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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 3Category: sad
Tuesday, 6 January 2009
09:16:42 PM (GMT)
Cindy screamed no. Cory walked closer to him. Jacob backed up. Cindy went to the
kitchen and got a knife and put it to her wrist and said 

Cindy: If you shoot your self I will cut myself and this time it will kill me. 

Jacob: Tell me right now! Are you two dating?! 

Cindy: Yes we are. 

Jacob: How could you?! 

Cindy: You broke my heart. I cried non stop last night and he was here to comfort

Jacob took the gun to his leg and shot him self and fell to the floor and screamed in
pain. Cindy cut her arm and she cut deep. She fell to the floor and fainted. Cory
called 911 and told the police he needs two ambulance fast. He hang up and he brought
Cindy to Jacob he help both there wounds. Cindy was still breathing and so was Jacob.
The ambulance came and took both to the the hospital 

Cory follow them to the hospital and he was told to wait in the waiting room and
called Tamika and Mindy. A doctor came out and said 

Doctor: Jacob is going to be ok we got the bullet out of him, He is on a iv and he is

Cindy: What about Cindy my girlfriend?

Doctor: She is still surgery.

Cory nodded and the Doctor left. Mindy and Tamika came in and hugged him. They waited
in the waiting room all night. When Cory was about to fall asleep the doctor said 

Doctor: Cindy is out of surgery. She had to have stitches and she is now in the same
room as Jacob and she is getting blood into her and she is asleep you guys may go
visit them. Jacob is awake and scared.
Cory nodded and Mindy, Tamika, and Cory all got up and walked to the room. Jacob was
lying on the bed really scared watching Cindy. Cory hugged him and he went over to
Cindy. He laid next to her and kiss her he held her close. Mindy sat on Jacobs bed
while Tamika sat in the middle of the room on a couch bed.  Jacob was shacking a
little and Mindy ask him 

Mindy: Jacob what’s wrong?

Jacob: The last time I was in the hospital was when my real Parents died. 

Mindy: Your parents aren’t your real ones? They adopted you? 

Jacob: Yes. 

 Cory:  Mindy come here quick. Tamika we need a doctor. 

Cindy said she will be back. She ran to Cindy’s bed. She look down and saw blood.
Cory look faint. She told Cory to go over to Jacob. Cindy was still sleeping.  The
nurse came in and saw the blood. She saw it was coming out of her arm. She called the
doctor. A doctor came in and he re stitch her arm. He told the nurse to take the
blood bag out. The nurse did and she throw it in a special box with a lid. The doctor
rolled a heart monitor near her and she put little pads on her chest. The nurse
change the sheets and they all left. 

Mindy sat next to Tamika who was asleep. Cory walked to the bed couch and laid next
to Mindy and fell asleep.  They woke up to Cindy screaming. Cory jumped up. A nurse
came in and she calm Cindy down with the needle. Jacob bed was closer to hers now. He
rubbed Cindy’s hand. The doctor came in and said 

Doctor: Hi I’m glade you guys are up I have news.

Cory: What is it?

Doctor: 1. Cindy has asthma. 2. Jacob needs to live with you because his parents want
him to. 3. Cindy is having nightmare and she will wake up screaming and it will last
two weeks.
Cory: Ok so when do they go home?

Doctor: Tomorrow and they go to school Monday.

Cory nod and the doctor check something on Cindy. He left and Cindy was now moving a
lot in her sleep. She then sat up fast and scream. Cory went over to her and laid her
down and rub her back the nurse came in to see if everything was ok.  Cindy was
shacking a little and wide eyed. Jacob pulled in a hug and said it was ok. Cory gave
him a evil look.  She calmed down. 

The next day they all went home. When Cindy got home she went to the fridge and was
going to make a sandwich. As she was going to grab everything out of the fridge she
changed her mind and she shut the door. They all help Jacob settle in the other guest
room. Cindy said she was going to go to bed because it was late. She kiss Cory
goodnight. She hugged Jacob. She went to her room and she  got undress and put on a
big white t-shirt. She fell asleep. 20 minuets went by and she felt some one get in
bed with her. She saw Jacob and he cover her mouth and he climb on her.

He was nude. He uncover her mouth and started kiss her. He strip her. He continue to
kiss her. She screamed and he slap. Her she continue to scream. He rubbed her all
over. He was close of putting his penis in her when Cory came in with his parents.
Cory pulled Jacob of her. Cory’s parents push him into the guest room he was
staying in and locked him in. Cory hugged her and brought her to the bathroom. He put
her in the tub turn the shower on. He help her wash her self and he wrap a towel
around her and he hugged her close and he rocked her. She cried  and cried. Cory
dress her  and laid her in the bed. She laid there not moving. Cory hold her tight.
He heard a knock down stairs. He picked up Cindy and brought her in the hall. He sat
her on the floor and he watch the officer go into the room Jacob was in. Cindy sat
there so still. 

The officer arrest Jacob and another officer sat beside Cindy. She hugged Cindy and
she helped her stand up. Since she was shacking so bad she fell back down. The women
picked her up and took her outside to her car. She drove her to the police station.
Since Cindy stop shacking she walked in the police office. The walked to a question
room and Jacob was there in handcuffs. Cindy sat down.  Jacob laugh. Cindy got up and
he chair slam back and she walked over to Jacob and punch him and starting hitting
him. The officer grab her by the waist and try to stop her. Cindy got free and kept
hitting him saying why over and over again another officer came in. They both grabbed
Cindy and pulled her back. The handcuffed her. Jacob was taken out of the room. Cory
came in too Cindy fighting to get out of the handcuffs. Cory came up to her and
hugged her.  The office came up to her and said 

Officer: She will have to stay in Jail for the night. 

Cory: why? 

Officer: She hurt a inmate. 

The office took her to a cell. She screamed for Cory. She drop to the floor.  The
officer picked her up and carried her in the cell. He un handcuff her and lock the
cell door.  She sat on the bed and cried. Her cell mate looked at her. Cindy curl in
a ball.  She stayed up all night. The officer came to the cell that afternoon.  He
had one of her dresses. He dress her when she refuse too. He handcuff her. She refuse
to walk and he picked her up. She cried as he set her in a question room. She sat in
a chair. Cory was came in. He hugged Cindy.  Cindy looked so tired and he notice she
was pale. He sat in the chair as the officer ask her questions. Cindy answer them the
best she could. During the last question she grab Cory’s arm. He turn to her she
looked like she was going to faint. The officer ask the question and Cindy answered
slowly. She was un handcuffed. As they was walking in the hall Cindy fell the ground.
She close her eyes and she fell asleep. Cory picked her up and brought her to his
parents car. They  drove home. During the drive Cindy woke up screaming. The parents
stopped the car fast and looked behind them. Cory said its ok she just wakes up doing
that. They started the car and drove home.

Cory helped Cindy to her room. Cindy laid on the bed and curled in a ball and fell
asleep. Cory went down stairs and he made lunch. He made tuna sandwiches. He brought
his and Cindy’s up to her room he set down her plate and his plate and waited for
her to wake up a long time  later Cindy woke up screaming no. Cory comfort her. They
ate and they went down stairs to hang out with his parents.  They went to bed at 10. 
Last edited: 6 January 2009

XXDesiredXX says:   6 January 2009   551612  
this is great!
‹Emma Bear› says:   6 January 2009   224526  
thank you
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   7 January 2009   865795  
this is SUCH a great story!
‹Emma Bear› says :   7 January 2009   526578  
thank you

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