts they tend to I dunno. Mess up all the fun. I think I
may have been messages by a couple or more  sexual predators on THIS 
site.  So, I may have not been much of a help but I tried.
Lyncheh says:   14 August 2009   377677  
I swear this cybering in public thing is a complete myth taken as
fact, since I've been here since mid 2007 and have never seen full
blown public cybering, on FT or post!

{Apart from Shakespearian lovemaking roleplay with Sanyu. Bahaha.}
‹aireeole› says:   14 August 2009   613426  
What's the code for the little quote box?
lollylovex3 says:   14 August 2009   572467  
I think that removing post and KupiChat would be nice. :D
‹MalixDexide› says:   14 August 2009   217557  
I would probably say if you found a couple of trustworthy people you
could hire them as moderators who will keep an eye out for any
happenings on Kupika. At least ban those who post porn on this site.
At some point. Kupika MIGHT be overun with these people.

Getting rid of the Anonymous chat would be REALLY good idea. Because
people don't know who is posting obscene pictures 'they' will be glad
to post them.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   14 August 2009   247287  
Post needs to go, that's where I find the most obscene

Kupichat also sucks, because I get spammed. Taking that off would also
be nice.

For the most part, everyone just needs to learn to ignore "Hypocrital
Perverts and retards". I'm not sure what we can do otherwise.
‹MalixDexide› says:   14 August 2009   772745  
You can turn off Kupichat too. It's in the options screen.

But Anonymous and Post need to go. I do not want to log on to obscene
onemanarmy says:   14 August 2009   157941  
okay first off;
I don't think kupika was ever for anime and what not. 
it's a site to meet people. 
and as for anon and post, who cares?
yes people are perverted. you complaining is not going to change
if you don't like what people are typing, just ignore it. 
and if you can't do that much, then don't get on kupika.
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   14 August 2009   272781  
i love anon and post
Oroborus21 says:   14 August 2009   566998  
Getting rid of Anon would be nice but the fact is that if people
wanted to post porn or pics or whatever crap there they could simply
create a new Kupika account and use it to post in any similar venue
such as POST.  So what your decision is to either start
censoring/banning kupika-wide certain content or not....but that calls
for active monitoring and moderation whether human or automated which
im sure you dont have time for.

Prior to POST, FT was the place to chat (setting aside the other CHAT
attempts which i never used) and FT was a usual mix of fun and
obnoxiousness but less so, in part due to the two-string limit I think
but also just do to the size limits. People have a harder time being
obnoxious if they have to be pithy and also no URLs or photos can be
posted there that appear/serve just the basic url and thats a very
good thing.

I think having a general chat feature is fun and useful. Personally, I
would like to see POST (and ANON) done away with and FT be the
sole-only general chatting area with all of its current
limitations/freedoms.....plus the addition of a feature that would
allow for the members to give someone a "BOOT".....so that if that
person receives say 15 BOOTS in like a 2 minute time period, they

1) either be totally prevented from posting on FT for like 10 minutes 
or 2) be limited to only being able to post on FT one post per 3
minutes or some sort of "slowing down" like that (like with the TWIT

This would let the community act to boot out and temporarilly effect
the spammers and gross people like "perverted guy 101" or
whoever....that sometimes take over FT

true, the majority could also tyrannize and boot out people they dont
like even if that person isnt spamming (but just unpopular with
them)....but at least that would be evident


