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Chapter 1:Pages: 5 & 6Category: Sides of Life
Monday, 12 November 2007
09:47:52 AM (GMT)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 5 Belinda smoothed the rich red silk covers that now layed atop her dark mohagany canopy bed. Her pillows were madde of golden silk, the floor was made out of the same deep mohogany as her bed, a small red bubbl chair sat in the corner, as in another corner, sat a little desk, with her red lap top set atop it. there was her night stand, and her lava lamp. The room was to her perfection, she walked into th room next to hers, it was Jade's room, the walls were a deep blue-green, the floor a light colored maple wood, the wood floor was the same shade of maple as Jade's canopy bed, that had light blue silk covers, the covers had tiny pearls that wound along the endge, in the one corner, was a clear glass guitar, that sat next to a large fish tank, in another corner sat a desk, simalar to Belinda's own, only this one was a light colored maple desk, with 3 books, and a blue template computer. Belinda decided she would like nothig more at the oment but to see, the next room which she soon found out belonged to Countra, this room was much different then Jade's or her own room, instead of a canopy bed, there was a coffin, that was colored compleatly with a dark red stain finish. The room had looked so very dark, there was also, a small box that was up in the corner, that said 'Bat, sweet Bat'. Belinda who was now afraid of what else she might find in the room, headed to the room across the hall, the room was filled with things of nature, insted of a canopy bed, or a coffin, there was a hammock, thiis roo as Belinda could easaly see, belonged to Wista, so she moved onto the next one, which as she would soon find out belonged to Navani. "This room is like an oven!" painted Belinda to herself, she walked further into the room, the walls were a light tan, that resembled the sandy deserts of Egypt. There about 3 feet ahead, was gold, more gold then Belinda imagined, there were also jewles, many colorful, glisening jewles, Belinda looked up to see... a large golden case, in the shape of a human, but this time, Belinda wouldn't be a scaredy cat, she then slowly creaked open the case, it was heavy, inside let out a burst of hot air, Belinda quickly closed the cases cover, and bolted out of the burning room, the next two rooms, which had been previosly unoccupided, were now the bed rooms of two girls, the first Angi, an angle, litraly, the room was white, pure white, the ivory colored canopy bed, had white, feathered covers, that covered the matress. Angi was a sweet, kinda girl, whith long blonde hair. The next room belonged to a girl named Wolfia, a were wolf, the room was dark and humid, but cold, the room had only a few lights that show like little stars. The girl looked perfectly normal except for the fact that when she felt like it she would turn into a werewolf. "Hey Belinda, ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Page 6 let's go!It's time for dinner!" shouted Jade. Belinda rushed out of Wolfia's room, to the entrance of their large dormatory. They all were about to run down all of the 100's of steps, when they rembered, 'THEY ARE MAGIC!' they could each turn into soething and get there faster, so Angi picked up Navani and flew down, Wolfia turned into a wolf an ran down, Belinda let Wista, and Jade ride on her, while Countra turned into a bat, and flew herself down. Soon they were all sat next to the boys who lived in dorm 508, Jade was starting to like Drake more, everytime she saw him. She smiled at him, and made small talk with the people at her table, she could here a devil, named Deviania talking, for you see thats the thing about merpeople, they have supurbe hearing. "My sister said that she would cast a spell of the devil on them so they would fall in love with me!" said Deviania "But which boys are you talking about?" one girl who sat at Deviania's table said " She said that she would use most of it on Jake for me, but I want Drake the most" said Deviania. As a magic power girl, she had eyes in the back of her head, unseen they were, but they had 20/20 vision... she could now see clear as daylight, Deviania smirking "You know what I think?"said a girl who wasn't going to wait for an answer so she just whent on " I think, that little miss Jade over there likes Drake, and her friends Bel-in-duh likes Jake, how are you going to get past them?" th girl said in a harsh tone. "I have my ways" said Deviania with an evil devilish look on her make-up covered face, "Watch, and learn!"
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