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Saturday, 18 October 2008
07:38:18 PM (GMT)
1. What's your name: Emily 2. How old are you: 16 3. What color are your eyes: Zar... they change colors. Right now they're this dark grey-ey blue 4. What color is your hair: Originally? BROWN. Now, black. 5. Are you Male or Female: Female. 6. What is your best feature : My HAIR! 7. What's your shoe size: Za, like 7 1/2... 8. Glasses, yes or no: Yesh 9. Did you ever have glasses: Since I was 5 10. On a typical day you are wearing: My underwear. And most commonly a bra. [x 11. When you go to bed you're wearing: Old shorts and a cami 12. Boyfriend/Girlfriend : Yesh CIRCLE TWO: WORD ASSOCIATION (Write the first word/thing/person that comes into your head when you read this word) 1. Coffee: Starbucks 2. dog: allergic 3. slut: Jaydee (HAHA. If she EVER reads this... I'M INNOCENT!) 4. candy: Yupp 5. pole: North. 6. ocean: salty evil. 7. brave: The lion from the wizard of oz. But didn't he want courage? 8. love: Zooey. <3 9. cookie: Want 10. death: Doom 11. life: Woohoo! 12. child: Cute CIRCLE THREE: WHICH WOULD YOU PREFER: (mark an "x" to the one you prefer) 1. Ten guilty men go free [ ] OR One innocent man goes to jail for life [x] 2. Eaten by a lion [x] OR Eaten by thousands of small insects [ ] 3. A life of commitment without love [ ] OR A life with love and heartache [x] 4. Skydiving from a plane [ ] OR Bungee jumping off a bridge [ X ] 6. No television [x] OR No music [ ] 7. No more pizza, ever [x] OR No more chocolate, ever [ ] 8. A trip to Europe [ X ] OR A trip to Hawaii [ ] 9. An hour with your future soul mate [ X ] OR An hour with a lost loved one [ ] 10. No longer being able to cry [ X ] OR No longer being able to feel the need to cry [ ] 11. Sex without love [ ] OR Love without sex [x] 12. Loving someone who doesn't love you [ ] OR Being loved by someone you don't love [x] CIRCLE FOUR: THE LOVE LIFE 1. Are you currently in a relationship: Yesh. 2. Are you currently looking/interested in someone: Nooo. 3. Have you ever been in love: Yesh. 4. If so, with who: Zooey. 5. How many times have you been "in love": Thrice. 6. Looking back, how do you feel about that person(s) now?: Zar. We're friends. 7. Name three things (physically) you look for in someone: Great smile. Great Hair. Eyes that are prettiful... ummmmmm annnnd not too tall not too short. 8. Name three things (mentally/emotionally) you look for in someone: Funny, kind, and patient 9. Biggest turn offs include: Un-patients, short temper and not liking my randomness 10. Your ideal date: Zar, I dunno. 11. You want to get married, where, when: Yesh. Dunno. Winter. CIRCLE FIVE:THE FRIENDS (of your friends, who would you say is 1. The one you immediately go to with a problem: Jaydee, and Isaac, and Zooey 2. The most sarcastic: Mm.. Isaac 3. The funniest: Maycee 4. The one you spend the most time on the phone with: Zooey 5. The craziest (but in a good way): Jaydee 6. The most honest: Miracle 7. The purest: Haha... *none of them* ME!! Zar, I'd have to go with Isaac since he IS the preachers songs. But I'm not sure. 8. The smartest: Miracle 9. The most athletic: Ryan 10. The most understanding: JayDee 11. The one most likely to get thrown in jail: Ryan, Zar 13. Best drawer: Zooey TODAY: 1. Talk to a boy/girl you like? No. She's pissed at me. /= 2. Learn anything new? Um. Yea, NOT TO PISS OF ZOOEY. But that was last night. /= 3. Talk to an ex? Yesh 4. Miss someone? Sorta LAST PERSON: 5. You talked to on the phone? Ryan 6. Made you cry? Ryan. But he was being all emo 7. You went to the movies with? Jaydee, Ryan, Miracle, Maycee, Zooey, Isaac, and ME zar, all at once. [= 8. Went to the mall with you? Zum. Maybe Zooey. 9. You showered with? haha... Well. I'm not answering that. 10. Who made you laugh? Isaac GENERAL STUFF: 1. Favorite location? Snuggled under the covers on Zooey's bed watchin' a movie. 2. What are you most scared of this second? That Zooey's not gonna get over this pissy mood with me. 3. Where do you want to get married? Don't know. 4. Does anyone like you? Yesh 5. Do you like being around people? Yesh 6. Have you ever cried? Yesh 7. Are you lonely right now? Noperrs 8. Song stuck in your head? Shut up and let me go- the ting tings 9. What color shirt do you have on now? blueeee 10. Name five things that you do every day? Talk. Breathe. Listen to music Zar, ummm eat? and talk to ONE of my friends 11. How much cash do you have on you right now? $50 12. Are you bored? Yesh 13. Whats your favorite show? Eh Don't have one. Don't watch much TV 14. Who got you to join Facebook? Nobody. I didn't join. 15. Wish someone was next to you this morning when you woke up? Yesh 16. What web site do you visit the most? Kupika [= 17. Do you have plants in your room? No.... 18. Who was the last person to hug you? Isaac. He was comforting mee. He's bomb. [X 19. Meet someone you have wanted to meet for a while? Nah 20. If so, was it a mistake meeting them? Nah

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