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Tuesday, 10 February 2009
12:45:52 PM (GMT)
Tuesday, February 10th. Year? 2009 BAYBAY. <3
Blogged by Bootheghost.

Howdy! For some reason I'm in a good mood, even though a lot of shit happened today.
Tuesdays come round fast, huh? But for once I'm writing this thing somewhat early. I
mean, look. IT'S NOT EVEN 6PM YET. OhmyGod... Lol.

So, let's get started!~


Firstly, why am I in a good mood?

Well... the first reason is private. ;] So I can't tell you.
The second reason is that I'm going skiing in 4 days with Moje, and I'm meeting Zoe
(StarwberrySHOCK) this Saturday. <3
The third reason is that my English teacher made my day with the power of the
semi-colon. <3 If you didn't know, I adore the semi-colon; we need to prevent it from
dying out!
Fourthly, we had an epic Maths lesson today, which involved teasing our teacher,
colouring my scissors red to make them look like they were covered in blood, and
being stared at by a glue stick. IT HAD EYES, I TELL YOU.
The final reason is that it is about 102 (?) days until MCM Anime Con in London, and
I can't fucking wait! I love cosplaying!~ AND THINK OF ALL THE BLEACH MERCH I CAN


Moving on, why did I have a bad day?

Firstly, Mousie is leaving. D: School, I mean. She's part of my circle of friends,
but her parents are going through a big divorce right now and they can't afford to
send her to my school any more. (Yes, I pay for education. Private schooling FTW. <3
Lol.) And Mouse is a legend... you can't imagine our year without her. Everybody
knows her, everybody likes her, she has a great sense of humor... the list goes on.
She only told everyone today. Most people were in tears in History class today. ):
She's either leaving on Friday or in April. I don't know...

Secondly, I got hit in the face with a book today. My nose bled. D: It hurt. But was
somehow funny? IDK.

Thirdly, one of my friends was being a real bitch today. I mean, she usually is a
bitch anyway, but today was just wrose than usually. Sometimes I question why I'm
even friends with her... Anyway, she seems to ALWAYS have to prove me on and it's
really horrible sometimes. Today, for example, she called my full of myself, JUST

English teacher: So, honestly, who can write fluently and use a semi-colon
Me: -Nods and raises hand-
Abi: Aren't you full of yourself?

So yeah. She's really horrid sometimes. :/ I've learned to just ignore her, or reply
with a humorus remark (only thanks to Charley's guidence. Lol) but it still hits me
hard. ): She always says stuff like this, but I'm getting over it. It's weird though:
one minute she's nice and we get along great, and the next minute she's a bitch and
has to prove me wrong. She always complains as well.
But let's not dwell too long on this subject...

Fourthly, I just poked myself in the eye. Ow.
Last edited: 24 February 2009

‹goodfornothing› says:   10 February 2009   174749  
At least you can use a semicolon; she's just jealous because she
can't <3
‹A role to play› whispers:   10 February 2009   823718  
Full of yourself... just because your filled with epic pwn doesn't
mean she has to be jealous. CORRECT GRAMMAR SHOULD NOT DIE OUT.
Semicolons rule. Bleach Merchandies?  Oh yes.
saralyn247 says :   10 February 2009   775573  
Those glue sticks are stalkers, I swear.

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