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Tuesday, 14 July 2009
04:08:58 AM (GMT)
Because some people ask me the same questions over and over again... 

If you don't know me and do not have a reason to, you're not obliged to comment or
even look at this. I am just using this as a public post for people who aren't my
friends to see. 

These questions are not taken from anyone, I'm just generalizing the questions and
answering them. 


Drawing Related: 

Wow! You're so good at drawing! How do you do it?
Honestly I just draw. It takes years for one to reach point A to point B. I'm not a
drawing prodigy, it's just that I started before others did. There's nothing special
to it. 

When did you start drawing? 
When I was nine years old. (That's five years, guys.)

What was your first inspiration?

Random animes and mangas, various artists on DA such as Fanartist (<-- first one to
inspire me), Gem2niki, zaphk, and others.

Do you do requests and commissions?

Occasionally, but I'm officially closed. It depends what you want me to draw. And if
I feel like I want to draw it.


Animanga Related:

What animes/mangas do you like/ have read?

7th Period is a Secret
As the Death God Dictates
Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo 

Bamboo Blade B
Beast Master
Bitter Virgin
Black Cat
Bloody Kiss
Boku x Neko

Card Captor Sakura
Change 123
Code: Breaker

Daa! Daa! Daa!
Dear School Gang Leader
Death Note
Detective Conan/ Case Closed
Double Arts

Fall in Love like a Comic
Faster than a Kiss
Franken Fran
Fruits Basket

Hatsune Mix
Hayate the Combat Butler
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Kamichama Karin
Kamichama Karin Chu
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
Kamisama Hajimemashite
Kateykyou Hitman Reborn
Koko Ni Iru Yo

Luck Stealer

Millennium Snow

Nagatachou Strawberry

Orange Planet
Ouran Highschool Host Club

Penguin Brothers

Romeo x Juliet
Rurouni Kenshin

Shinobi Life
Shin Daa! Daa! Daa!
Special A
Suicide Island

Tantei Gakuen Q
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 

Ultra Maniac
Uncassandra (Ann Cassandra)

Wild Ones
Witch Hunter
World Only God Knows

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
You're my Girlfriend

Zombie Loan

Okay so I went through the trouble to list them all for you. Now you know I have a
huge list of manga that I've read. :/


Personal Related:

Want to be friends?

I told this to someone before, name not being exposed, that just asking to be a
friend doesn't make you a friend. I'm tired of having people ask me, and after I
confirm it, they don't message me anymore and they just become another name on my

I don't think the word 'Friends' should be flung around that recklessly. It takes
much more than a question to be friends. 

Are you a boy or a girl?

I thought this was supposed to be an anonymous community where people don't judge
based on age, gender, ethnicity, etc. Does it matter at all? Frankly, I don't think
so. I'll let you believe what you want to believe. 

Are you taken?

Yes, in some ways. How? Why? Who? I won't say anything more. Don't try to flirt with
me, it won't work. 

How old are you?

Check my profile.

Any more and I'll update. :/

lollylovex3 says:   14 July 2009   197755  
That is one long list of mangas you've read :D I've got to read some
of those.
Kyun_yo says:   14 July 2009   714671  
Lol, I made it one of my goals to read all of the mangas listed on
OneManga one day. There were some mangas that I read on Mangafox but
didn't list, so the list should be much bigger... -shot-

Yeah, I have no life. :/
lollylovex3 says:   14 July 2009   665789  
Loool, it's ok :P I plan on reading all shounen mangas in my lifetime
Kyun_yo says:   14 July 2009   281886  
Lol, I have no preference. The mangas I read had been found by: 

1) interesting titles
2) awesome art
3) stupidly ridiculous plot lines that I read for a laugh
4) someone forced/recommended me to read it
5) the manga is by the same mangaka as another manga
6) I was bored. 

...yeah, lol.
Hyperpixie says:   14 July 2009   391267  
I watch very little amounts of manga and anime...OBSESSIVELY.
‹♪♫LuLuu♪♫› says:   14 July 2009   544888  
Sorry bout asking if you were a girl or boy :[ 
Kyun_yo says:   14 July 2009   641134  
No, it's fine. xD You don't need to apologize. It's just that a lot
of people ask, so I don't want to keep repeating myself. =]
karolinacake says:   15 July 2009   461518  
Dude, I love 7th period is a secret :3
You should read blood alone, it's really good~
Kyun_yo says:   15 July 2009   654729  
Ah? xD Okay then, I'll read it. =P

7th period is a secret was really original I have to say. xD The
teacher was hilarious. 8D (and of course my memory fails me. :/ )
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   15 July 2009   167956  
DN Angel was one of the very first mangas I've read. Man, I love that
manga so much.