Hyperpixie says:   14 August 2009   124684  
Getting away with Post is bad...where will all the trolls go?
poor jokes aside, I go there and have many friends there, bt FT is a
‹{FeelTheWaltz}› says:   14 August 2009   128524  
are you kidding me? Ft is pointless. they never talk about
ANYTHING on there.
Oroborus21 says:   14 August 2009   927347  
@Miss_roleplay1995 you can disable your Kupichat in your Options
@Danielle10 , you saying i sexually abuse my daughter Helliki above is
heinous and a damn lie, I hope that karma/god/the universe pays you
back for your evil


the site is cool and it will continue to evolve. (see my posts in my
diary and KupiBeta) i think the decisions youve made in guiding it
along have been wise. we have tools to use such as blacklisting (its
not "blackmailing" folks hello) which are effective (or at least as
effective as can be)

kids shouldnt be on Kupika or the internet unsupervised if they are
immature or unprepared for what they may encounter.  I notice a LOT of
these same kids continue to look or deliberately go into areas where
they know they may encounter such "offensive" materials.  I believe
the age set to even SEE ANON as a link is age 16 right? or something
like that? so why are these kids who are under that age complaining
about?  Danielle10 above says quote "Anon is a drag" meaning she sees
it or views it...yet her age is set as 12 so she shouldnt be able
to...unless she is using a second account with the age set above the
limitation...... and if so..then i think we can say she is actively
going looking for such "trouble" so she has only herself to blame.

IF you do wish to retain POST....then i think you should make two
posts or basically change Anon to POST with an age limit and have one
post that limits the set age of the user.

in other words have one POST that doesnt allow anyone over age 16 say
to be on it or even see it....and have one POST that is the same for
anyone over age 16...according to their age set on their profile.  On
the POST for younger people all porn or any image linking etc. would
be banned and prevented automatically in an FT way....that is it
wouldnt show.  Oh well they can still talk to each other. On the POST
for older people image linking would be allowed.

IN this way they HAVE to use an alt account or set their age to see
what they want to see and if they do so deliberately (that is younger
kids setting their ages higher or using an alt account) they cant

(Again a boot function would be useful too but maybe less necessary in
a system like this.)

regarding Clubs, I think the club owners should have the good sense to
choose a decent club emblem and not a vulgar one. I think they should
make their own efforts to limit their clubs to those more mature
persons and to make them private discussions if they contain mature

Profiles with porn on their public profile or pages should be banned
but policing that is difficult. Maybe there could be a way to TAG a
profile (like the thumbs up/thumbs down vote) as Mature when we
encounter it, and if it got enough Mature Tags then by default it
would not appear to anyone under a set age limit (according to their
set age) such as say age 14 (unless they specificaly requested to see
it)...in this way the very young users would be less likely to stumble
across such profiles accidently.

For that matter....maybe it is time to consider whether to modify
Kupika to allow only your "friends" or requesters to see your entire
profile. (Similar lets say to what is now being done with Pictream)

If the person is on our friends list they see our profile. If they are
the public just surfing the site only a screen, if they are logged in
and not on our Friends List they see a screen but have the option to
request viewing 
Oroborus21 says:   14 August 2009   651497  
cut off..
......viewing our profile. We get the message and can allow them to
view our profile which rights last as long as they are logged in.  if
they want permanent viewing rights they have to be put on the person's
friends list.

the member can CHOOSE to use this option or not....some members (like
yourself) might just choose to go public to everyone logged in (or
everyone including pubic surfers not logged in).....but the power is
in the hands of the user.

If someone gets a request from someone new they can deny it. If they
go look at that person's profile or they are creeped out by that
person they can cancel the rights.

.........just something to think about.
REDRUM says:   14 August 2009   959355  
Why the fuck isn't Eddie the controller of this hell hole.

He's more involved then you. 
Danielle10 says:   14 August 2009   958333  
(darn you danielle!)
kids shouldnt be on Kupika or the internet unsupervised if they are immature or unprepared for what they may encounter. I notice a LOT of these same kids continue to look or deliberately go into areas where they know they may encounter such "offensive" materials. I believe the age set to even SEE ANON as a link is age 16 right? or something like that? so why are these kids who are under that age complaining about? Danielle10 above says quote "Anon is a drag" meaning she sees it or views it...yet her age is set as 12 so she shouldnt be able to...unless she is using a second account with the age set above the limitation...... and if so..then i think we can say she is actively going looking for such "trouble" so she has only herself to blame.
YO. I have no second account with a 16+ age. LOL I have the link to anon if I wanna advertise on it.
callie11 says:   15 August 2009   447476  
I love Kupika just the way it is! 

