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Woo. Back to schoolCategory: school!
Monday, 20 April 2009
10:49:21 PM (GMT)
Heh. Haven't written about school lately. xP
Well nothing tooo interesting happened. Just went back to school. So we had a study
hall for first period because Mr. J wasn't there. Finished vocab. Um then second
period. We read very boring stories. VERY. I was like wow. Third period. Um oh lots
of vocab for math. And some easy-ish homework assignment. Fourth. We typed up our
persuasive essay. I was like HUNGRY. And Mike was playing a game with fruits. And I'm
like OMG. Ok lunchh. So pretty interesting. Haha. Just the usual stuff. LOL. We
talked about bikinis. Don't ask. Cassie just randomly went Danie you would look good
in a bikini you have the figure. And yeah this had to do about weight. :| They were
like YOU ONLY WEIGH 94 lbs JANELLE?! So yeah. And then we were like talking about
other stuff. xD Okay so I was like I finished a whole bag of chips on Easter. And
they're like DAMN. Haha. Yeahh. Um we talked about the usual. OR THERE'S YOUR HUBBY
RIGHT THERE. ♥ Ha gotta love them. And then they were trying to kill me Dx I was
like the protection for them when someone was about to smack them. Otherwise we
stayed inside. Heh. Fifth period. (Yeah I don't count lunch as a period.) HELL YEAH.
We don't need to bring our big books in for the week. We got to keep going on about
the Constitution. Ugh. :| Anyway um what'd I learn? Idk. Jackie and I were like
highlighting and then she 'accidentally' let her hand slip and got highligher on my
arm. And we kept doing that the whole time. HA. Sixth period. YESYESYESYESYESYES.
Gym. Usually I hate this. BUT. SKATING BABY SKATING! It finally started. So I'm the
ONLY one in 7th grade who has feet below 5. (Size 3) And Mikey was going around and
he's like "YOU'RE A SIZE 3?!" ;| YES I have small feet. GOD. Don't make a big deal
out of it. Sooo. Yeah. Last periodddd. Um read in our religion books? And um? Not
much to say. 

LOL. In the morning I told Viki, Cassie, and Taylor that Mikey's dad thought that
mikey and me were dating and they were like you two would make a cute couple. And I'm
like WHAT?! 
Dx nooooo.

Taekwondo update?
:] Actuallly liking it now. One I got friends so yeah. Two it's not as bad as I
thought it would be.
NOW. We were practicing forms. And I'm like WTF. Yeah I was confused. And you
should've seen how I did. Dx UGHH.
I just was like umm. Okay. 
And Juan like usually at the end of class we're suppose to say gonsunula (sp?) and
every time now since I started talking to him. He's said hello or good job. Lol.
And Matt was there right next to him and was like "Did you just say good job?" 
ANYWAY. What's the update with who I like? LOLOLOL.
No one in school. xP 
Then Master Lee told my dad there was testing on Saturday at 2 and I was like
And it hapens to be on the form I'm in. Can't do white form. HELL NO. I sucked
terribly today.  So I'm skipping out on that.
Yeah I asked Matt and Mireya what that was and Matt was like ask Mireya. 
Then I was like you should seriously set up your voicemail. He doesn't know how to
So yeahh.

Soo back to schooooooooool. Happy yet sad. Dx
That's my update :D

Gir_DOOM says :   23 April 2009   649618  
I think your my only friend that actually still uses kupika xD
Okay...Maybe ONE more :L
Idk i didnt count n_n''
So, Yeah,
Rawr ;D


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