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Sunday, 4 January 2009
09:28:14 AM (GMT)
“I’m fine” I started to rub my head “At school could you use Sohma when you
talk to me?” Sohma-san just looked at me puzzled. “Why ?” “Well Hatori put my
name on the school information paper as Leia Sohma…he said that it would be easier
because the Sohma name is already known to the students.” I just stared at the
ground… “Ok Miss.Sohma-chan” I looked up and Sohma-san smiled so sweetly.. “
We need to go if you want to see the student council room…and a tour of the
school.”  “Ok lets go Sohma-san” We walked up a couple of flights of stairs and
down a hallway to a small room in the corner of the hall he opened a door and a
couple of people where sitting down one girl was looking at her schedule and the
other students were boys two of them one was looking at the wall and the other was
staring at us. I started to back out of the room when Sohma-san grabbed my hand and
said something so low I don’t think anybody but me heard it he said “don’t mind
Dark he is …………sort of different.” I just thought in my head what does he
mean by he is different? But the boy Dark said something “good day Miss. Leia
Sohma.” “How do you know my name?!” I stared at Sohma-san but he just moved his
head sideways. “My mother is the head of the school information data center.”
“Oh…nice to meet you.” I said then he handed me a paper then handed Sohma-san a
paper I looked down at it and it was my schedule “Thank you Dark” as I thanked
him for giving me my schedule I saw Sohma-san look down at my paper. “Miss.
Is-Sohma-chan you have some classes with me!” I stared at his paper and saw that we
have a majority of classes together. “That’s because I finished most of my first
year credits last year.” Then the girl that was staring at her paper at whole time
said “No fair this new girl has 2nd year classes, Yun-yun you said that she was a
1st year!” “I know what I said Kimi she is a 1st year but she finished most of
her classes last year.” Sohma-san said quiet annoyed “But she is only 15.” Dark
said. The girl named Kimi looked at me with a look so mean that it would scare normal
people half to death…more like ¾ but same difference “Well..I was in my 2nd year
of junior high I was allowed to skip a year and go straight to high school and
because I had an easy time in my classes last year I finished my classes for my 3rd
year and most of my classes for my 1st year of high school so I am taking some 2nd
year classes.” Then there was a Knock on the door Sohma-san answered it. It was
everybody from the house including Hatori… Momiji went to hug me but Kyo-kun pulled
him away. Hatori then asked us quietly to come outside we walked out and saw that
Tohru wasn’t there so I asked “Hatori-san were is Tohru?” Kyo-kun said that she
had to stay away…. I thought for a moment then stared at Hatori he said “ Yes I
told Akito to stay at the house but he was determined to come some of the house
workers tried to keep him back as I left but I don’t think that will last long..”
In my head I was just running though the things Akito did to me, he locked me in that
tiny room, he kept Haru from me, he even tried killing me, and what he did to
Sohma-san, just about 5 months ago I had just gotten out of the hospital and-,
“Leia are you ok?” I heard Haru as I was thinking through it all “I-I’ll be
fine..” then the principal came on the speaker to call all first years to the
auditorium I looked at Haru and Momiji and said by to the rest as the three of us
left..Momiji said that Akito might not be there. “But he might be there too.” I
replied. As we sat down we were looking for Tohru and the group we saw everybody
except Hatori and Kyo. I started to look around to see if Akito was here but after
about 5 minutes I gave up I thought if he was here I would of seen him by now. After
the ceremony I was looking for Hatori…then I felt a tap of my shoulder it was cold
and the hand felt all too familiar as I caught my breath and possibly my sanity I
turned around I lost my breath again when I saw Sohma-san and Akito standing before
me I could see Haru and the others behind them quite far away but I didn’t say
anything. Then Akito spoke “Leia…how you have grown I miss you at the main house,
I wish you would come back.” “Akito-san” my voice cracked “I have mi-missed
you too.” Akito then said that he would like to see me and Sohma-san at the main
house after school today. We both agreed to see him after school and he left. I was
just thinking about what he would do I was scared and I think my face showed it
because after about a minute Hatori came over he said that I need to go home and get
some sleep that he would tell Akito that I had been sick I kindly refused and said
“I can’t stay away I have to go see him.” But the true reason is if I didn’t
stand up to Akito then nobody would not even Haru especially not Sohma-san. I started
home Tohru kept asking questions and Kyo kept trying to 

opinions help!

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