You know what would be cool? For a brief time (like maybe a few days
or a week) restore Kupika to how it was when it was first made. Only
if you could bring back everything later. Like maybe you could hide
all the new features? I think that most everyone would totally freak
out. And it would be cool. 

On a sadder note, I was only the second person to give that definition
of Kupika on urban dictionary a thumbs down. Everyone that's
commenting here should be giving it a thumbs down too if Kupika means
so much to them.
Oroborus21 says:   15 August 2009   114612  
ok glad you clarified that, in any case you are still deliberately
circumventing the controls in place for your "benefit" so if you
wander into the seedy side of town (Kupika) where "bad things" occur
you have no one to blame but yourself
Oroborus21 says:   15 August 2009   847659  
@REDRUM haha thanks....(though i do wish Hina had gone along with the
April Fools Joke I wanted to play this year where we pretended that he
sold Kupika to me)....Hina is a much more benevolent, talented and
wiser webmaster than i would be. He also (as far a i know) shows
considerable personal restraint and personal integrity. Even though I
consider myself a man of high integrity and values, were i the
webmaster of Kupika, (cue the scene from Lord of the Rings where
Galadriel is tempted by the Ring) I WOULD BE BECOME A GOD AND TYRANT

..mmmmuuuaaahhhhaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa  .......ahem *cough* *cough* 
misty says:   15 August 2009   658794  
Well, I do have a few ideas for Kupika, but I don't see anything
wrong with it. As for the fakes and perverts, Sometimes Eddie. I've
got inside watchers dude, don't deny it. Just iggnore them. As for
taking off the post, if you do, I'll bite your head off. :D
misty says:   15 August 2009   488845  
>>....<< -runs and hides because Eddie will kill me for saying that-
Danielle10 says:   15 August 2009   341252  
@Above Comment
On a sadder note, I was only the second person to give that definition of Kupika on urban dictionary a thumbs down. Everyone that's commenting here should be giving it a thumbs down too if Kupika means so much to them.
Hey, I'm the first, miss. :'<
harrypotterloverforever711 says:   16 August 2009   231134  
hey I like kupika but sometimes it's messed up ecause right now I'm a
2 star member but used to be an 4 star member that's really confusing
SNACK says:   16 August 2009   964837  
I like kupika the way it is, but it would be nice to have more
changes and updates every once and a while :'D
‹Twilight Night› says:   16 August 2009   654731  
okay in my opinion i think all this shit is stupid you guys are
getting way over your heads over nothing! what one little post from a
different site makes a huge chaotic black hole in the internet??? Does
it? Becaus eif it does i'd liek to see this chaotic blck hole. YOu
guys are gettign way to worked up over nothing. And just by banning
the people who liek to cyber or post perverted pictures whats that
going to do??? People are people how would you liek it if those
perverts and RETARDS decided that you were turning kupiak "un-cool"
and hina posted that instead how would you liek it if everyone was
gettign worked up just because it doesnt have enough porn and all that
shit on it??? THis site is supposed to be where peopel with common
interest meet up and do what ever you want.... im nto on any of your
guys side. Im not sayign that pereverts and porn and cybering is good
but im not saying that you gusy are right for wanting to bann someone
just because they're being who they want to be online. ALL OF US be
who we all want to be online. I act liek a totally different person
online, in RL im ntohign liek i am on here. HOW the hell do we know if
you're not acting liek someone your not?

(to be continued on my next comment)
‹Twilight Night› says:   16 August 2009   438523  
And calling people retarded is highly offending concidering my two
younger cousins are mentaly challenged and calling anyone Retarded
offends my cousins. Calling someone retarded is like making fun of
Cancer. And which reminds me MY MOM AND DAD both have cancer. So it
would be nice if you didnt call anyone retarded.

