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Stolen no.3Category: stealing is good! ;)
Saturday, 24 May 2008
10:35:28 AM (GMT)
Name: Claire
Birthday: June 14!!!! It's coming!!!! XD
Location: Somewhere in the universe!
Hair Color: Very dark blakish brown
Hair Style: ...Um...My hair's...Short...No hairstyles...
Eye Color: Hazel brown
Do you wear glasses: Yup
Zodiac Sign: Gemini!!! Woo Hoo! I got a twin I don't even know if I do have!!!!!
-makes no sense-
Your Favorite... 

Color: White and green!
Bands: Don't listen to them
Singer: Don't have one
Food: Chocolate and sushi!!!
Drink: Ice cold Watermelon juice or Milo
Ice Cream Flavor: Chcolate! Yum!
Song: ...Go to my profile and check my playlist
Gum: ...? Ara?
Month: December!!! Holidays!!!!!
Day of the week: ...Thursday! No tuition, ballet class or extra classes!
Board Game: I prefer INTERNET games
Show: All animes that's one thing I can tell you.
Female Name(s): Nina! -Don't steal it! I want to have a daughter by that name!!-
Male Name(s): If I'll get a son instead...Hmm...Rain? -I'm attached to that name for
some reason. T^T-
Store(s): Any where which sells mangas and animes and chocolate...cakes
Book: Mangas and occasionally some other books or two
Animal: A...Bear. Yup. A bear.

Do You/Have You Ever...

Had the Flu: *annoyed* I'm having one right now and getting sick of it.
Seen a Concert: Yup. My ballet school's concert XD
Been forced to see a concert: No. I'm very willing
Been in the newspaper: Almost!! So close!!!!! DX
Sang horribly on purpose: Ehehe. Yup. Man was the person hosting the show mad... XD
Cut Class: Long to. But can't
Made straight A's: Nah impossible =P
Made straight F's: Hey! I'm not THAT stupid!
Broken a bone: ...I think?
Gotten Stitches: At my left eye when I was four
Given Blood & Fainted: Long to. Darn

One or the Other

Rock or Rap: Neither
TV or Radio: Radio
Cat or Dog: Bears. <3
Jeans or Shorts: Shorts. Definately
Chocolate or Vanilla: Both!
Gold or Silver: Silver! Then I'll make Jewerly and sell it to get money for mangas!
Coke or Pepsi: ...Umm...Kickapoo?
Random Questions 

Ever had a pet fish: Yup
Do you have an iPod: I want....TT^TT
Do you own a pair of Checkered Vans: Too young.
Have You Seen the orignal Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Yes and it haunted me for about 5
months or so.
What is your current CD in your CD Player: Uhh...Does illegal downloading count?
What song are you playing at the moment: Tsuki no Curse from Loveless -watch it! Damn
Would You Ever Jump From A Plane: THAT would put me in the papers
What College Team Do You Go For: None. Hate them all. XD
Can You play an Instrument: Piano. Currently begging my mom to let me learn Guitar
Whats your Favorite Madonna song: Am I suppose to have one?
Do you have an 8-Track Player: What's that?
Are you into comedy, action, or drama: More comedy and action please!
Have you ever Shaken Up A Soda, Open It, and Drank It Anyway: Yup! It splashed all
over my clothes. It was fun! XD
Have You Made Up A Fake Holiday: Yup! It's called
"Wewannahaveabreakfromschoolalready!!!!" day by Rina and friends. >=D
Have You Ever Been To Australia: I'm going to at the end of this year for my aunt's
Do You Know What Triskadekaphobia is: Nope! And I'm proud that I don't too! XD
Is Ohio For Lovers: I dunno. Ask someone else.

That's all! Steal if you want! XD

Missingno says:   24 May 2008   955194  
'Rain' sounds like a girl's name. =x

‹Sw33T_is_L337› says:   25 May 2008   397821  
No it doesn't! ;(
Don't upset me!!
Missingno says:   25 May 2008   132872  
Yes it does! Face facts! D<
‹Sw33T_is_L337› says :   25 May 2008   157761  
meanie!!! Wah!! I hate you!!! T^T


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