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Friday, 18 July 2008
07:02:20 PM (GMT)
Name: ariana
Age: 21
Boyfriend: Ryuuzaki (L)
Best Friends: A very select few at school
Enemies: Light and Misa since you side with L
Job: Work at a cafe, student, help with the investigation later
Personality: You are a shy girl who is plenty happy with being out of the picture,
but you have quite an intelligence. You don't like too much attention and dont' like
to draw attention to yourself. You only have a few people who know you outside of
school. Many people believe that you are only a quiet girl with no friends, but to
those who know you they know your more friendly and fun side. It's rumored that you
actually live in the art rooms at your university. Of course that is false but you do
spend a lot of time there. Your teachers trust you enough to leave you in the
culinary kitchens and art studios even after school. Beneath it all you have are
motivated and your artisitic ability give you quite the eye for detail and ability to
think outside the box.
Your Role: L met you after noticing you in your cafe and later officially talked to
you one day after staying late at school cooking with leftovers from the culinary
classes. Soon after it became tradition for Ryuuzaki to come by after school and the
two of you would have some coffee or tea and cake. You noticed him frequently in the
cafe and always liked him. Eventually he trusts you enough that you go work on the
Kira case with him. The two of you work closely and you begin to come out of your
shell. All the other people of the Task Force are wise to your feelings for each
other but neither of you will admit it. You provide different points of view and you
notice some details others can't. However, your shyness often made you nervous about
sharing your opinion. L considered you to be a great asset as well as a great friend,
but he couldn't help but feel that he liked you more.
Your End: After L died, you couldnt stand having to call Light L, especially since he
was L's top suspect. You told everyone you were quitting the case because you missed
L so much. None of the members interfered since a woman's feelings can be strong and
unpredictable. Secretly you still worked on the case, gathering information to take
to Near. You were able to pass a lot of good information off to Near, but you made
risky moves since you knew that by the end of this you'd be reunited with L.
Unfortunately, Light got wise to your plan and you were never able to get tell Near
the most important information because hours before you were going to meet him you
died of a heart attack.
How your man would ask you out: Ryuuzaki takes a day off of the investigation and
takes you to a small bakery. He orders a lot of desserts and the two of you share the
sweets and have conversations like you used to in the college culinary kitchen.
Afterwards you walk home, but he stops you under a tree and just stares at you for a
minute. You get confused, but he reaches his hand out and holds your hand, "I think
it goes something like this...will you go out with me?" He asks blushing. You flush
ten shades of red and can't speak, but you manage to squeak the words, "Yes, Of
What the others think:
Light Yagami: I never thought Ryuuzaki could get a girl! However, I'll need to
dispose of both of them quickly, together they are a big problem for my plan.
Ryuuzaki(L) I've never met a girl like her before. Shes smart but quiet. For someone
like her to like me seems to good to be true. But considering my job and stuff I
don't think our love could be...but I just can't stand to be without her.
Misa Amane: Ryuuzaki has a girlfriend!! Ryuuzaki has a girlfriend! She's so quiet
though! She doesn't really talk to me
Near: She misses L so much. I pity her, but her determination to avenge L is
admirable. Shes stronger than she thinks.
Mello: I've got nothing against her except that she's giving Near information.
Matt: Nice kid, L was a lucky guy.
Task Force: Such a nice girl, it's kinda funny that she fell for Ryuuzaki.

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