We dont know. How are we supposed to know. Banning or having having
wher eyou cant post any nudity or draw maturity pictures aint gonna do
anything it just means they'll leave here and migth find another site
soem of us go to also and you'll meet them there whats the point?!

And if by making everyone who are "perverts" leave kupika your
destroying the reason why kupika is here, kupika was origionally made
for penpals or makinf friends and it turned out to be a place where
peopel can show off there artistic skills, making new friends you
never knew you'd make, making clubs for peopel who have the same lieks
as you, ETC. If being a pervert means they can't express themselves
then whats the point of you gettign the right to??? HUH?!?!?! The
internet is unlimited and banning people from one site isn't going to
earase all the others from the other loved sites we all go to. If it
did then may what ever ((if ther eis one)) god come down and bless us
all. But you knwo what...l i still think you all are getting worked
uup over nothing its one post from one site and just because its
getting some attention from hina you all decide this and that i wrong
and this and that needed to be banned and this person and that person
shouldnt be allowed on. WTF is wrong with you people?
Emo's, Tech nersds, school freaks, anime fans, twilight obbsessers,
pervert freaks, cyber hogs, and more ARE all humans and all humans who
are able to be online, on kupika deserve their right to express
themselves anyway they want. 
And liek the sister says i cant recite her exact words but if
something bothers you dont make a scene over it by making an aniti
club over it just turn away from it and ignore it if you dont liek it
why shopudl you critisize someone that does somethign they like but
you dont like? they have feelings just as all of us do!
Bootheghost says:   16 August 2009   129167  
The people are the problem, not the site.
We still adore Kupika because it's different, and such a small
community. It's not another Myspace or Facebook, and it's a great
place for us all to enjoy.
‹Twilight Night› says:   16 August 2009   628916  
I sorta agree with you. peopl online in kupika are sorta the problem.
If every one would just learn to ignore what they dont like then
everything online would still be what every one is saying "cool" this
site is cool wheather its full of stuff you hate and stuff you like.
IF Everyone whos areguing about the stuff they hate and how it needs
to be banned then their telling the people who hate what they liek
that they have a right to want to bann them too. People like different
things and after tour out of high school your going to learn that
theres a whole NEW world yet to know about. Your on your own (maybe)
and you wont like what most others do like. And your going to have to
learn to live with it. kupika is liek the real world if you dont liek
it then you need to learn to live with it. Because kupika, like
bootheghost said, isn't like myspace or facebook its like a small
community of the real world on the internet. And its  almost liek a
jumpstart to the real world. SO every one neds to stop getting worked
up over nothing. Because this what you guys are getting worked up over
is gonna be out there once your on your own so start t get used to it
‹Vengeance› says:   16 August 2009   553998  
anyone who hates kupika has poor taste in websites. end of
deeplov writes:   20 August 2009   142523  
er ;;looks like lots of people have something to say;;...... after
taking donkeys years (yonks; to scroll down, my opinion -seemingly
important at the time I formed it;;  has disappated into nothingness
T_T ...................

