College is the time to experiment III :: LESBIAN :: WARNING SEXUAL
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College is the time to experiment III :: LESBIAN :: WARNING SEXUAL
Category: sex story
Saturday, 7 February 2009
06:32:19 PM (GMT)
MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FIRST TWO! Anyways, enjoy, and don't be a copying cunt.
The next morning, I awoke to the sound of falling water coming from the hallway just outside my bedroom. It was Jordan taking an early shower for the day. Yawning, I sat up from my sheets, listening to the faint sound of birds chirping outside. Then, just as I stepped into the hallway, the phone started ringing nearby. The initial loudness of it startled me as I looked around, expecting Jordan to rush out of the bathroom to answer it. Instead, it just kept ringing as I stood and listened, still half asleep. After a few seconds I squinted my eyes and started walking towards the sound. It had been ringing for over twenty seconds and the caller hadn't even given up yet. The thought of it being just an annoying telemarketer was beginning to enter my head. "Great," I uttered, "they've finally graduated to calling you in the morning instead of at dinner." Walking up to the table, I peered down at the still ringing phone for a few more seconds, waiting for it to stop so that I wouldn't have to answer. Finally, out of annoyance, I picked it up and grabbed my forehead as if I had a headache. "What?" "Lexa, is that you?" came the voice on the other end. "Abi?" I asked, perking up, "oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you. "Did I wake you up? Gosh, I'm sorry, I didn't even look at the clock but I guess it is kind of early maybe I should call back later, ya?" "No, no, it's fine. Jordan's in the shower though right now." There was a short pause on the other end. "I don't want to talk to Jordan... I want to talk to you." "Me?" I asked, still a little hazy. "Do you remember last night in the elevator, Lexa, and what happened?" It immediately came back to me as soon as she mentioned it. The elevator, her mysterious kiss, and quick escape. "Yes," I said, calmly. "Well, I was wondering... I mean what I wanted to ask you was if you would be interested in... I mean, I want to see you again. But only if you're okay with that, because if you're not I totally understand and..." "See me? Where, Abi?" "Not at Jordan's place, I know somewhere quiet though. I was thinking the library, on campus. No one's there on weekends. How does 8:30 sound?" I looked over at the clock on the wall. "Abi, that's ten minutes from now." "Oh shit, you're right, sorry, I'm sorry, Lexa." "No, it's fine, don't worry," I said, managing to smile. I listened for Abi to start another long sentence but instead there was silence. Neither of us spoke for about ten seconds until I finally took a guess at what she was thinking. "How does 10 sound, Abi?" There was another short pause. "That's great, Lexa, thanks so much, so I guess I'll see you there then, seeya." Abi hung up, just before I could say bye myself. I set the phone down and looked around, half expecting Jordan to be standing behind me listening in. Thankfully, the shower was still on, and I was still alone. For a moment I just stood on the spot, running over what I had just done in my head, and what Abi's intentions most likely were. I felt a little guilty for setting up a meeting behind Jordan's back, but at the same time I couldn't help but feel a little excited. With that in mind, I ran back into my bedroom with a smile and started digging through my drawers for something to wear. ... By the time I reached the campus, the sun began to peek out from behind a small patch of clouds in the distance. As the warm light bathed down onto the street I took in a deep, energetic breath as I walked into the library and made my way up the stairs to the second floor. Abi was right; no one was around, not even a single student. The only occupant I saw was a quiet librarian on the main floor who was sorting books down one of the aisles. Without giving it a thought, I made sure she didn't see me enter and take the stairs. As soon as I stepped onto the second floor, I turned to see Abi pacing back and forth near one of the windows which overlooked the campus. She zipped back and forth at her usual manic pace, whispering something to herself which I couldn't make out. After a few more steps she stopped in her tracks and turned her eyes in my direction. "Hi Lexa, how are you, and good morning by the way, it's so beautiful out." "Hi Abi," I said, trying to remain casual. I had no idea what to expect, so I was reluctant to try anything out of the ordinary. There was a clear tension in the air as we stood before each other, but after a few seconds Abi walked up to me and stopped mere inches from my face, as usual. "I wasn't sure whether you'd come, but I was hoping you would." "Well, I try not to disappoint, I guess." Abi shifted on her feet, up and down, as if in a small bouncing motion. She was wearing her jacket as usual, only today she dawned a short, white skirt instead of jeans. Just like the night before I found her staring continually into my eyes, not speaking a word. I began to blush, finding it difficult to return her gaze. "Can I..." "What?" I asked, softly. "Can I kiss you, Lexa?" Her voice was so soft and so sweet it made me smile. I could tell she was just as nervous as I was, if not more, but she stood her ground and waited silently for my answer, for my permission. "Yes," I whispered. Abi looked around in both directions, making sure we were truly alone before she leaned forward and kissed me. This time I expected it, and I savoured it a thousand times more than her stolen peck in the elevator. I felt my whole body tingling, just as it had with Jordan, only this was different. Abi felt infinitely softer, as if I was kissing a flower, blowing in the wind and soft as silk. Her lips were cool and moist against mine, and I could tell she was smiling even with my eyes closed. We parted, and before I had a chance to open my eyes, Abi leaned forward again and began kissing my neck, slowly and passionately. I took a step back, losing my balance for a moment, but Abi didn't even notice as she took her own step forward and continued kissing