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Thursday, 17 July 2008
02:23:47 PM (GMT)
1  	What is your childhood nickname?
	Princess,Bethy,Beth,Baby,Bj (Bethany Jade not that other thing lmao)

2 	How old were you when you had your first crush?

3 	who was he/she?
	Declan =] We went out when I was 7 =p aparently he fancied me for 3 yers =p woo

4 	who was your first kiss?
	For a dare alex 

5 	how old were you?

6 	are you a virgin?

7 	if not, how many guys/girls have you slept with?
	Hmmmm,well I wudnt be a virgin then wud i?

8 	have you ever stayed at a guy/girls house when your parents thought you were
Well the lads Ive stayed at their parentd were great friends with my mum

9 	who is your crush right now?
	MY boyfriend =]

10 	have you ever snuck out of your house?

11 	what was the worst dare you attempted?
	Well wasnt a dare but i got hit by a car october 2007

12 	what size of shoe do you wear?

13 	what color are the underwear you are wearing righ now?
	Can i check =p?Pink and silva

14 	what does the 7th text in your phone say?
	Emm [looks] It ses........I'm glad wer'e friends :S

15 	was the last missed call you had from the opposite sex?

16 	who was it?
	James (my bf)

17 	do you like that person?
	Well duh look at the brackets

18 	what is inside your notebook on the first page?
	Hey this is Bethy. Thanks for looking but please dunt read no further =]. ONly if ur
special (like james)

19 	on the last page?
	Mwah xx

20 	how many text messages in your phone are from your crush?
	Well which phone?

21 	what does one of them say?

22 	post one of your enemies # here....

23 	what is your enemies name?
	Well my old bestie is called rachelle she hates me now =[

24 	would you care if someone prank called them?
	why u gunna try

25 	what size of pants do you wear? 
	why ??

26 	have you ever had sex in public?

27 	what is the weirdest place you have had sex?

28 	would you kiss chris brown?
	Emm. NO! Dreaming of kissing a celeb is pointless spec as hes like 11 yrs olda thn
me lmao

29 	how old are you?

30 	how old do you tell people you are?
	Well I say im 12 they think im 15 :S

31 	is your crush older than you?
	By emm.....6 months yh

32 	does your crush know you like him/her?
	Obv! HE asked me owt =p

33 	if the president seen you naked what would you tell him?
 If it was george bush Id shout, UR not gunna find a bush here =p Onli kidding! Id
say G'dday mate

34 	have you ever sucked dick/eaten out a girl?
	DO i look like a les?

35 	did you like it?
	[accent] Awkward

36 	did they like it?
	[whistles] READ!!

37 	has your best friend ever cheated on his/her girlfriend?
Yesh they have [as a dare]

38 	was this recently?
	nope 5 yers ago

39 	who was it with?
	why u wanna no

40 	do you hate your boy/girlfriends ex?
	michael = yh i hate him

41 	is it because you are jealous of him/her?
	No! hes like a freak tbh

42 	what size is your b***s/bra?
	Wouldnt u like to no

43 	am i being nosey?
	Can ya guess?

44 	have you ever had a 1 night stand?

45 	with who?
	yah mam

46 	would you do it again?
	of curse she was great

47 	are you with somebody but constantly thinking of someone else?
	Nope just him =]

48 	do you miss your ex?
	Wer'e friends so no

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