deeplov writes:   20 August 2009   155922  
I remember my inconsequential comment now I think it went something
like this;;
"the foundation, creation and continued cultivation of a site is
commendable. However certain aspects need to be taken into
consideration ;; some people mean no harm and cause none ;; some mean
no harm but still cause it ;; some mean harm and cause it;; It is
essential to take into account that every action causes a equal and
opposite reaction in this case ;;you make a penpal site;; > nice, fun
people join;; > at the same time not very nice people join;; >there
cannot be one without the other< 
yes.I really do think that.
(translation;; well, there will always be some)
‹tinysparrow.› says:   20 August 2009   256822  
there's nothing wrong with kupika
there's always been perverts and retards on here
we used to ignore it
now, for some reason, it's cool to make hate accounts and get all up
in everyone else's business about it
people should learn to accept shit and carry on
if they're clever little beans, they won't give out personal
information so that anyone could potentially hurt them
and if they're really so bothered about someone else, there's
our old friend the blacklist button
kupika is awesome
maturity levels seemed to have dropped though
Danielle10 says:   20 August 2009   874733  
@Twilight Nights
Because kupika, like bootheghost said, isn't like myspace or facebook its like a small community of the real world on the internet.
Facebook is safer than Kupika ANYDAY. Seriouzly. Bigger communities = Less predators to hurt you unless if you're very popular and known by others.
Starr says:   20 August 2009   259377  
Oh my gosh. That's so stupid. Who wrote that?? Kupika is awesome! So,
yeah the cybering, perverts, and "retards" are annoying but what can
hina do about that? Just disable them JUST for being them?? So stupid.
‹envyismyyname› says:   22 August 2009   675517  
I remember when i first came on kupika expecting something different
from this site than any other. It was filled with anime lovers,
otakus, cosplayers. I enjoyed it because it was my way of getting away
from drama.
I agree with these people. Its the people who are causing kupika to be
"Lame" "boring" which its not. Even thought the site changed and we
got a whole new set of people doesnt mean that there is none left.
There is always something here.
Always, its always going to be that place that you can go to not be
bored, or always have someone to talk to, No drama, No work. Just have
fun and relax. 
You dont need to change the site [though no post or anon would be good
because people love drama there. instead of messages -_-]
I love this place better than facebook or myspace. Because here is
I do wish it was back in 2007 but i have to get over that. I dont care
how popular it gets, Im still in.
Screw them if they dont like it.
LovelessMadness says:   22 August 2009   166546  
((my real picture request account))

I do know how to type like i just type  too fast so sorry i fmy typing
is such a problem for you. Didn;t you atleast under stand what i was
sayign??? if not then wow your dumb i just had minor missspelled
Danielle10 says:   22 August 2009   316629  
@above comment

Just watching your back.
Typing "liek" makes you look stupid.
You should really double check.
Misspelled only has two "s"s. 
MeepingMeep says:   22 August 2009   732189  
So here's another thing: I used to extend myself to people I didn't
know, but now, there's just a lot of people who I don't want to become
friends with now, and I mean perverts. I had an experience with Neku
and was spammed because my sister called him a perv, even though I
agree. But now I stick with my friends from school and one girl I knew
from before. Also, to many people post nasty comments on the posts,
the 'fleeting thoughts' and the banners. My parents say they don't
want me on the site becuase of walking by and scanning what I'm doing.
I'm asking for a way to block them on my personal computer.
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   25 August 2009   928518  
hi;; i just read that page & i dont kno wad that 11yearolds problem is. if theres someone u dont like on here u just blacklist them. kupika is more than safe cuz its anonymous. u dont have to put your name or any details on yur profile if u dont want 2!!! unlike facebook/bebo!! love Emi (xox_MISSY_wiizoohh_luffee_xox) p.s - i put this comment just incase that 11yr old sees this(:
Oroborus21 says:   25 August 2009   963559  
@meepingmeep you can hide the FT and the recent POST click the Hide
button...currently no way to hide the banners i think, maybe request
Sammy_got_hacked says:   29 August 2009   726459  
Whoever wrote that is a dumb-ass.Kupika is a great as fuck site.AN
dof course there's pedophiles/perverts etc. IT'S NOT LIKE EVERYONE ON
HERE IS perfect or soemthing(Oh and anyone who tihnks they're perfect
is a dumb-ass)
vampiregurl says:   29 August 2009   379622  
i totally 100% agree with Sammy_got_hacked
Oroborus21 says:   8 September 2009   943292  
Kupika is awesome thanks!

