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Its always worth itCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 2 January 2008
10:18:40 PM (GMT)
Its always worth it
Posted on 2008.01.01 at 23:08
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I said that I would finish it later, so this is what I'm doing.  I titled the last
one what I did because I couldn't come up with a better title.  I think that this one
fits a little better.  I guess I'll start off with the quote I started with

And I quote:  "To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be
the world."  True True.  Kudos to whoever said that.

Yes, Kudos indeed.  Where I wanted to go with this was just as the title says: Its
always worth it.  It is indeed.  Its always worth it to share your true feelings of
appreciation, love, friendship, admirality (I think I just made that word up) with
someone.  I'm only talking about constructive, good and loving feelings here folks. 
Sharing destructive thoughts and words is not something I would recommend doing
hardly ever.  Sharing your feelings of joy for a person though.... well.... it can
make their world..... and that means something when that person is the world to you.

Its easy to talk behind someone's back.  Even if its a good thing.  "Oh I like so and
so."  "Oh I love so and so."  "I think so and so is a great person."  Have you ever
actually told THAT person which you're talking about?

Ladies and Gentlemen... you have no idea what kind of a day another person is having.
 You really don't.  Even if they seem like they're really dandy, there are a lot of
people out there that may seem dandy on the outside, but may hurt on the inside.  So
that's just a little back ground.  Onto the beef.  Lets start with a question... 
WHAT HARM WILL IT DO TO YOU?  Honestly... think about this one for a second.  Lets
make up a scenario that you have a person that you like, love, admire, enjoy their
presence, whatever... what harm would it do to you to honestly just share your
feelings with that person?  I'm waiting for a GOOD answer.  You might be a little
embarassed, it probably WILL take some amount of courage, and (in my opinion what
keeps most people from doing this) is that it opens you right up like a book waiting
to be read.  You're showing your hand, spilling the beans and letting the cat out of
the bag all at once.  Fear of rejection?  Maybe.... but WHY?  Seriously.  Any person
with half of a courtesy whit will accept those kind words with kind words.  If they
don't have any brains, and or don't care for others, then well... the table is open
and you may get your feelings hurt... however in that case you probably don't  have
good feelings to share to that person anyway.... or at least you won't for long.

Back on topic.  What harm would it do to share your feelings?  Lets get a little more
practical.  I have a few friends that are VERY close.  Family?  Oh yes.  And then
some.  What's so wrong with telling them that I love them.  I might get called a sap,
but so what.  That just means I like being nice and am just reminding them that those
friends REALLY ARE that close to me.  And think of this... you never know what
someone else is REALLY thinking.  Maybe they need a word of encouragement.  A word of
encouragement is NEVER, EVER wasted.  Never ever never never ever never.

You could even go radical with it and do it to people that you're not super close
with.  Someone you just met.  An aquaintance at school.  A new buddy.  Someone you
have a crush on....  what's the harm in letting them know?  Maybe look at it this


Seriously.  You might not.  You don't know if that person is going to be in a car
accident and get tragically killed later that day.  You don't know if you'll be
tragically killed later that day.  What if that were to happen and you hadn't shared
your true feelings with them?  Then you really wouldn't have another chance.  At that
point... you really did miss the opportunity to try and touch that person's heart. 
There is no longer a chance to try and get close to that person, try to make them a
familyish friend, or invite them to another get together.  At that point, its over. 
Dun.  Sorry.  Now let me ask you this:  If that did happen and that person was
killed.... did they know how you felt about them?  If you were killed.... did they
know how you felt about them?  Did you know how they felt about you?  Lets take it
one step further... if they were tragically stricken from the face of this Earth and
you DIDN'T take the time to tell them and you did miss out.... would you then make
extra efforts to make sure that it didn't happen with anybody else in your life?  I
know that I would.  I wouldn't wait for the chance to tell them.  I would make the
chance.  I wouldn't stall or procrastinate... because my friends and family are worth
more than that.  They're worth so much to me that I'll be tripping over myself to
reach them in time.  Because you never know when it could be too late....

Make the time my friends.  Make it happen.  Who knows.... you may touch someone's
heart.  You may.... just maybe.... end up being that one little candle flame flicker
of light in their life that they need... that one little reason to wake up the next
morning.  And when you're in that situation, having that little reason to wake up the
next morning means more than the all the world and all the stars.  It really is
everything.  And all you did was summon up a little courage to let someone in your
life know that you actually think something of them.  Imagine that.

To tie it into the first post on this... the wasted tears post.... I name it that
because in my opinion wasted tears are the worst kind of tears.  Whether it be of joy
or sadness or whatever.... if they're tears that are shared with someone.... then its
okay.  I really can promise you that it'll be okay in that situation.  However alone
tears, sadly, are wasted tears.... and that my friends is worth crying over in
itself.  Don't waste your feelings of passion.... share them with someone and just
maybe, touch someone's heart.
Last edited: 3 January 2008

Show_it_Off says:   3 January 2008   845259  
the world always needs a little more love
Mixt says :   3 January 2008   169669  
True that.


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