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Our Only Light::Part OneCategory: A South Park FanFic
Thursday, 19 June 2008
06:22:14 PM (GMT)
The title was originally from this saying I made up:
"Let The Disco Be Our Only Light."
It was supposed to be the name of the school dance, but whatever. xP
It's mega-long, so I split it into three parts.
"Wendy! OH MY GOD, WENDY!"
Bebe's voice could be heard around the school, though Wendy was only across the hall.
Wendy, afraid of getting embarrassed, (though there was no point, since the damage
was already done) ran as quickly as possible to her friend.
"What?" Wendy said impatiently once she was in front of her friend.
"Stan," panted Bebe, and you could tell she had practically ran all over the school.
"Uh, Stan?" said Wendy, dumbfounded. They broke up months ago, and Wendy was sure
they would never get back together.
"Yes, Stan!" said Bebe, exasperated.
"What about Stan?" asked Wendy.
"He- He! You don't know?!" Bebe exclaimed, throwing her arms up into the air. "What's
wrong with you?!"
"Oh, I don't know," said Wendy in a sarcastic tone. "Possibly, everything."
"Stan asked Red out to the dance!" hissed Bebe.
Wendy felt as though a truck hit her.
"Wendy?" said Bebe, waving a hand in front of Wendy's face.
"Huh? So?" said Wendy.
"So?" Suddenly every kid's backs were pressed against the wall, like they were
letting someone important pass. Wendy and Bebe did so, too.
Stan and Red walked down the hall, laughing and talking, not noticing how popular
they've gotten. All eyes were on them.
After they left the hall, Wendy said, "What. The hell. Was that?!"
"Well, you and Stan were a couple, and Stan's finally gotten over you. Kyle told me
he cried every night over you," said Bebe.
"He's exaggerating, you know it," Wendy said. She decided to change the subject. "So,
you and Kyle? School dance?"
"You know it!" giggled Bebe, tucking a lock of her blond hair behind her ear.
Wendy grimaced. "You two are crazy over each other."
"You know it!" she repeated, grinning. Then she suddenly frowned and her tone was
serious. "Just like you and Stan."
Then Bebe walked away smoothly.
"Bye, Wendy!"

"Hi, Stan!"
Wendy appeared in front of Stan. (And Red, those two are now practically inseperable.
Probably more than Kyle and Bebe, and that's just impossible.)
Stan didn't throw up, just blink. "Oh, hi, Wendy."
Red smiled. "Hello, Wendy!" she said, quite happily. It made Wendy sick. 
"Hi, Red!" Wendy said. She smiled back.
Stan looked at the two, especially at Wendy, since he was waiting for what she was
going to say.
"So," Red said. "Do you have a date to the dance?"
Wendy shook her head. "No, unfortunately."
"Oh, I'm going with Stan." Stan and Red looked at each other and smiled.
Like it wasn't obvious, thought Wendy.
"Hey, Wendy!" Wendy turned around and realized the voice came from Kenny, who was
standing next to Cartman.
"Yes, Kenny?" Wendy said.
"You got a date for the school dance?" asked Kenny.
"You're going with me, then." Kenny pulled the hood of his parka up and turned back
to Cartman. He started talking to him.
Wendy turned back to Red and Stan with a confused expression on her face.
"Oh, so now you're going with Mr. Straightforward, eh?" said Red with a slight
"Uh, I guess," said Wendy.
"He's so sweet," said Red, giggling.
"Uh, yeah," said Wendy, still in shock.
"And, wow, I would've never expected that!"
Red could go on and on, really.
"Yeah," said Wendy. Well, she should be happy, she was a popular girl at school,
along with Bebe, and her not having a date to the school dance? She would immediately
drop down a million ranks. Besides, Kenny McCormick was cute and sweet and got decent
"Well, we have to go." Stan interrupted their conversation.
"I'll see you around," said Red, and she and Stan walked away.

The next day, Kenny, Wendy, Red, and Stan were constantly surrounded by people asking
them questions about the school dance.
"Hey, Wendy, why Kenny?"
"Kenny? What were you thinking, Wendy?"
"That's a joke, right?"
"Are you serious?"
Wendy could not wait till the school dance, so all this shit could be over.

StrawberrySHOCK says:   19 June 2008   379587  
Stupid Stan! *Drops a large boulder on him*
D< STupid, stupid Stan! D<
AnnaLovesYoh says:   19 June 2008   945958  
Ouch, that's going to hurt.
StrawberrySHOCK says:   19 June 2008   321768  
In the morning, that is :3

He'll be in too much SHOCK! >D

I pwned that xD
AnnaLovesYoh says :   19 June 2008   193818  
OMG, you totally did. xDD


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