‹PIES› says:   15 September 2009   376355  
Okay Hina yes i do agree with the guy who said "Perverts an whores"
Yes there are people who ask  10 year olds  To "CYBER" or "HAVE
Seriously people ask 10 YEAR OLDS to cyber ana sk for "SEXY PICS" i've
ha my own experiance:
on kupi chat:
Guy:How old are you?
Guy:Im thirty.
Me:woah.im not allowed to talk to people not my age..bye
guy:wait!don't leave please!
Guy:how do you look like??Sexy horny?
Me:actully my parents tell me im not allowed to tel how i look like
Guy:Are you in your room?
Guy:So your parents don't see that your telling me how you look like.
Me:Im sorry i can't talk about this.
Guy:Cmon.Message me.
Guy:am not!
Guy:am not! im just asking if you  horny..
*loggs off*

i do remember his name..........

See Hina thats what some 30 year old asked me a 10 year old.
TheOriginalGentleman says:   16 September 2009   356384  
Start Comment:

Me baleevz, yuus peeps taik Kupika two dam seereous.

End Comment:

(Oh yes, I really did type like that. Pass.)

But really now, Kupika is a Pen-pal site for crying out loud. There is
nothing on here that is restricting your leave. You may come and go as
you please. The content of this site is not specified, so it is for
everyone to beware.

I'll just put some things down here from the site itself.

"What is Kupika?

A free service intended to provide you with anonymous environment
where you can correspond with other members about anything you
want. You are represented by a nickname and a cute character. No
real names, no photos, no zip codes or anything that can be used to
identify you."

"We hope you can write anything you want in your correspondences
without the fear of its being known by your friends, co-workers,
boyfriends, girlfriends or anyone who has some relationship with you
in the physical world. In Kupika, you create a new identity,
separated from the physical world you currently live in. Kupika is
a virtual place across boundaries where you can say anything you want
to anyone you choose. Express your feelings, thoughts, or anything
that may need some releasing but you are afraid to do so in the
physical world."

"Account Creation and Termination

We are not responsible for any kind of damages done to you by an
anonymous stranger. You should take care of yourself. If you cannot
do that, please, leave Kupika as soon as possible.

If you are a minor, or under 13 years old, please be very careful.
By creating an account, we assume you have gotten a permission from
your parent. Never, ever, reveal your personal information to

"Kids, if you feel someone is harassing you, blacklist that person
as soon as possible. Parents, please EDUCATE your children. Teach
them how to protect themselves in this World Wide Web. If they are
not ready to learn, perhaps they are not ready to use the Internet at

"Never, ever, give out your personal information to anyone!"

I'm sure all the highlighted bits speak for themselves. If you choose
to break the rules or not follow the handy tips then you must live
with the consequences and quit complaining. Otherwise, you really are
taking Kupika too damn serious. Nuff' said.
reidentevil4killer says:   17 September 2009   482941  
it is true i was on kupichat enjoying myself and then this message
from a girl(14or15 to be excact)poped up and it said do u cyber i said
no and logged off iwas (still am)10 years old!!!!idont remember her
name but i never forgot the message
Timelord says:   18 September 2009   341251  
I frantically searched for the button to turn off that voice

‹cut_up_and_scattered_around› says:   10 October 2009   586636  
c u can't really do sumthing bout the losers here.
u jst hve to ignore them
‹Living Event Horizon› says:   10 October 2009   182445  
Kupika is awsome!
‹αѕѕвυтт› suggests:   18 October 2009   381823  
Maybe if you have a kupipage or club that has certain maturities that
you don't want kids to see, you should have a blocker set to a certain
age whereas you, if you have put in an age, for example fifteen and
you are ten, you cannot see it.
‹VanillaTwilight› says:   6 November 2009   551742  
Hmm, some good points here.
>< I agree Kupika used to be a much better place.
But i can still say Kupika is an awesome community which i shall
always love. :3
EpicFaith says:   6 November 2009   336373  
Maybe yew can mute some people for an amount of time or just have
something to ban some people for A WHILE not forever since they might
learn their lesson or so but if they keep doing it, yew can might as
well do that. But otherwise, I like Kupika the way it is. But there
are perverts >>
‹hj§¿žö∑‰®©¤₪»»»»»»!!!!!!!!!!!!!› says:   7 January 2010   601122  
eh, ignore them. If they think kupika 'sucks' cos of them, simply
blacklist the people you think are making kupika suck, so then they
can't message you or contact you anyway so they won't eb bothering
Ignore then, hina, kupika is a gr8 website and always will be, whoever
wrote that is just fussy
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   7 January 2010   618129  
Hm, I agree with everyone who said the problem is not Kupika itself,
but the people who go on it. I mean, even though I have my friends
Kupika that make this site fun to hang out on, there are still those
horrible people that make Kupika less fun. They totally ruin the
experience and are almost worth leaving over. And I know
everyone will just tell me to suck it up and ignore these people, but
I dunno, I guess I find it harder to ignore these jerks than the
average trolls. I think the person who wrote that quote was also
trying to make this point.

