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Chapter 10Category: Story of Randomness (please read!)
Monday, 29 September 2008
06:53:53 PM (GMT)
"I don't know." I replied, but I wasn't really listening to what she said next. I
couldn't get the sound of Stan's girlfriend out of my mind. 

On Monday, Janice stopped by my house, so that we could walk together to school.
On the way, she asked me if we were going on another date. I didn't know, he hadn't
asked me. She made a worried sound, but I didn't care. I knew he'd ask me out again.

We finally got to school, and right away, we found out that Amanda was back at
school. She was standing outside, waiting for us. 
When she saw us, she ran up to us, and grabbed Janice.
"Get off me! Leave me alone!" Janice shrieked as Amanda yanked at her arm, attempting
to pull her away.
"Amanda, leave her alone!" I yelled.
"Go away, loser!" Amanda commanded. 
"Don't talk to her like that!" Janice demanded. she pulled an arm free of Amanda's
grasp, and punched her. Suddenly, there was a hush. Everyone stopped talking and
watched Amanda. 
Unfortunately, Janice is very weak, so it did no damage to Amanda. When she got out
of her shock, her face filled with anger. 
"You're going to pay for that Janice!" she called, as she walked away. 
I grabbed Janice's arm, and walked her into the school. She seemed a bit startled by
what she did, and was kind of dazed. Everyone was clapping as we passed. 
Wow, I thought, a lot of people disliked Amanda. 
When I got to my locker, Stan was standing there. Since Janice was feeling slightly
less bewildered, she walked away so that we could talk. 
"Hey." I said, as I walked up to him. Stan bent over, and kissed my cheek. I was okay
with it this time. 
"Hi. I saw what happened. And, you're certainly not a loser."
"Aw, thanks. So, what's up?"
"I was just wondering, if you... uh, i y-you would like to" Stan stammered, as he
began to sweat profusely.
"Would I like to... what?" I asked.
"Would you like to see a movie with me?" 
"I'd love too! But, I have to ask my mom. I can't wait to see your friends again."
"Umm... I meant just you and me."
"It's fine if you'd rather have it with my friends. I'll ask them if you'd like."
"No, no, it's fine. I'd really like that."
"Great, so, ask your mom, tell her we'll decide what to see when we get there, and
we'll go on Wednesday?" 
"I don't know about Wednesday, how about Friday?"
"All right. See you tomorrow. Hopefully you'll have good news!" Stan walked away. I
sighed a content sigh, then the bell rang, so I had to rush to grab all my books. I
didn't want to be late. 

After school, Janice and I walked home. I didn't feel like going on the bus again, so
I decided to walk, and Janice decided to walk with me. We talked about my new date
with Stan. Janice was surpised that he asked me on a real date so soon. 
"I know, I was too, but now, I'm just extatic."
"You still need permission from your mom."
"Yah, I know." I began to think about what my mom would say. If she did say no, what
would i do? i had to go out with Stan. Who knows if I'll ever get a chance like this
again? I could be Stan's girlfriend! My dream since I was 8! All though, when I was
8, I just wanted to play tag with him. I laughed at the thought. Janice gave me a
weird look, because I had just randomly laughed. I didn't care though.

We finally got to my house, and I said good bye to Janice. I walked inside, only to
find my mom was at work. 
So, I set up my homework on the kitchen table. I took out my french homework. We were
doing different verbs, like etre, and avoir. All i had to do was copy in the right
forms, so I copied them in, then moved onto my math. 
Our teacher said we were going to have a test on Wednesday, so we were reviewing
right now. The review work we had to do was simple, and, even though we had about 17
questions, I only had 3 more to do. 
Once I was done that simple homework, I packed it all up, and started to watch t.v. I
flipped through the channels and found that America's Next Top model was on. I
watched, since I had missed last week's, and wanted to know what happened. My least
favourite person finally got kicked off, and just as the credits were rolling on, my
mom came through the door.

"Hey mom!" I announced, a little too cheerily.
"Hey hun? What's new?"
"Stan asked me out!"
"What!? You're 13!"
"I know!!! But, can i go! Please!?" I pleaded.
"I don't know...." 
"Please mom! It's friday, and it's not like I need the extra time to do my homework.
i'm acing every class. i've taken a first aid class and I stay home alone almost
everyday! Can't you trust me to go on one date!?"
"It's not you i don't trust, it's this Stan kid."
"Yah, but you met him. He's a really nice guy!"
"Uh huh. But, wasn't he dating Amanda?"
"So, it was a mistake! Everyone makes mistakes!"
"All right." 
"But what!?"
"But, he has to come early, and I can ask him any questions I want."
"I'll ask him, but I'm sure he'll be fine with it."
"Whatever you say honey." I disregarded this last comment, not wanting to argue and
have my mom change her mind. I ran up to my room, hopped onto my bed, and called
Stan. his mom answered the phone.

"Hi, may I please speak to Stan?"
"May I ask who's speaking?"
"This is Vanessa?"
"Oh, Vanessa! It's so great to hear you're real?"
"Excuse me?" I asked, quite confused.
"Stan's been talking all about you, ever since Friday. It's Vanessa this, and Vanessa
that. He walks around as if he's on a cloud."
"Mom, who are you talking to?" I heard a voice calling in the backround. It was
"It's Vanessa sweetie." she replied.
"Vanessa!?" he shouted, seeming extremely surprised. I heard a sound like running
down stairs. "Hey, Vanessa!" he mumbled a second later.
"Oh, hey Stan." 
"What did my mom tell you?"
"Oh, nothing interesting."
"Sure." he sounded unconvinced. "So, what's up?"
"I wanted to tell you my mom said I can go to the movies with you!"
"She did! That's great!"
"I know, but you have to come early, so she can question you."
"Oh," he answered, with a disappointed voice.
"What? You're going to do it, right? It's the only way we can go out."
"Yah, okay. i'll do it."
"Thanks Stan. Well... see you tomorrow."
"Yep, see yah." 
I hung up the phone, and lay on my bed. I was thinking about the way he had said
'Oh.' He sounded as though he wasn't going to do it. I was afraid for a mintue that
he'd say no. 
I decided to call Janice. I wondered if she's help me with my outfit again. I needed
to look better than last time, since this actually is a date.

‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   29 September 2008   748917  
goooooooood C:
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   29 September 2008   677495  
Yay! Thanks!
tiggerlemon101 says:   1 October 2008   894811  
It's ecstatic, elohel, not exctatic.
Very, very good!  Although Vanessa is starting to get on my nerves,
that's always fun when you mentally argue with the protoganist. 
Elohel!  Very good. 
How come Janice isn't very strong (I wrote string at first, elohel! )
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says :   2 October 2008   719623  
Sor-ry! Why is Vanessa getting on your nerves? 
And, I don't know. she's not very strong, that's all there is to it.


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