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my quiz!!!Category: (general)
Saturday, 31 May 2008
07:52:14 PM (GMT)
Single or Taken: Single
Happy about that?: no/sorta

What are you wearing right now?:sweat pants and a shirt
Righty or lefty: Righty
Animal: dog
Sport: b-ball
Month: january
Juice: apple

Bungee Jumped? Nope
Made yourself throw-up? Not on purpose
Gone skinny dipping? no
Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yeah, I cry easily.
Played truth or dare? Yup
Been on a plane? nope
Been in a hotub? Yup
Swam in the ocean? no
Fallen asleep in school? Ha ha good times
Broken someone's heart? I hope not
Cried when someone died? Yeah. 
Cried in school? Yeah...
Fell off your chair? Yup, I'm a clutz

your good luck charm? anthony
last thing you ate? i forgot
What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? i dn

Chicken pox: no
Sore Throat: Yup
Broken a bone: yeah

Believe in love at first sight: Not really
Long distance relationships? It's rare, but possible
Like school? Well, that's where my friends and memories are held
Who was the last person that called you? cassie
Who was the last person you slow danced with? anthony
Do you like filling these out: when I'm bored
Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?: no
Do you like yourself: yeah

Obsessive Compulsive?: I think everyone is (to some degree)
Social:hell yeah
What did you do yesterday: went to school
Gotten any awards?:yup
What car/truck do you wish to have?: 350z
Where do you want to get married?:hawaii or italy
Good driver?: i dn
Good Singer?: i dn
Own a lava lamp?: Nope did though
How many remote controls are in your house?2 tv remotes
What was your last dream about?: my ex
Scary or Funny Movies?both
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate
Root beer or Dr.Pepper?: dr.pepper
Summer or Winter? Both
Silver or Gold?: Silver
Diamond or Pearl?: Diamond
Sprite or 7up? Sprite
Coffee or iced tea ? Coffee

1. Talk to someone you liked: Nope not in that way
2. Buy something: yup bathing suite
8. Talked to an ex?: Nope
9. Miss someone? yeah

10. Slept in your bed? Me
11. Saw/heard you cry? i dn
12. Made you cry? i dn
13. Went to the movies with? cassie
15. Said "I Love You"? ame
16. Ever been in a fight with your pet?: 
18. Been to Mexico? : nope
19. Been to Canada? Nope
20. Been to Florida? Nope

22. What book are you reading right now? idn
23. Best feeling in the world? idn
24. Future KIDS names? Not sure
25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: no
26. What's under your bed?: another bed
27. Favorite sports to watch?: basketball
28. Favorite Locations? Um
29. Piercing/Tattoos? piercings
30. What are you most scared of right now?: 
31. Who do you really hate?: i dont hate
32. Do you have a job?: I should in a yr
33. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?: no
34. Are you lonely right now?: Nope
38. Song that's stuck in your head right now?:what u got
39. Have you ever played strip poker?: Nope
42. Have you ever been on radio/TV?: Yup, 
43. Have you ever been in a "mosh-pit"?: Nope
44. Ever liked someone, but thought they'd never notice you? Yeah

What color is your underwear right now?: aqua
Whats the first things you notice about the opposite sex (visual)?: Eyes
Are you too shy to ask someone out?: no
Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?: butter and salt
Dogs or cats?: dogs
Favorite Flower?:  rose
Have you ever fired a gun?: bb gun
How many pillows do you sleep with?4!
do you think a boy likes you? i know a boy likes me

drey says:   31 May 2008   474768  
sk8er_chick7 says :   31 May 2008   983982  

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