Cast to the edges of society is.... pretty much everyone at this
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Cast to the edges of society is.... pretty much everyone at this
Category: (general)
Sunday, 18 May 2008
07:55:34 PM (GMT)
I don't know what's going on in other countries (not this I hope) but in America,
the "land of the free" things down right suck. so I figured I'd list the typs of
people excepted.... and not accepted... around my area. feel free to add the typs the
are Inside or Outside near you.

Preps. (also known as name-brand mongrels, and clones)
Fake-Emos, who are not emo at all but have balck hair and eye liner and overly short
black skirts.
people who dye their hair blond.
"wiggers"(white kids who think they are a stereotyp black colledge student.)
"wangsters" or Gansta's as they call themselves. a "wigger" who talks in a differnt
way. aka heAVing when they talk to sound cool.
MEGA-CHRISTIANS! not church on sunday, and believe in God but church everyday,
consult God for everything, think killing because God told you to is okay type freaky
christians. (like those guys who kill gays because "it's gods will")

 | please note: the people above suck.

Drama-Geeks. (with talent for acting/ singing/ writing, instead of good connections
and looks alone.)
Achedemic Geeks. (gets As and has a big vocab and is generaly smarted the preps.)
"losers". as preps call them..... this term applies to anyone who doesn't where a
name brand for over 4 days in a row.
Punks. They are NOT emo. they have differnt taste is clothes, movies, music ect. and
so are out casts. they usauly dont mind this.
Desperate. (the poor saps who for reasons unknown want to be popular and aren't, but
have other friends.)
Art-Geeks. real talent that Preps can't fake having by moving their lips.
"just creepy".  Quite hard to find, these people look and act like preps yet all the
preps avoid them. Preps don't even know why. (cool!)
Walking Dictionaires. these people can discribe feelings of suprise without saying
"like, O.M.G! I like totaly can't believe it!"
Animal Lovers. they don't think it's right to wear flesh. they may want to be a vet.
Computer Geeks. they use their computers for things besides MySapce, YouTube, and
non-christians.(If you don't believe in one omni-present God you are considerd weird.
Preps tend to ignore the "freedom of Religion" thing)
Emos. actual Emos who actualy feel bad. not all emos cut, but alot do.
Cutters. these people are not Emo, but do cut. (this may be the reason they are not
Book Worms. you like to read.
Veggies/ Vegans. (I think we all know what that is.)

well their you go. feel free to post what you are (if you want) and even how you feel
about being so. (aside: you can be alot of these at once)

from what I can tell I'm "just creepy" a "walking dictionary" a Book Worm, a Animal
Lover and possibly punk. or rather i think I'm going to appear punk as I've recently
died my hair pink and purple. (it looks awesome!...)

‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   18 May 2008   641254  
I am basically a Academic Geek and a Computer Geek. ;]
piratica says:   19 May 2008   384682  
yes, im not sure, but.....
~"just creepy"
~walking dictionary
~computer geek (uh... kupika! not on the list, is it?)

yes, your hair is awesome. but sweetie, im not sure that youre "just
creepy" because, well..... you do not look like a prep (pink+purple
hair is surprisingly not common) and you dont act like a prep (singing
the llama song and i am cow in the hallways is not normal, dear). 
soooo... i suggest some editing.
Kirti says:   21 May 2008   112521  
hey! at the beginning of the year I was a prep without labels.

I only started singing because I had nothing to lose. (besides. at the
beginning of year when i cared i asked them "why do you al hate me?"
the aswer i got was always the same: "I don't know.... you're just
sorta creepy."
Rin_Sohma says :   4 June 2008   231273  
Talia-chan you shouldn't talk.

for those who don't know Piractica doesn't straighten her hair and it
is very short. preps have a generic hair cut. aka hair staightend just
past shoulders, diagonaly cut fringe(bangs)

Talia you have none of the above. oh and you don't wear those eye
droppingly hideous paterns or shorts so small they look like


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