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Full Moon FestivalCategory: Stories
Monday, 15 September 2008
03:27:29 AM (GMT)
Full Moon Festival

A/N: Happy Mid-autumn festival everybody! Today (Sept 14th) is a Chinese festival in
which the Chinese people hold in honor of the moon goddess, and pray to her for good
harvest! I thought this really fit Cresselia, since the moon is ALWAYS full on the
mid-autumn festival. I decided to write a little one-shot using this as a prompt. PS:
The legendaries can change into human form in this…


Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon OR the Mid-autumn festival. But I do own a tin of
moon cakes!


Cresselia looked at the sky from the tree branch she was sitting on. She was in her
human form, a blond-haired teenager with a blue and yellow tube top and a pink scarf
belt wrapped around her wrists and waist in big loops.  She sighed. The moon was
full, and it was the night of her favorite festival of the year: The Full Moon

It was the festival of the year when they honored the Moon legendary, AKA her. There
were little girls prancing around the nearby village she was watching, dressed up as
her, holding candlelit lanterns. There were also boys dressed up as, whom else? Her
counterpart, Darkrai.

Cresselia saw the children playing with their lanterns and costumes. She loved
watching humans celebrating. They were so joyful and carefree, especially the
children. It pained her sometimes to think that those very children might grow up to
be members of sinister groups like Team Rocket or Team Galactic. But tonight, he just
wanted to forget that. 

Most families would be inside their homes, eating moon cakes, copper-colored pastries
made of lotus seed paste and egg yolk. Personally, Cresselia didn’t need to eat, so
she had never tasted one, she could tell from the humans’ reactions that they were

All of a sudden, a deep voice said, “I knew I’d find you here.” The moon
legendary looked down to see a teenaged boy with white hair tied in a ponytail,
covering one of his eyes in a black trench coat. Darkrai.

“What do you want?” She groaned. She had learnt from experience. Darkrai usually
visited when he wanted to annoy her or was being forced to by Arceus or Giratina or
being blackmailed.

Darkrai climbed up onto the tree next to her. “Nothing,” He replied simply.
“Aren’t I allowed to watch the moon with my counterpart?” 

Cresselia was, for once, speechless. But… Didn’t Darkrai usually hate the full
moon? And this was… The full moon of full moons! The Full Moon Festival! She looked
over at her counterpart, and saw that his single visible azure eye was fixed on the

Cresselia blushed. The situation was quite romantic, and if Mew or Deoxys or anybody
saw them right now, then their lives would be ruined… But Cresselia did feel quite
comfortable with Darkrai next to her. She just didn’t feel so… Lonely. 

Subconsciously, the moon legendary had put her head on Darkrai’s shoulder.
Darkrai’s eyebrows were raised. “I thought you hated the Full Moon, Darkrai,”
Cresselia sighed.

Darkrai smirked. “If I did, then that would mean hating you. So I guess I love the
full moon now.”The nightmare legendary shrugged. Now it was Cresselia’s turn to
be surprised. 

Darkrai leant towards her and whispered something in Cresselia’s ear.

“Happy Full Moon Festival, Cresselia.”


A/N: And why didn’t the one-shot continue? Because Darkrai closed the curtain on
the secret camera planted on the tree… All who comment will get a free moon cake!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

‹♥Carly&Brandon:)› says:   22 September 2008   152636  
that would be so cool 2 do
: )

Larksong says :   23 September 2008   322243  
YAY! Moon cake for you!


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