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Controlled body?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 25 June 2008
07:12:36 PM (GMT)
Okay so if i had to to control anyones life over again id probably make it more
exciting interesting then mine ever was! Pssh. Well unless that person
was somewhat retarded then we would have a problem.. o.o But anyway, Here's
what id do if i could do someone's life over again.. i mean someone other then
myself >.<

Okay lets say if i could pick my name.. well i'd still probably be a girl..or
maybe a boy, I'd probably pick something that isn't too popular but has a jingle to
it :] For example, like Charmaine, pronounced Shar MAYNE, see its not really a
common name but it reminds you of that toilet paper, Charmin, doesn't it? Oh
wait, I wouldn't want a name that reminds someone of toilet paper then..o.o Oh well,
you get the idea! 
So, time for my baby childhood. Like instead of crawling all over the house i
would waddle.. like a Penguin! Then instead of my first word being something
typical like 'Mama' or 'Papa' it would be Cupcake or.. Hippopotamaus! So this
Charmaine person wouldn't be an ordinary person.. well i guess you noticed
that already but yeah. So instead of moving into my own room in kindergarden like
most people do, I could sleep in a crib until I'm ten years old and maybe
suffer from a bed-wetting problem. o.~
Im my elementary school time, I'd probaby be a total genius in school or easily
distracted. I'd spend my recess playing pokemon or playing with action
figures. :P My friends would be the people that noticed me when i started
following them >.< My wardrobe would be really unique.. like a cardboard box
or a toga! My hobbies would be something cool like making disturbing noises
or going 2 hours without blinking! 8] 
When i grow up into an udult, I'd probably get kicked out of my house, being forced
to live in a dark corner. My bed would consists of my head resting on a wall near a
barbage can and my blanket as a pair of pants ._. Then I'd stop my education because
lack of money and lack of focus xP But fortunately, I'd get famous for my collection
or marbles or something then I'd become a movie star because of my incredible good
looks and amazing talent. My works of art would become so popular and I'd become a
millionare for some amazing discovery like the first unicorn! 
And Lastly in my golden old ages, I'd die alone as an aging cat women or man
but i wouldn't just die of old age, I'd die of something cool like a boulder falling
on me or me falling of a cliff.

o.o Amazing huh?

Rawr_Squirrels says :   25 June 2008   475226  
Wow Charmaine. o.o
Anyway first comment! :]


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