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Activity day/ Johnny's B-dayCategory: school!
Wednesday, 4 June 2008
06:12:18 PM (GMT)
Wow so first we were in our class I gave the b-day card I made to Johnny. I got
kicked out of my table again so I sat with Nicole, then I moved next to Taylor, then
moved again next to Cassie. It was confusing. So after that I was able to sit at my
table and Tom being stupid as he is brings his cell to school and has no where to put
it. (yeah his pockets but it's activity day) He wanted to hide it so no one would see
it so he asked where should he put it and Paul had no where to put it and then he
just took a piece of looseleaf and tied to use that. But then I told him I had books
in my desk that it could be behind and he said is it ok for him to put it there. I
said yeah. 

Ok the opening of ACTIVITY DAY 2008 (olympic theme!)
Holy heck it was weird each class was a country or something like that. We were
Jamica (sp?). Lexi was the flag person and Paul was the torch person. So the torch
was passed on to each grade so first it was KC and someone ran to give it to KM then
someone ran to give it to 1st, and so on and so forth. Then someone just brought out
the big flag for the day and everyone with a flag had to follow. Lexi was the tallest
in the group even taller than a 7th grader. Then we started the games.

Pentagolon (idk if that the name)
So first was the scooter race. No they were mini scooters. We had to use our feet no
hands. Johnny, Cassie, and Viki was on the team I was on. It was fun! 
Then the 50 yard dash ehh my time was 7.97 seconds. Cassie is our fastest runner but
in the whole girl race Lexi came first and had to race against Tom. Tom won by 2
seconds (milliseconds idk)
Then the throwing thing you do. Idk I didn't pay attention to that one.

It was ok at first. It was boys vs. girls. then it got switched and I was on a team
mostly filled with populars. SO OF COURSE I NO ONE PASSED THE BALL TO ME!! But it was
boring. After that we got snow cones :D awesome!

BLind Volleyball
ick we lost to the boys. NEXT YEAR we will beat them. But in the middle of the game
someone told Stanley it was Johnny's b-day and we sang Happy Birthday to him and then
Stanley sprayed silly string at him and splashed water around. It was cool.

Rock Climbing/train
Eh I didn't get to go on the train I WANTED TO!! *pouts* but I did rock climb it was
a race between Cassie, Johnny, and me just like last year. I don't know who won. But
when going down I had a hard time and I almost kicked Johnny like 3 or 4 times. A guy
told me and also said to calm down.
Bean bags 
after the rock climb we played with the bean bags until the Kindergarteners came. Oh
and someone from the station played a birthday song for Johnny and announced it. 

I was soo happy when it came lunch time. I was tired as hell and thirsty. I got to
hotdogs. Taylor didn't eat any cause she doesn't like them. And I also and two chips
and one water. It was ok. Then we were bored and I kept randomly poping out of
nowhere and said Hiiiiii. For most of you; you really don't know how childish I am
until you hear me and expierence a day at school with me. :D

Moon Jump
:D I loveeeee to jump!!! So yeah Jackie was being mean to Collin (a 1st grader). Just
because he give Jackie a high five or a hug. Then he had to leave. It was finally our
turn in the moon jump and I touched the ceiling of it!!! then we had a really great
time in there.

Pie throwing/ladder ball
OMG!!! It was soooooooo fun. We threr pies at our teacher! I only could throw one
because I only had one dollar. But a lot of people got it at my teacher's face. I
couldn't T_T. After that I went to look for Jackie to tell her and then she went
running. Then A lot of other teachers went and got hit and even Jackie's dad. Sparky
( the firefighter mascot) just ran up there and hit Mr. M (Jackie's dad) directly at
his face. I really didn't play ladder ball I just went and watched the 7th graders
and the graduated 8th graders throw pies. It was cool!

Ping pong ball racing
didn't happen at all. Everyone forgot and did their own thing. Cassie and Taylor went
in the obstacle course. Some were still watching the pie throwing. But me and Viki
and some other people were in the gym but most were in the moon jump. Viki and I were
playing basketball with a volleyball but then stopped and then we played with a beach
ball. We were playing volleyball with that. It was fun then Stephanie joined us then
left. Dan and Frankie wanted it to be Monkey in th Middle. But that didn't happen.
After Stephanie left Sam asked if he could play with us and he did. (YAY!) It was
cool. Then he left. After he left the ball went everywhere and it we couldn't keep it
up so when it fell Viki and me were like giggling sooooooo hard! and said OHMYGOD!!
Then we went back to playin. Then it was time to go back to our classroom. 

In the classroom
We didn't get to play tug of war!!!! phooey. But oh well. Tom was stupid and almost
forgot his cell was in my desk and I said (insert his lastname here) don't you want
your cell back and he was like oh yeah. Paul being the meany he is said I bet you
liked touching his phone I just got mad. Then Viki and I couldn't stop giggling about
something. Then Stephanie asked what was it about and asked was it something with Tom
and I said no then she said what about Johnny I said nothing but it was a no. Then
she said oh so Johnny asked you out?? I laughed so hard I went on the floor! NEVER
will that happen in a million years, if I was the last person on the planet will he
ever ask me out. So the boys were playing 21 and wouldn't let Cassie and Taylor play.
So being the best friends that they are they left me there with them. Then Jackie
came over we sort of talked then she left me too. So I just ate my sprees not all and
doodled in my notebook.

End of day 
Mrs. J was proud of us because she didn't come with us at all during the whole day.
Then we went in the bus line Johnny showed me the picture from the walk-a-thon T_T my
eyes were closed. Then he said he would cut me out of the picture. He also left the
card I gave him in his desk T_T oh well.

That was me day :D It was fun

D; waaaaah school's almost over!!! I'm happy yet sad!

Souriyamath says:   4 June 2008   642731  
wow did u copy that or u type that
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says :   4 June 2008   218936  
I typed it


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