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Saturday, 21 June 2008
10:32:07 PM (GMT)
I love experimenting different couples, especially South Park characters. Wendy x
Cartman [Candy] seems interesting, and so does Wendy x Kenny. [Kendy?] I also want to
try one with Stan. Not Stan and Wendy, but possibly someone else. Dude! Stan x Kelly?
[Stelly?] Or...Bebe x Stan! [Bean. xDDD] Or, Wendy x Kyle [Wyle? o.o] Yeah, up next
is a Wendy/Kyle and Bebe/Stan fanfic.'s my third favorite South Park couple,
Style. One of my shorter one-shot fanfictions.
Thirteen-year-old Stan was sent to look for Kyle, his best friend, who didn't return
home that night.
Stan sighed and asked himself why he was the one looking for the boy, and not someone
else. Why not Cartman? With him yelling insults, Kyle would pop out and shout insults
back. Or Kenny. Kenny has a good eye. Stan? Stan was the average kid, with the
eyesight of a normal kid.
Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted an abandoned green ushanka. He
walked to it and picked it up, staring at it. Kyle couldn't be far away.
"Kyle!" Stan yelled, holding the ushanka in one hand and running around. "Kyle?! Damn
it, where are you?"
He turned around, then saw green and orange. He turned back to where he saw it.
And there he was. Kyle Broflovski was sitting on a bench, forehead on the palms of
his hands, elbows resting on his thighs. He swayed from left to right a bit, and-
Wait, what was next to him? Stan's eyes widened. bottle?!
"Kyle," Stan said seriously, sitting next to the bottle. "Kyle, what the hell is
"I-it's a b-beer bottle," stuttered Kyle.
"And why the hell is it half-empty?!" Stan said, picking it up and putting it down.
"Be-because I dr-drank it?" Kyle said.
"And why the hell were you drinking?!" Stan questioned.
"I- I don't know!" Kyle answered.
"Kyle, don't drink," Stan said.
Kyle picked up the bottle, his hand shaking, held it over the ground, and let go. The
bottle broke, and its contents leaked everywhere.
"I- I'm s-s-s-sorry, Stan!" Kyle said.
"Dude, why were you drinking?" Stan asked, his voice softening.
"I don't kn-know," answered Kyle.
Stan felt the need to punch Kyle. But he pushed the thought out of his head.
"Kyle, I care about you, and you know that. You're my best friend, and I find that I
have to take care of you. So if I find you with a beer bottle again, I will fucking
beat the crap out of you," Stan said.
"Up yours!" slurred Kyle. Then he giggled and hugged Stan.
Stan blushed. "Wow, you really are drunk. Get up, you bastard, you're going home."
He pushed Kyle off him, then stood up and pulled Kyle to his feet.
"Dude, you're heavy," Stan said as Kyle leaned on him.
"I can't waaaaaalk," Kyle said, trying to walk. He fell.
Stan looked at him worriedly. "How drunk are you?"
Kyle stood up, and immediately he didn't look drunk anymore. "I was just kidding,
Stan. I only had, like, two and a half bottles. It'll take more than that to get me
boozed." He pointed to himself with his thumb.
"So...," Stan said. "You weren't really drunk? The whole time?"
"Uh, I'm not sure," Kyle said, swaying to and fro. "I felt kinda dizzy, though. But
in the end, I wasn't."
Kyle Broflovski was confusing when he was drunk.
"So....," Stan said again. "You hugged me on purpose? And giggled?"
Kyle giggled again. "Yeah! You're so cute when you blush."
"Dude, are you drunk or not?! You're confusing me!" Stan said, blushing again. He
threw Kyle his ushanka.
"What happened to your hair, by the way?" Stan asked. His hair was straight.
"My mom made me straighten it," sighed Kyle, adjusting the hat on his head.
"Aw, no more cute little Jewfro?" Stan said in a voice as if he was talking to a
"Shut up!" Kyle blushed.
"Hey, iddle baby Jewie is blushing," Stan said, exaggerating his voice even more.
"Up yours!" Kyle said, walking to Stan and leaning on him again. "I'm going home."
"All right," Stan agreed, his voice normal, and they walked away, towards the
Broflovskis' home.
Last edited: 21 June 2008

StrawberrySHOCK says:   4 July 2008   838399  
xD That was weirdly funny xD

I like weird pairs though :3

Except I'm still set on KyBe and Standy forever <33
AnnaLovesYoh says :   30 July 2008   977512  
Yeah. I like messing with my couples rather than staying loyal to
them. >:33

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