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Story written by meCategory: (general)
Monday, 29 June 2009
05:28:51 PM (GMT)
d him, “Mr. Herbert, I just
saw Mr. Cortez and the janitor and they were both a vampire and a werewolf.” He
said, “I know they are”. I then saw him turn into a zombie. I ran back inside
and accidentally ran into my teacher. I looked at her then said, “Get away from me
whatever monster you are”. Then I ran away not caring what creature she was. I
looked back at her and she looked liked at me like I was crazy. But I wasn’t
falling for it. I then went to the storage closet. I lit a match I had in case of
emergencies. I looked around me for anything I could use to fight the monsters. But
I felt like someone was behind me. 
When I looked I almost shouted for help. But when I saw who was behind me I stopped
myself. It was my principal, my janitor, and my bus driver. They were all tied up. I
untied them quickly and asked them what was going on. Mr. Cortez said, “There was
science experiment that went wrong 3 years ago. We tried to make a creature that
would make the school a better place. But then we mixed up potions and put in the
wrong ones. Then there was a vampire like figure. We had to call a delivery person
who came with lots of garlic. We tried keeping the vampire down with all of our
strength. Then we weakened him with the garlic. We put him in cage full of garlic so
he couldn’t get away while we tried to think of a way to get rid of him.” The
more I listened to Mr. Cortez’s story the more I wanted to know about it. 
“We then accidentally unlocked the cage he was in when school ended earlier today.
Then he got into some cloning potion with some of my DNA. Some of my hair was what
was mixed with. So now he can turn into me.” I then asked, “So where did the
other monsters come from?” He replied, “He made an evil ray gun that x-rays
other people and makes the parallel monster from a parallel universe of she or he
come here.” I then said, “Well we need to stop them before they x-ray the whole
world.” Then all of a sudden the door opened and we hid. I looked up and saw my
teacher all tied up. We quickly untied her and she said, “Ron? Why did you run
away from me in the hallway?” I said, “I thought you were a monster like the
others.”Then we looked out the door and saw the monster in a group talking. 
I heard one say, “Okay, we have a new monster. Now let’s look for Ron.”I
asked, “Why do they want me?” The principal said, “You were the only one to
witness them so they want to clone you and throw you in the closet as well.”I
couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something. I said “I stayed after school
today for detention and ended up hiding from monsters with the school workers here
in a storage closet. I will not let those creeps take our world and crush it. I’m
going to defeat these monsters and then go home.”Then Mr. Cortez said, “He’s
right. We can’t stay in here forever. We know all those monsters weaknesses. We
need to gather stuff up and destroy them.” I then said, “Okay we got to got to
my classroom and get my backpack. 
It has some silver metal for the werewolf, a flashlight for the ghost, some matches
and a lighter for the zombie, and lots of garlic for the vampire.”“Okay, we’ll
distract the monsters while you, the janitor, and your teacher go get your
backpack.”, said the principal and the bus driver. I opened the door quietly and
saw the monster looking for me.I then said, “Is everyone ready?” They all said
yes. I went outside the door as quiet as a mouse and went to the other hall. I saw
the vampire and quickly hid right behind a trash can. I waited until he walked away
and then I signalled my teacher and the janitor.When we got to the classroom I
looked for my backpack. Then the door closed with a loud shut. I heard a voice that
sounded like my teacher. But this voice said, “Looking for this.” Then I could
see clearly it was the ghost. She was holding my backpack.I then jumped out of the
way as she tried to attack me. I grabbed for the backpack and ended up unzipping it
and out popped the flashlight. 
I quickly grabbed it and shined it at her. She said, “Get that horrible light away
from me.” I then turned the classroom light on. She then disappeared saying,
haven’t seen the last of me Ron.I then grabbed my backpack and got the supplies
of there. When I got the supplies we peeked out the door. No one was there so we
out of the room and to the other hallway. What I saw when I turned was bad.The
had taken Mr. Cortez and Mr. Herbert hostage. He said, “Come any closer and I turn
these two into zombies.” I took out some matches and lit them. The zombie was
scared of the fire. I took and got closer to him. He backed up to the wall as I got
closer. Then I threw the fire at him and lit him on fire. Then Mr. Cortez & Herbert
were free.They thanked me and then we moved on. We saw the werewolf and I got out
the silver metal spoon. I threw the metal at him and threw it at him. But he was to
fast, so he dodged it. I looked in my backpack for something that could help us.I
looked and found my slingshot. Mr. Cortez said, “What are you doing with a
slingshot in the first place?” I replied saying, “The same reason I stayed after
school today.” I then ran and got the silver metal spoon. I aimed for the werewolf
and waited until his mouth was opened. I shot it into his mouth and then he fell to
the floor.I got the garlic out and got it ready on the slingshot. 
I looked around for the vampire. Then I turned around and no one was there. I looked
around for the adults. Then someone said something. “You have done well for a kid,
Ron. But you can’t defeat me. Then the vampire came down from the ceiling with the
adults.I got ready to throw the garlic in his mouth. As he was about to say
I threw one in his mouth. But he was too strong to be defeated like that. So I
thought about what to do. Then I ran outside with a good idea.It was about to be
sunrise and vampires hate light. So he followed me outside and ran after me for a
few minutes. Then the sun came up as he was about bite me with his fangs.He started
to fade away saying, "I was so close." With that he was gone. I had saved the day
and the world. The teachers thanked me a lot and gave me lots of rewards. I went
home and went to bed. But when I fell asleep, I was wakened up. It was time for
school. I said, “Aw man.” Well that’s my story. I hope this never happens to
you one day. Especially having to wake up as soon as you fall asleep. 

What do u think? cool. good for a first story what? post a comment on ur opinion
Last edited: 29 June 2009

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