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HILARIOUS CONVO. READ THIS. D:Category: Bradford/me convos
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
02:43:38 AM (GMT)
The important part of the convo are italics... But if you wanna understand it better, you can read more of it... xD
Bradford Today at 12:18am -inappropriate poke- Megan Today at 12:19am O_O ... -poke- Bradford Today at 12:21am don't look too suprised... -poke- you knew it was coming... -poke- lol... -poke- Megan Today at 12:29am -poke- Lol. -poke- Maybe I did... -poke- Maybe I didn't... -poke- Bradford Today at 12:30am you did... -poke- trust me... -poke- and you liked it... -poke- Megan Today at 12:32am -poke- Hehehe... -poke- I totally did... -poke- XD Bradford Today at 12:33am lol... -poke- i thought so... -poke- Megan Today at 12:40am Lol -poke- How'd you know?! -poke- Oh yeah, you're awesome. 8D -poke- Bradford Today at 12:41am yup... -poke- Megan Today at 12:42am Lol... -poke- Any other things you wanna make fun of me about? -poke- Bradford Today at 12:43am i was making fun of you? -poke- Megan Today at 12:43am I dunno -poke- Maybe? >.< -poke- Were you? >_< -poke- Bradford Today at 12:44am -poke- I -poke- don't -poke- think -poke- so... -poke- Megan Today at 12:45am Wow Bradford -poke- Getting a little overzealous there... -poke- Bradford Today at 12:45am -poke- I -poke- don't -poke- think -poke- I -poke- am... -poke- Megan Today at 12:46am -poke- I -poke- definitely -poke- think -poke- you -poke- are -poke overzealous... -poke- atleast -poke- a -poke- little... -poke- Bradford Today at 12:48am -poke- I -poke- don't -poke- think -poke- that -poke- I -poke- am -poke- the -poke- slightest -poke- bit -poke- overzealous -poke- in -poke- any -poke- possible -poke- way -poke- shape -poke- or -poke- form... -poke- Megan Today at 12:51am -poke- I -poke- think -poke- you -poke- like -poke- this -poke- a -poke- little -poke- too -poke- much -poke- Bradford Today at 12:53am -poke- are -poke- you -poke- absolutely -poke- positively -poke- 100% -poke- sure -poke- about -poke- that -poke- Megan Today at 12:55am -poke- no -poke- but -poke- I -poke- like -poke- the -poke- thought -poke- lol -poke- that -poke- sounded -poke- odd... -poke- Bradford Today at 12:55am -poke- yes -poke- it -poke- did... -poke- lol... -poke- Megan Today at 12:57am -poke- You'd -poke- like -poke- it -poke- too... -poke- Bradford Today at 12:57am -poke- I -poke- never -poke- said -poke- I -poke- wouldn't... -poke- Megan Today at 12:59am -poke- But -poke- you -poke- never -poke- said -poke- you -poke- would -poke- either... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:00am -poke- what -poke- if -poke- I -poke- would? -poke- Megan Today at 1:03am -poke- Haha -poke- I'm -poke- not -poke- sure... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:03am -poke- lol... -poke- Megan Today at 1:04am -poke- Lol... -poke- what -poke- if -poke- you -poke- would? -poke- Bradford Today at 1:05am -poke- I'm -poke- not -poke- sure -poke- either... -poke- Megan Today at 1:06am -poke- Lol -poke- use -poke- your -poke- imagination... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:07am -poke- but -poke- my -poke- imagination -poke- can -poke- take -poke- me -poke- to -poke- some -poke- pretty -poke- dirty -poke- places... -poke- Megan Today at 1:08am -poke- lol -poke- that -poke- sounds -poke- very -poke- interesting... -poke- just -poke- let -poke- your -poke- imagination -poke- run -poke- free... -poke- xD -poke- Bradford Today at 1:10am -poke- sounds -poke- like -poke- you -poke- really -poke- want -poke- me -poke- to... -poke- lol... -poke- Megan Today at 1:12am -poke- I -poke- wanna -poke- hear -poke- whatever -poke- hilarious -poke- thing -poke- you -poke- come -poke- up -poke- with... