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My rambling view on love in general.Category: Thoughts to Write Down
Monday, 2 February 2009
09:28:40 PM (GMT)
Now before going any further, I have experience in love. I had a crush on this guy
for three years, and was in a solid two year relationship up until a few months ago.
And so I'm not going to say love is pointles.

... But it is totally pointless to me. Maybe it's just that I think to far
into things for my own good, or I'm to scientific/ goal oriented for me to appreciate
it but it seems like a huge distraction. Like I wanted to volunteer over the summer,
and I let my boyfriend know, and instead of holding me back he said that he'd
voluteer too. Which was nice, very supportive and all, but he went on to explain that
he was doing it to spend more time with me.
    Meaning he wasn't doing it because he cared. But why not, I'd get to see him, and
we could make a differnce! Unfortunatley he goofed off most of the time and got me in
trouble with our supervisor because of it. Siigh...
     And in the future I don't want marrige to prevent me from putting all my effort
into my career (I won't go into what that career is right now.) Not to mention I
don't want to be tempted into having children. I'm very well read in biology- I know
the perfect breeder for humans. Large chests for milk, wide hips to support the womb,
body type includes a bit of fat on thw lower stomach that's impossible to rid
yourself of to pad the egg, strong imune system- Oh I fit the image of a born mother.
Plus I like kids and I'm hard working nuturing by nature. But due to the population,
me having kids is out of the question. But as I advance into my mid to late teens and
most especially into adult-hood I must bear in mind that a family would stop me from
getting things done.

But prehaps most important to this whole diary is that I've been thinkiing that love
isn't really pure. Not usually anyway. Call me girly, but I love shojo manga. I don't
generaly go for gushy stuff, i like a plot, but almost all shojo manga has an element
of romance.

One of my favorite mangas is called Beauty Pop, a shojo about three guys who
run a makeover club in they're school and one sarcastic absent minded girl (Kiri) who
would be a perfect addition to they're team due to her hair cutting abilities but she
doesn't care and doesn't particurly like them.

Well that was book one. by book nine she'd joined the Scissors Project (the name of
their club), decided to be a hair stylist, and every club member, including the other
new additions to the club. And the other day I was wondering why. How did this
happen? I've read every volume, and own them all in fact, but I didn't know the real
reason they suddenly feel in love with her.

-The first charactor to really declare his love was Iori- You don't need to have read
them, just know that he could have had any girl he wanted in school, has the best of
everything- and has had a life-long obsession for Kiri's mother. It's meant to be
fairly common knowledge that the root of his affection is that Kiri comes from her
mother asking him to watch out for her.
-The next person to fall in love seems to be Chasimi, a younger sister of another
charactor. She is supposed to love anyone whom she views as a "prince" (it doesn't
matter that the prince is a girl.)
-then came Ochiai who needs to be the best and have the best. I think his love could
be rooted in his need to have the girl coveted by high class Iori, and win
-Narumi disliked her for most of the series, then Ochiai thought he liked her and
said that he could never get her; thus enraging his competitive nature and making him
love her?
-Kie-kun seems to just be saying that he likes her to got on Ochiai's nerves.
-Ken-nii might only like her as a friend, you never know.
-Billy-kun could really "love" her, in which case it would probably be rooted
in his need for a family, or he could be facking it to make the SP club fall apart-
Narumi started loving her shortly after his appearence.

But hey, it's just one manga. But it got me thinking. We should all know that
Twilight is a sucky book (poorly written, plot holes, lack of charactor
development, but I'll move on) but everyone acts like that's pure love. Edward was
only interested in her because she was a blank spot in his mental radar, and anyway
he had to pay close attention or else he would eat her. And Bella is just vain,
whiney, and stupid- It's pretty clear to anyone who didn't turn off they're brain
before reading that she only loves him because he's good looking and mysterious.

But Twilight does suck, so I went to the purest love I could think of- gay
love. Some people, for reasons unknown to me, think being gay is bad. As far as I'm
concerned they're some of the few people who really suffer for love. But, and this is
speaking in terms of literiture only, there are easily explained reasons for gay love
too. Actually I'm talking about one of my all time favorite books Magics Pawn.
But Vanyel was affection starved, and Tylendal... Well I haven't been able to think
of an easy answer as to why Tylendal would love Van but that's not to say one doesn't
exist. (And didn't I mention that gay love is purer?)

And they're all sorts of scientific explanations- I've heard that people whoes
pharamons match up perfectly find they have "true love", that it's all timing,
chemicles deep in the brain, that beauty is just averageness...

All in all my thoughts in love have been that it's pointless for me and i shouldn't
bother. My other thoughts have been "Oh no, that's what the herions always say at
the beginning of corny love novels, I'm doomed!"

But I'll keep ya posted.

__~~~~^*^ Thank you all for reading my rambling view on love in general! ^*^~~~~__

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Kirti says :   10 February 2009   354562  
for what?


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