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I have no life. =DCategory: Quiz. w00t.
Sunday, 21 October 2007
08:45:33 PM (GMT)
[1] Lose a lover, or love a loser?
Love a loser. Because I'm one, so I would like people to love me. =D

[2] Smoke pot, or drink beer?
Smoke pot... because beer is gross.

[3] Run two miles straight, or walk eight miles?
Walk eight. I would die from running.

[4] Go to the beach, or have a milkshake?
Go to the beach, d'uh.

[5] Laugh when nobody else is, or not laugh when everyone else is?
Laugh always. It releases endorphins.

[6] Drink ten cans of soda at once, or never drink soda again?
Never. Soda's gross.

[7] Have your pants ripped, or get thrown in a trash can?

[8] Kiss someone you don’t like or, kiss someone who doesn’t like you?
Kiss someone who doesn't like me. I would rather be hurt than hurt.

[9] Not take a bath for a week or, take a bath in a lake?
In a lake!

[10] Be an only child, or have five brothers?
Only child. Hands down.

[11] Cry in front of 5,000 strangers, or cry in front of your whole school?
Strangers. Defininitely.

[12] Be able to rewind time or, see the future?

[14] Die the day after the best day of your life, or live to be ninety?

[15] Go skydiving or, go scuba diving?
I'm scared of both.

[16] Be loved by one person, or have ten people who like you?
Loved by one. 

[17] Be fat and pretty or skinny and ugly?
Fat and pretty. You can lose weight.

[18] Love and lose or, never love at all?
Love and lose.


Name: Annie
High school: Poolesville High School
Middle school: Barnesville School
Elementary: Monocacy/Fox Chapel
Favorite soda: grape.
Favorite fruit: strawberry.
Favorite season: Summer.


Talked to: Family collective.
Shower: This morning.
Watched: Harvest Moon!


Long distant relationships: Against.
Killing people: Never.
Gay Rights: FOR. 
Abortion: For, if wanted.


Ever cried over a girl or boy: Probably.
Ever been arrested: No.
Ever had a friend die: No.
Ever used a gun: No.
Ever finished a puzzle: Many.
Ever got beaten up: No.
Ever hated someone: Yeah.
Ever made a huge mistake: Yes.
Ever jogged a mile: I've ran miles.
Ever broken someones heart: I hope not.


Favorite number: Err.. My social security number! xD


Blue or red? Purple.

Spring or Autumn? Autumn.


Do you speak any other language: Kinda Spanish.


Wanting to see: My besties.

How old do you look: A bit older, 18ish mebbeh?

How old do you act: I dunno...

How old are you: 16

Do you have any pets?: Too many.

Flowers or Candy? Flowers.

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