I read 7th Period is a Secret a few years back. I can't remember what
it was about anymore. :/

Lol, I also hate it when the people who add me doesn't even message
Kyun_yo says:   15 July 2009   943149  
xD Ahaha. I read DNAngel too, but then the manga kind of became slow
when it was being publishes here so I kind of stopped reading it. :/ I
got to the part where Risa was kidnapped and Daisuke was in this 'hate
hate hate' turmoil or something. -shot- 

Ah. It's about this girl who doesn't feel like she fits in and stuff,
her teacher helps her out about it, and etc. 

Eck. I know that feeling. I was blacklisted by a kid who asked me if
he could be my friend or not. I told him it takes more than a question
to be a friend. He called me an ass and then I defended my statement
and asked him to remove my name from his list, in which he responded
that I do it myself. ^^

And everyone knows it's impossible to remove yourself from someone
else's list. 

And I was called a pickle face. Go figure.
‹??????› says:   17 July 2009   371131  
Pickle face? D:>
I've been called ButtBrain, but that's another story. > >
I liked DNAngel, and then it was ended without making much sense.
There was more to have been done. I think it's the part when Satori
offers a hand to help. And then:The End.Wtf, what happens next?
I didn't have the option to stop, it already did without the right
ending xD[I think the mangaka is finishing it right now]. I actually
bought the mangas, now I can't buy anymore. Shelf is full.=_=

lol teacher. .That sounds funny. :B 

Fruits Basket's a win, period. It got too sad [tears], and there was
little comedy on the end. .but the last book made me cry. The last of
pages, more precise. ;-; lol

I'll stop typing now. > >
And a few of those questions, technically, bug me. :/

Sheesh, blacklisting has gotten out of hand. People do so now for the
littlest and most pathetic reasons. Even when someone asks the other
to blacklist this one individual, they do. Just 'cause the other wants
him/her to. Those who I have asked to remove me off their list do type
something similar to that. And a few of them are pedophiles. Awsh, and
in response it's either that or "bkfjguhtulololmakeme".
Didn't I say before I would stop typing? Sorry><
Okay, byes now. D:
Kyun_yo says:   17 July 2009   473169  
Lmao. xD -pats- Tis okay. I have a face of a pickle. o. o; Now you
all know how I look. D:

Oh yeah... that's right. o.o I read until that part. Was it
discontinued? I dunno. :/ Perhaps... I don't bother to read it. I got
bored. XD I don't buy manga anymore...wasteful of money when I can
read online. =D

...xD lol. 

Fruits Basket... I started reading it a long time ago... I was
stranded in  the library every day after school so I decided to read
all the books on the manga shelfcase. I found that Fruits Basket was
really interesting so I read. Ahaha... I think Tohru's a mary sue. >.>
I just can't help but kind of gag at the scenes where she speaks life
into the zodiac people. But it's nice anyways. XD

Ah... the questions? >.e I didn't want to sound really conceited and
full of myself so... sorry about that. 

Yes they do. ^^ People are really pathetic and don't think clearly.

No it's okay. xD
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   17 July 2009   497894  
There are actually new chapters for DN Angel. Have you read the part
of Argentine?
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   17 July 2009   776592  
And I forgot to add about the part where I agree with the
Kyun_yo says:   17 July 2009   858659  
Ah... I'm so confused about the whole thing. xD; My memory is fuzzy.
‹F R E E F A L L› says:   17 July 2009   795663  
You read AAA? It's so good right? :P xD Lmao... why am I even here?

Kyun_yo says:   17 July 2009   936358  
...XD Hi there. 

I read it. It's... interesting lol. :D
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   18 July 2009   127315  
Why would someone try and flirt with you if they don't know what
gender you are? O.o
‹♪♫LuLuu♪♫› says:   19 July 2009   537176  
You should read the Manga Othello! (It's a shojo Manga)
Kyun_yo says :   19 July 2009   327348  
@ Katies
That's kind of the point why I put it as that. ^^; Since at first
people did try.

@ Lil L
xD Lol... I'll check it out. xD 


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