me. I felt her arms shaking as she held her hands just away from my body, unsure. I reached out and guided her hands to my back, where she rested them just at my waist. After a few more moments of kissing Abi stepped back a bit and looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes again. "Would you, I mean, can I..." "Yes, Abi," I said with narrowed eyes. "You don't have to ask." Abi looked down and took hold of my hand. Then, with a gentle motion she guided my fingers underneath her skirt and rested them on her mound, which had soaked her panties with excitement. She gasped at my touch, nearly losing her balance on her feet. Her pussy was on fire in my hand, and her juices were beginning to run down her thigh. "Are you as excited as I am, Lexa?" she asked, in-between heavy breaths. "Why don't you find out for yourself," I smiled. Without holding back, Abi wrapped her arms around me and spun me around until we collided with a nearby bookshelf. A few loose books fell to the ground as Abi pressed me into the shelf and began kissing my neck again. With her hands, she began to unbutton my jeans, sliding them down my legs and diving right into my panties with her fingers. A jolt of ecstasy coursed through my body. "Ohhhh fuck," I moaned, caught off guard by her sudden advance. Abi kissed me over and over, barely taking time to breathe as she pelted my neck with the soft caress of her lips. "Oh god, I wanted you ever since I saw you, Lexa," she said, with a heavy sigh. Her hot breath against my skin was starting to make me sweat. Between my legs, Abi ran her middle finger up and down against my slit, soaking in my nectar as her other fingers spread my pussy lips apart. I nearly sank to my knees as a rush of pleasure washed over me. I slammed my fist into the shelf and more books fell to the floor around us. Then, taking a step back, Abi looked down at my chest and lifted up my top, pulling it clean off my head and tossing it aside. I started to giggle as I watched her, a beautiful nymph, tearing into me with a ravenous energy and lust I'd never seen before. "There's a librarian downstairs," I said, as Abi pressed herself into me again. "I don't care," she replied, already reaching behind my back to unhook my bra. Then, with a rabid motion she slipped my bra straps off my shoulders and tossed it aside, leaving me standing only in my panties with my jeans still at my feet. Abi brought her lips to my breasts and began licking me, all over. Not even confining herself to either of my nipples, Abi just ran her tongue all over both of my breasts, planting kissing and savoring the sensation of my hot skin. With my hand still between her legs, I pressed my finger into the folds of her pussy through her panties. Every motion of my hand seemed to only strengthen her resolve to kiss and lick me with her every fleeting breath. I could feel us both perspiring, and Abi even more so since she was still fully clothed. Then, finally stopping to take a breather, Abi stepped back. She looked up at me with her gorgeous smile, as I dropped my gaze to her skirt, playfully. "Going down," I grinned, slowly lowering myself to my knees. Pushing a few books aside, I pulled Abi's legs closer to me and lifted her skirt with both hands for a moment. Her juices were running down her legs, which glistened and trembled like weak pillars holding up a heavy weight. "Oh god, Lexa..." I reached up and slowly began to slide her panties down her legs. Almost immediately her sweet aroma filled our nostrils as her bare pussy was revealed. Her underwear dropped to her feet and Abi stepped out of them. With a lustful grin I picked them up and brought them to my face, taking in the euphoric scent up close. "You smell wonderful, Abi," I said, lost in a lustful trance. "God, please lick me, Lexa, don't wait..." Letting her skirt drop back into its normal position, I lowered my head and peeked underneath, finally getting an up close and personal moment with Abi's incredible sex. I didn't waste any time. I devoured her, passionately and lustfully. An upthrust of my tongue into her wet folds sent tingles down my spine as I tasted another girl for the first time. Abi moaned and trembled with my head buried beneath her skirt, and she nearly lost her balance and fell. "Ohh fuck, yes that's it, ohh fuck I'm going crazy..." I began to feel lightheaded as my senses were overflowed with her scent, her taste, and her heat. Her cunt was soaked with my saliva and her juices, running into my mouth as I held my breath and just let myself go. With my free hand I slipped my fingers into my panties and began to caress my own pussy at the same time. I was so slippery, and so wet, I nearly brought myself to an orgasm first. But, just before I felt myself becoming overwhelmed with ecstasy, Abi's knees began to buckle and her moaning became louder. She cried out, grabbing the back of my head as her body erupted and a hot splash of her girl cum filled my mouth, spilling onto my chin as she climaxed for me. Abi moaned and yelled, falling backwards and landing in front of me, still shaking from the sudden jolt of absolute pleasure. I lapped up her cum, grinning and gasping for air as I withdrew my head from between her legs. Abi sat up, panting and quivering with a satisfaction I had never seen in anyone's eyes before. "That was incredible," I said, softly. Abi sat up, getting on her knees as she started to take off her skirt. "We're not finished yet, silly." Throwing off her jacket and lifting her top off, Abi practically dove onto me, causing us both to laugh out loud. Then, for a brief moment we both went silent, remembering that we most likely weren't alone. "The librarian," I said, quietly. "Fuck her," Abi said, without skipping a beat. Slowly, I put my hand underneath Abi's chin and raised her head back up until our eyes met. "No," I smiled. "Fuck me."
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‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   7 February 2009   887138  
Aww the last one isnt finished either. Darnit
‹Nessa_is_here_smile› says:   7 February 2009   983998  
GOOd writer
Felix68 says :   7 February 2009   246795  
nice man if the librarian came they could just have sex with her too

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