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Randomness 8... 50 more *yawny!*...Category: (general)
Saturday, 20 October 2007
05:02:23 PM (GMT)
151. How do you feel about fairy tales? I like them
152. What is your favorite fairy tale? Snow white
153. Do you only know fairy tales because of Disney? kinda
154. What's your favorite nursery rhyme? Humpty Dumpty
155. Post part of it. "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
all the kings horses and all the kings me, couldn't put Humpty together again!"
156. Do you know any? What?
157. Do you keep a journal? Yeah
158. Do you keep a journal on Gaia? No
159. How many journals do you have? 1
160. What do you usually write about? My life
161. Do you write poetry? sometimes
162. Would you call yourself a poet? nah
163. Do you consider your poetry to be good? sometimes :D
164. Do you like to read poetry? Not particually
165. If so why? ...
166. If not, why not? Depends 
167. What's your favorite poem? ... 
168. What's your least favorite poem? ... 
169. Have you visited all the forums? No
170. If you haven't, which ones haven't you been to? Dunno
171. Do you think you'll ever visit them? No
172. What's your favorite forum? ...
173. Why? I dunno
174. Why are you on Gaia? I'm not :D 
175. Why are you on Gaia right now? I'm not :D
176. Why are you taking this quiz? Cause I wanna :D
177. Why are trees green? I'm not a science teacher :D
178. Are trees green? Most of the time...
179. If you had to eat the squirrel or save the cake, which would you do? Save the
180. What is the strangest thing you've ever been asked? If you had to eat the
squirrel or save the cake, which would you do?
181. How did you respond? Save the cake
182. Which is the better word, no or yes? Yes
183. Have you ever been to the optometrist? No
183. Which is clearer, number one number two? 2
184. Do you know the order of letters on the eyesight test thing? They are different
185. Do you know what it's called? No
186. Do you wear glasses? Yeah
187. Do you wear contacts? Yeah
188. If you wear contacts, do you have colored contacts? Nah 
189. What color contacts would you like to have? Red :D
190. Do you wish there was a way to permanently change your eye colour? No
191. What color are your eyes? Bluey-Greeny-Browny
192. What color are your eyes on Gaia? Grrrr
193. Do you believe that eyes are the window to the soul? Sometimes
194. Do people ever look deeply into your eyes? Only one person...
195. Does it make you uncomfortable? No
196. How do you feel about mirrors? They reflect!
197. How about standing between to mirrors? Errrr
198. Are you superstitious? Kinda
199. What is your favorite superstition? Don't go under ladders
200. How many do you know? Loads

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