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What Happened?Category: rants.....yay!xD
Monday, 15 December 2008
10:46:55 PM (GMT)
~Please Prepare For A Long, Thoughtful, Rant.~ Ready? Read. What happened to kupika? everyone used to be so nice, friendly, and actually wanted to be your friend! now, some of the kupikans are rude, say mean things, and almost everywhere you go, people are asking for nude pics, and cybering u_u. I remember when I first joined in April, I was so excited about kupika! The clubs were so active, everyone was nice, there were hardly any pervs, and people who wanted to cyber. And this as way before the 'Neku is a perv' frenzie. I mean, when I was at school for those dreaded 8 hours, I was so excited about running home, just o get on kupika. I loved how I would always see nice, meaningful comments about a diary/oekaki/kupipage. I loved how much posts all the clubs I had joined were getting, and I remember there used to be so many members on kupika, it was running slow!! And I remembered how people wouldn't have something rude or hateful to say. This is before all the hate accounts, the hate lists, hate clubs, and hate oekakis. I joined in April 2008, so I'm not sure how kupika was in 2007 but I bet it was great! I still remember how nice people wee to me when I joined, and began to draw. Come on guys! kupika has to have a better year than this! If kupika was like this in late 2008, I hate to see 2009. That was how kupika was, this part is how kupika is now Brace yourselves for something that could make you feel ashamed (or I hope so!) Today in the late 2008 (hey that rhymes!XD) there are more pervs, fakes, haters than I can count. Anyone remember the big Us vs HelloKatie? Now even virtual fights are breaking out on kupika! okay I admit it, I was part of it too but I shouldn't have added more fuel to the fire. All it proves is that we use violence to solve everything, instead of moving on. People actually want to leave kupika because it has died, and people are so rude today!D: Sometimes I thinking about not logging on anymore, but I won't do that because my friends/fans will miss me. So please please PLEASE can we at least try to bring back kupika's good times? I really want to stay on kupika and I want my friends to stay on too! ~xxDemon_fox_101xx out ;D

‹♥I Used To Be My Own Protection♥› says:   15 December 2008   253842  
Yea =/ My friend Ayumi  joined on cuz of her best friend moved away
so they can talk, then this person makes a acc named 'i_hate_ayumi'
She quit because she called Ayumi hateful names. Which is weird cuz, A
random person just hates her -_-. So she quit.
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   16 December 2008   552112  
I agree.
Today is now currently horrible.
People have became immature brats and when they have no one to blame
they blame people here and make hate accounts.
Pervs are just one thing showing on how we need to straighten up!
Those pervs will die soem day but if we teach our children they'll
become more mature and actrually go and get stuff not cyber, just
another way of saying 'im lkonely and ugly so i'll just do online
girls!' so its practicully a mess.
I like last year...alot.... Everything was so active but now its
all... bleh... D:

I 100% AGREE.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   16 December 2008   365676  
Back in 2007, spiteful oekakis, diaries, and comments were being
made, but it was pretty rare to come across. November 2008 was
probably the worst I saw it get. Everyone was fighting and there were
so many personal attacks. u_u I'd actually say things have cooled
down. n_n;; Now, there are so many trolls and jerks out there now,
it's hard not to have someone randomly attack you. o_o I don't think
you should feel bad about arguing with Katie. You shouldn't have been
on that list and you were just standing up to a bully. Hopefully that
will never happen again. As for those creeps who abuse Kupika for
their weird, inappropriate habits, those kind of sickos always find
their way to sites like this. Sadly, the best thing we can do is
ignore them. They'll get bored and hopefully leave. n_n

I hope you don't ever find a reason to leave Kupika. D: That'd be a
very sad day. Let's take Kupika back and make it a pleasant place to
be~! :3

Oh! And I like your diary design. It's so cute~! ^o^
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   16 December 2008   657334  
Naruto:Thats sad!D:
Erika:It is terrible!!I wish it would stop
Doo:At least it cooled down, and November was terrible! and thank you
‹RainbowRains› says:   16 December 2008   915251  
sososo true!!!!!!
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   16 December 2008   886756  
*nod* yes it is u_u
‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   16 December 2008   558682  
back in 2007 Kupika was....SLOW but it was WAY nicer, people today
are just.....PERVERTED FREAKS! (in a bad way lol)  so i agree i wish
that kupika would go back to the way it was....just not to be slow
‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   16 December 2008   768278  
( oh and if my account says i wasen't here in 07 its because this is
NOT my first account! i think my first account was back in 06 or 07 xD
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   16 December 2008   634266  
wow, i wish I joined back then!
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   17 December 2008   969839  
I agree to everyone and you Kyuu-chan.
People now are making more hater accounts and stuff like that.
I think Kupika should do something to them or something..
I joined kupika like in 2007. xD
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   17 December 2008   473376  
+goes to emo corner+
Sasuke:Hey thats my corner! get your own!! +angst+
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   18 December 2008   256762  
But it was late 2007, like in June or so,thing. :]
I still hate all the perverts and haters in kupika, they should be
banned from kupika. -.-
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says :   18 December 2008   691147  
but I still wished i joined!

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