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I'm back in black, and black is the new awesome. :DCategory: (general)
Sunday, 27 April 2008
04:05:33 PM (GMT)
<table><tr><td colspan="2" align="center">Tell Me About Yourself - The
Survey</td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Name::</td><td align="left">Star </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Birthday::</td><td align="left">August 7, batch! :D </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Birthplace::</td><td align="left">A wonderful little town in Florida.
</td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Current Location::</td><td align="left">That same little town. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Eye
Color::</td><td align="left">Brown. Brown. Brown. Kind of like the Paul Baribeau
song. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Hair Color::</td><td align="left">Brownish Reddish..Brown. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Height::</td><td align="left">5 feet 1 and a half inches. Oh yes, the
vertically challenged one here. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Right
Handed Or Left Handed::</td><td align="left">Righty. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Your Heritage::</td><td align="left">Danish. That's really the only
thing I'm sure about. I like to joke I'm Inuit though. :D </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">The Shoes You Wore Today::</td><td align="left">None.
Shoes are for northerners. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Your
Weakness::</td><td align="left">Raspberry Sorbet and Boys who take me to go get some.
:D </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Your Fears::</td><td align="left">Clowns. Absolute Failure. Never being Loved. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Your Perfect Pizza::</td><td align="left">Extra Cheese,
hand tossed with very little red sauce. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Goals You Would Like To Achieve This Year::</td><td align="left">Lose
some inches. Not weight. :D </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Your Most
Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger::</td><td align="left">"Haha, you're an
idiot." </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Thoughts First Waking
Up::</td><td align="left">Yes! I win again! </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Your Best Physical Feature::</td><td align="left">My facial region?
Hair included. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Your Bedtime::</td><td align="left">Whenever I happen to get tired. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Your Most Missed Memory::</td><td align="left">Old friends.
</td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Pepsi Or Coke::</td><td align="left">Coke, bitches! </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">McDonalds Or
Burger King::</td><td align="left">Neither. Fast Food is gross. D: </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Single Or Group Dates::</td><td align="left">Group. Or
Single. I don't know, I haven't been on one. Hahah </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Lipton Ice Tea Or Nestea::</td><td align="left">Lipton Citrus Green
Tea, actually. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Chocolate Or
Vanilla::</td><td align="left">Chocolate. Chocolate. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Cappucino Or Coffee::</td><td align="left">Frappecino, or however the
hell you spell it. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You
Smoke::</td><td align="left">Ew. Just Ew. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Do You Swear::</td><td align="left">Fuck yeah. :D </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Sing::</td><td align="left">As much as humanly
possible. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Shower Daily::</td><td align="left">Uh. Yeah. Showers = Best Friend </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Have You Been In Love::</td><td align="left">No. I'm only 14, babe.
</td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Want To Go To College::</td><td align="left">Yes mam! </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Want To Get
Married::</td><td align="left">Eventually, but I'm in no rush. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Believe In Yourself::</td><td align="left">I sure
hope I do! XD </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Get Motion
Sickness::</td><td align="left">Not really. Only like, after the billionth time of
riding a roller coaster, maybe. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You
Think You Are Attractive::</td><td align="left">To an extent, yeah. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Are You A Health Freak::</td><td align="left">I think I'm
slowly turning into one.. 0_o </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Get
Along With Your Parents::</td><td align="left">Most of the time. :D </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Like Thunderstorms::</td><td align="left">A lot,
actually. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Do You Play An
Instrument::</td><td align="left">Piano. Piano is for BAMFs. :D </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The Past Month Have You Drank Alcohol::</td><td align="left">Uhmm. Mmm. Maybe. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The
Past Month Have You Smoked::</td><td align="left">Ew.  </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">In The Past Month Have You Been On Drugs::</td><td align="left">ewewewew. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The Past Month
Have You Gone On A Date::</td><td align="left">Haha! Me? Dates? Oh dang, this cracks
me up. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The Past Month Have You Gone
To The Mall::</td><td align="left">No. Sadly. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">In The Past Month Have You Eaten A Box Of Oreos::</td><td align="left">Hahah, I wish! </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The Past
Month Have You Eaten Sushi::</td><td align="left">Yes! It was the most delicious
California Roll I'd ever had. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The
Past Month Have You Been On Stage::</td><td align="left">Ohyes. You do know that 'The
Stage' is my second home, right? </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The
Past Month Have You Been Dumped::</td><td align="left">No. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The Past Month Have You Gone Skinny Dipping::</td><td align="left">Sadly, no. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">In The Past
Month Have You Stolen Anything::</td><td align="left">Haha, if cookies from friends
count, then yes. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Ever Been
Drunk::</td><td align="left">No. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Ever
Been Called A Tease::</td><td align="left">Jokingly. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">Ever Been Beaten Up::</td><td align="left">Who'd ever want to beat up
innocent ol' me? </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">Ever
Shoplifted::</td><td align="left">Straws. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" 
align="right">How Do You Want To Die::</td><td align="left">Peacefully or Excitingly.
</td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">What Do You Want To Be When You Grow
Up::</td><td align="left">An Actress. Famous would be nice. </td></tr><tr><td valign="top" align="right">What Country Would You Most Like To Visit::</td><td align="left">Greece/Spain. </td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" align="center">Take this survey | Find more surveys
Bzoink - The Original Survey Site</td></tr></table>

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