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:13am -poke- I -poke- have -poke- a -poke- crappy -poke- imagination -poke- I -poke- can't -poke- think -poke- of -poke- anything... -poke- Megan Today at 1:14am -poke- Well -poke- I -poke- must -poke- say -poke- I'm -poke- disappointed... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:14am -poke- surprisingly -poke- so -poke- am -poke- I... -poke- Megan Today at 1:16am -poke- Come -poke- on -poke- think -poke- of -poke- something... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:16am -poke- im -poke- trying... -poke- Megan Today at 1:17am -poke- will -poke- it -poke- help -poke- if -poke- I -poke- tickle -poke- you? -poke- gosh -poke- poke -poke- is -poke- a -poke- weird -poke- word... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:18am -poke- im -poke- not -poke- sure... -poke- try -poke- it... -poke- 'Tis -poke- a -poke- weird -poke- word... -poke- Megan Today at 1:19am -poke- Ok... -tickle tickle tickle- did -poke- it -poke- help? -poke- I -poke- know -poke- right? -poke- Bradford Today at 1:22am -poke- I -poke- forgot -poke- what -poke- I -poke- was -poke- supposed -poke- to -poke- think -poke- about... -poke- yea... -poke- Megan Today at 1:24am -poke- What -poke- would -poke- happen -poke- if -poke- you -poke- were -poke- overzealous -poke- and -poke- liked -poke- poking -poke- me -poke- inappropritely... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:26am -poke- oh... -poke- well... -poke- then -poke- this -poke- would -poke- be -poke- a -poke- very -poke- awkward -poke- friendship... -poke- Megan Today at 1:29am -poke- Oh -poke- yes -poke- I -poke- bet -poke- it -poke- would... -poke- xD -poke- but -poke- we -poke- also -poke- said -poke- both -poke- of -poke- us -poke- would -poke- like -poke- it -poke- so -poke- it -poke- wouldn't -poke- matter -poke- XD -poke- Bradford Today at 1:30am -poke- either -poke- way -poke- this -poke- is -poke- an -poke- awkward -poke- friendship... -poke- lol... -poke- Megan Today at 1:31am -poke- lol -poke- I -poke- guess -poke- it -poke- would -poke- be... -poke- I'm -poke- tired... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:32am -poke- so -poke- am -poke- i... -poke- Megan Today at 1:33am -poke- Why -poke- don't -poke- we -poke- both -poke- go -poke- to -poke- bed? -poke- ... -poke- in -poke- seperate -poke- beds -poke- just -poke- to -poke- clarify -poke- that... -poke- Bradford Today at 1:34am -poke- okay... -poke- damn... -poke- Megan Today at 1:35am -poke- lmfao -poke- sorry -poke- Bradford -poke- not -poke- tonight -poke- xD -poke- Bradford Today at 1:35am -poke- too -poke- far -poke- away? -poke- Megan Today at 1:36am -poke- Yes.. -poke- xD -poke- Bradford Today at 1:37am -poke- lol... -poke- Megan Today at 1:38am -poke- Lol. -poke- Goodnight -poke- Bradford. -poke- Don't -poke- miss -poke- me -poke- too -poke- much. -poke- ;D -poke- Bradford Today at 1:39am -poke- lol... -poke- goodnight... -poke- Megan Today at 1:39am -poke- Goodnight. -poke-
Lol... And what makes this convo even funnier is that me and Bradford are both taken xD By other people... XD But hey, it's fun to joke about that... xD
Last edited: 29 May 2009

‹Let You Fall For Every Empty Word I Say› says:   27 May 2009   612724  
i read half of it, and what i read was funny. but all the pokes gave
me a headache. lol
‹ORIGIONAL;IamMyOwn♥› says:   28 May 2009   455917  
Sorry... That's a Bradford/me thing. xD
PainfulPara_XOX says:   29 May 2009   449648  
Lmao. Pervsssss.
‹ORIGIONAL;IamMyOwn♥› says :   29 May 2009   771522  


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