You do seem to care though. Why else would you be writing this if you
didn't? Like I said before, it doesn't seem to be the changes you've
made, so I would suggest dealing with the people. Maybe set up a few
easy to follow rules that would prevent members from disturbing other
members' fun. Like, cybering should be done privately, porn should be
sent privately, harassment should be be reportable, or whatever rules
you think are appropriate. It's understandable that no one likes the
idea of banning members, but maybe a few rules could be a possible
answer to these constant complaints? Oh, and the idea of making a
safety feature for the younger members sounds like a good idea too.
‹;;TheBigDinosaurThatsGettingReadyToEatYou;;› says:   12 January 2010   238955  
Well...the person who wrote that had to be somewhere on kupika
because...how would they know that unless they were in kupika?
Anyways, I like kupika the way it is...we don't need changes....those
"hypocritical perverts & retards" are only human....we can't make them
leave...all we can do is vollunteer to keep kupika clean! We do have a
safety feature.....kids under the age of 15 can't access
Anon...yesterday I was seeing what they were doing....and they are
posting pictures...
so..we do have a safety feature....
you have worked so hard for kupika....we appreciate that..so..just
don't worry about what other people think..you have worked to
Childhood says:   31 March 2010   893462  
I think kupika even though there are the arguments, often had on FT
and sometimes post is okay.People, have messaged me wanting to cyber
but I know who cybers when people, talk about how annoyed they were
when someone who cybers messaged them I know to blacklist them.If I
know a person cybers I blacklist them simple.The_Dude messaged me,
with the same perverted message he keeps sending people on kupika but
I found it when I went to my black hole.I had, already blacklisted him
he cybered and I wasn't going to waste my time blacklisting someone
saying 'wanna cyber'?I just, get it over with and blacklist a person
before they message me if they cyber.My labtop is slow, and I hate
wasting time waiting for it to load and go to the next page because I
need to blacklist someone asking to cyber.

As for people wanting to argue I blacklist them too if I know they
cuss people out and such.I blacklisted Samia's money and Purple lover
they say they are coming to my house to kill me.Well, i'm ignoring
them and not wasting my time with them at first I was a little scared
but I know I should just ignore them.Other people wanting to tell me
such things have gotten me used to this kupika is a place where people
will say such things.Basicly, I blacklist people and ignore them
simple.So, in my opinion Hina nothing else needs to be done all sorts
of people will always be on kupika possibly causing trouble.

One more thing I too think anon is pointless it should be removed.
shooting_star11798 says:   3 June 2010   404242  
i dont think kupika sucks 
but i think u should definetly consider lowering some of the kupipoin
or at least give more out
rockerchic24 says:   3 June 2010   880805  
Honestly I could give a crap less about the perverts and fakes and
cyberer's I can just ignore them. But all the immature people who
fight about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and people who just love to make
fun of anyone they see fit, are what's making me dislike this site
ALOT. I came here to make friends. Not listen to arguments 80% in the
Fleeting Thoughts and stuff. Sure you can choose to hide that, but
then that takes away the fun of meeting new and cool people for
atoofy says:   6 August 2011   215386  
Its says an 11 year old girl from kupika
crazyhot says :   24 September 2013   671820  
Hey Kupika sucks and you don't care :D


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