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One Of My Favourite StoriesCategory: (general)
Friday, 16 May 2008
07:36:57 AM (GMT)
Blame one too many cups of soda, a possible devouring of cold pizza, or even total
insanity, but I’m actually going to give it a shot
Blame one too many cups of soda, a possible devouring of cold pizza, or even total
insanity, but I’m actually going to give it a shot. Please note that there will be
some shounen-ai in later chapters, so don’t like, don’t read. Anyways, here we go.

A young woman with bright pink hair shook in her bright pink boots as she stared at
the complex before her. Smoothing her heart-shaped hair-do, and pulling her hot pink
back-pack against her shoulders, Aelita Hopper nodded to herself firmly and took her
first solid steps into her sophomore year at Cadic High School. Suddenly she felt a
massive weight on her shoulders and her eyes immediately began to clench. “Would you
please stop leaning on me like that, Odd? I’m a bit overwhelmed as it is with the
first day of school.”

Standing beside her, arm draped over her shoulders in a familiar way, was Odd Della
Rabbia, one of her best friends from elementary school. A long-sleeved violet shirt
hidden underneath a short-sleeved dark purple belly-shirt, with a pair of bright
purple shorts that stopped at his knees made up his attire as he looked over
Aelita’s familiar white pants and short-sleeved hot pink t-shirt. Finally he said
with his mass of blonde hair with a purple spot tangled as always, “A fine how do
you do to you to, Pink. And sure,” he finished as he rather exuberantly before
letting his arms slide off and giving an over-the-top bow as he stepped away.

“I thought I heard the tell-tale sounds of the school year starting up,” spoke up a
mature voice from nearby and closing in on them was none other than Yumi Ishiyama. A
big sister to the two of them, she was a junior and gave a few calm stretches to
loosen herself up for the day. A grey sleeveless shirt with red trimming and lines
over the shoulder & waist, and a bright red pair of sweat pants were her choice of
clothing for today as she double-checked her shoes to make sure they were snug on
her feet. Track star for two years in a row, it was clear she intended to do so
again as she pulled her shoulder-length black locks into a ponytail, her pale skin
catching the sun nicely.

“Hi Yumi,” spoke up Odd before looking behind her and grinning from ear to ear,
“Looks like you’re boyfriend is coming this way.” By boyfriend, it was clear to all
of them who he meant, no matter Yumi’s insistence that she and William Dunbar were
just friends. Standing behind her, still clad in the denim blue jeans, black
t-shirt, and blue blazer that was customary for his old school, was William Dunbar,
trying to straighten out the dark mass of hair on his head as his skin caught the
light just as Yumi’s seemed to.

“Hey Yumi, William, either of you two seen Ulrich?” Aelita asked with curious pink
eyes as she scanned the faces of all the classes for their fifth friend.

Ulrich Stern however was already being subjected to his daily torture of Elisabeth
Delmaz, the principal’s daughter, trying to seduce him in some way, shape, or form.
An almost smarting yellow hood-shirt was a rather poor attempt to hide his face from
her, he knew, as was the baggy black pants he’d chosen to wear today. If one didn’t
know the brown-haired young man better, they’d mistake him for some “Gansta” rapper.
Finally he sighed and spoke up, “Leave me alone, I’m trying to find my real friends,
not my fake ones.” He knew that was insulting, and rather cold, even for him, but it
was his only choice if he wanted to get away from her. Seconds later he was once
among his four long-time friends and the quartet was once more a quintet.

From the second floor window, the group was unaware of being observed. A tall man
with a dark beard, graying hair on top, purely dark glasses, and a lab coat observed
with a small smile the people he knew were the ones meant for this. The ones he had
planned this for, and sighing to the chair he knew so well it almost seemed to have
a groove just for him, he said, “Old friend, today is our last ride together.”
Looking over his shoulder he spoke to someone masked in the shadows and said, “You
know what must be done today, and no later than today, or things will end for all of
us, and not just me.”

Ulrich and Odd sat together as always in Mrs. Hertz science glass and just nodded to
themselves, pretending to listen to her usual first day of the year drivel about
striving for excellence. Suddenly however she brought them out of their daze by
saying, “I would like you all to welcome our new student, who apparently left his
own school for the elite to join us here at good old Cadic High. Please do your best
to make him feel at home…and don’t you dare try and bring a sofa here, Nicholas,”
shot her almost laser-like gaze at Sissy’s lesser intelligent friend who loved such
obvious pranks as making someplace really feel like home.

Finally in stepped a young man, a dark grey jacket, buttoned up to the top of his
throat, grey pants and grey shoes his attire, and nodding calmly he said, “My name
is Jeremy Belpois, I’m happy to be here, and hope we can all get along.” Tidy blonde
hair was kept brushed into a way of framing his head as he straightened out his
“Einstein” glasses.

Suddenly he took a spot behind Ulrich and Odd, right next to Aelita, and just as the
two were thinking he was planning something, it hit them…everywhere else was taken.
Suddenly Odd turned around, chest to the back of his chair, his legs over the sides
and grinning he spoke up, “Nice to meet ya’ Einstein, the name’s Odd. That’s Aelita,
and this our resident rap-master Ulrich.”

“I’m going to kill you for that comment,” grumbled Ulrich, half-heartedly as he
turned over his shoulder, his hood already down on his shoulders as his hair spiked
forward. Suddenly however a rapid flaring of sirens was heard, and all Ulrich could
say was, “Should’ve know

Rex_the_cat says:   30 May 2008   215675  
acually alieta didnt come to their school until jeremy was already
there and he found the place and alieta was awakened in lyoko i'm a
hug fan seen every episode !
‹Rock_Ninja› says:   30 May 2008   844734  
I found this story on the internet.
Alice_Vandy10 says :   9 June 2008   134944  
Oh I know this story. I've read this story to.


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