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Sunday, 25 May 2008
02:52:11 PM (GMT)
Totally updated my profile dudez. Here's the old one:

For those with little time, if some of the following words apply to you, then it's
likely we'll enjoy eachother's company: Creative, alternative, humorous, sarcastic,
cynical, thoughtful, realistic, tolerant, empathy, expressive, passionate.

I love intellectuals, people who aren't afraid to think. Also, people who aren't
afraid to write about it. Since, well, this is a penpalling site. I also love
creative types, so if you write/paint/draw/compose/whatever, then that's awesome.
Aside from the actual brilliance of creativity, I find the following about creative
They don't mindlessly follow the mainstream. The mainstream isn't creative, it
They have empathy! With empathy (usually) comes tolerance, and a lack of homophobia
and such. I think this comes with having to get inside the head of other people to
actually go through the creative process.
They have a sense of fun and humour.
I love them, anyone who can create something original, it's just amazingly magical to
me. It makes me happy.

If you're still reading, yay  Now on to me:

I code a lot, mainly websites. I've created a couple, one of which is for independent
writers, and you'll see it floating around the advertisement bar at the top. I'm also
bisexual. The bisexuality is pretty fun  I like that I can appreciate the beauty of
both genders. It's also weird, you know you get those guy and chick stereotypes? My
feelings towards girls are more stereotypical guy, and my feelings towards guys are
more stereotypical girl.

However, what really makes me attracted to someone is androgyny. The meeting of the
two genders in one person is very attractive to me. I'm not talking about
transsexuality here, by the way. I find the image of emo guys attractive because they
have feminine characteristics. If this freaks you out, then don't worry, you can
ignore it :P

You might've noticed I'm all about the creativity. You might not usually associate
this with geekdom, but that's what I am. I love creating, though I'm still struggling
with it though. I've grown up in an environment that wasn't exactly encouraging.
Being male, with bad handwriting, and high science and maths scores I was put in the
maths box. I'm only recently breaking out of that, and finding a reason to exist. I'm
only in to writing at the moment, but I'm branching out as and when my self-esteem
will permit.

I don't smoke, or do any other drugs (other than medicals and caffeine). I count
alcohol as a drug (it is one!). I don't like whole idea of my brain (which is ME)
being messed around my some random chemicals. I know this goes on all the time, but
I'd like my body to be in charge of that. Most drugs are pretty stupid concoctions

I'm nontheist, but I like to be treated like an atheist because I don't believe in a
god (I don't disbelieve in one either, however), and I generally prefer the idea of
atheism. I'm humanist too, that means I think that humans need to sort everything
out, and we can't rely on luck or a god to do anything for us.

I like talking to people, so talk to me, and I hope we get along 

Above you see my latest meme. It basically means that I acknowledge and express my
sexuality rather than deionizing and suppressing it. Through this I can exercise
control over it. I'm also for any expression of sexuality as long as all parties
consent. This is partially inspired by my entry on cybersex, in which I confront
people who reckon cybersex is bad or wrong for some reason.
Feel free to steal that image if you agree with me. Please tell others that they can
steal it too. The address is

[Edit] Okay! Time for an addition. I've not written in this for ages, and -- though
it's pretty much all still true -- I would have changed the emphasis a bit. Just,
don't be put off of me because've that emphasis or suchlike. Send me a letter ^_^.
I'll try to update this soon... [/Edit]

saralyn247 says:   16 August 2008   713489  
Old fish, new fish, red fish, blue fish...

I felt I needed to express my love of Dr. Seuss. xD
‹Ambreen› says:   16 August 2008   636374  

Your new profile would have scared me off if I were to speak to you
know, btw. :P I'd be like "OMG, NO. WILL BE IGNORED. MOVING ON." 

It took so much courage to speak to you with this one too, though...
neoeno says:   16 August 2008   739864  
‹Ambreen› says:   16 August 2008   442456  

I do like it! XD I just would have been intimidated by it.
neoeno says:   16 August 2008   238251  
... You hate me!
‹Ambreen› says:   16 August 2008   734265  
Nooo, I love the Steven! :P
neoeno says:   16 August 2008   364258  
‹Ambreen› says:   16 August 2008   467816  
THESteven! Don't you remember that?! D: No hate there. 
saralyn247 says :   16 August 2008   873287  
I love the Steven too... xD

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