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the story of what i did for love pt. 11-13Category: (general)
Thursday, 11 October 2007
12:41:59 AM (GMT)

Part 11 


Ji Won continued holding my hand and never once did he let it go. The walk to his
house took us 15 minutes and I was enjoying every minute of it. When we reached his
house, Ji Won let out a sigh. 

“Mina,” he said softly. “Just stay quiet and let me do the talking okay?” I
nodded my head and we entered his house. His house was huge! I felt as though I’m a
peasant walking through a castle. He even had a few maids and butlers who attended
us. Ji Won led me to his room. It was nice and clean but there were a lot of holes
all around his walls. I sat down on his bed as he went into the bathroom to take a
quick shower. When he was done, he came out and sat next to me, holding my hand. I
really am in love. 

“Ji Won, how come your walls have a lot of holes?” 

He shrugged his shoulders and I massaged it for him. As he relaxed, he answered me.
“Oh, it’s cause I fight with my parents a lot so I take it out on the walls.”
Judging by the holes, I can tell that he was really angry every time he made one.
“Come on,” he said. He lifted me up on his back and gave me a piggyback ride
downstairs. He smelled so good now that he’s clean and fresh. 

His dad was waiting for him in the den. I waited outside while Ji Won came into face
his dad. Ji Won came in, uninterested in what his dad had to say. “What is it

“Ji Won, son…this is getting to be very tiring. Every few weeks you would run
away, leaving me and your mother worrying about you.” 

Ji Won smirked. “Sure you’re worried. That’s why you’re out with those hoes
and mom’s out with those morons. It’s because I’m your only son. You’re just
scared that when grandpa passes away he won’t put our family on the will.” 

His father got angry. “Well do you want it to end up on your uncle’s side?” Ji
Won gave his dad a look that showed he didn’t care. His dad continued talking.
“Since I managed to have a son and my brother have no kids, I have the advantage.
Son, listen to me. You know you’re my heir. All my wealth will be pass down to

Ji Won looked at his dad disgusted. “All you care about is money! You don’t care
about me!” he yelled as he stormed out of the den. Ji Won slammed the door open and
grabbed my hand. “Come on, let’s go.” 


Part 12 


I was confused and didn’t know what had happened. Ji Won held my hand and took me
to the beach near his house. On the sand there were these 2 huge rocks. Ji Won led me
over there. He lifted me up and we sat side by side. We remained silent until Ji Won
took a deep breath of the ocean air. 

“I love this place, don’t you?” he said to me smiling. I returned his smile and
held onto his hand tighter. “Ji Won, what’s wrong?” Ji Won avoided my eyes.
“Nothing.” I turned his chin to face me. “Come on, you know you can tell me.”
He nodded. 

“It’s my dad and this stupid feud he has with my uncle. They’re fighting over
who will get the larger part in my grandpa’s will.” 

“Oh…” I said softly. 

“Isn’t it stupid?” he asked laughing. “My grandpa’s not even dead yet!” 

I understood what was bothering him. So I didn’t say anything because I know he
doesn’t want me to worry about it. He threw a rock into the ocean and it skipped
three times. “Perfect” he said. “Why is it perfect?” I asked. “Age ain’t
nothing but a number right?” he asked me, changing the subject. I thought about it
for a while and nodded. 

“Since I’m older than you by two years, that makes me your oppa,” Ji Won said
to me. 

“Yup,” I answered, smiling. 

Ji Won smiled back. “I love you….” 

I felt my heart my heart filled with a bubble of love but then Ji Won continued
talking..”as a dongsang.” My bubble bursted. This was not what I had expected him
to say. 

I stared at Ji Won with wide eyes. I knew it was pretty forward of me but I had to
ask. “Y…your….donsang?” I managed to stutter out. Ji Won looked back at me
with his puppyish eyes and smiled. He nodded his head gently. Have I been reading all
his signs wrong? 

“So what do you say?” he asked. “Want to be my dongsang?” Even though it was
breaking my heart, I had no choice but to agree. I nodded. “Yes, I want to be your
dongsang oppa.” 

“Good,” he said. 

Ji Won nodded and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small silver knife. I
stared at him with wide eyes. “Ji Won, what are you going to do with that knife?”
He asked, “Do you trust me Mina?” I nodded my head without hesitation. I trusted
Ji Won with my whole heart. He smiled at me. “Good. Lower the back of your
shirt.” Ji Won pulled the back of my shirt down. Then he used that knife to cut me.
“Ow!” I screamed in pain but he continued anyways. He carved a small ‘E’ onto
my shoulder blade. My back was bleeding and he bandaged it for me. 

Then he handed the knife to me. “Here. Engrave your initial ‘M’ too cuz I
don’t want to use the same last name as your mom.” My hand trembled as I held the
knife. I didn’t want to hurt Ji Won. “Go ahead. Don’t worry, I can stand the
pain.” I engraved an ‘M’ onto Ji Won’s back. I was surprised because he
didn’t let a tear drop or cry out in pain. I bandaged him and he acted as if
nothing had happen. When it was over, he held me close. 

I held onto Ji Won tightly as if he was going to leave me. I know he only thinks of
me as his little dongsang but it feels nice holding him like this. 

As Ji Won held onto Mina, his smiling face instantly turned sad. He wanted to say
‘Mina, I love you as a girlfriend’ so she would be his forever but he couldn’t.
He wasn’t the type to admit his feelings. So he figured the scarring was not an
engravement of his brotherly love to Mina, but his promised symbol as a soulmate to
her forever… 


Part 13 


Years had pass and I’m still with Ji Won. I didn’t think it was possible but I
grew more and more in love with Ji Won everyday. We would do a lot of stuff together
and we never had any fights. We argue, but it never came to the point where we would
get really mad at each other and he usually let me have it my way. 

Kang Sung Hoon was Ji Won’s other friend and he hangs out with us a lot too. Sung
Hoon is a little older than me and is really nice. He has this really cute smile that
when he smiles, you can’t help but smile back. I called him ‘bang geul ee.’ His
family life also isn’t good. His dad is a drunk and his mom had passed away when he
was young. So usually it was the three of us together. 

My home life is a lot better thanks to Ji Won. My stepmom didn’t dare to touch me
anymore and it’s still the same between me and my dad. We don’t talk much. Ji
Won’s parents like me a lot too. It’s because when they tell Ji Won to do
something and he wouldn’t do it. They would come to me. I’m kind of like their
pawn. Life was heaven for me until it completely shattered on day. 

It started out with good news but who would have known it would end up in tragedy? 

June 15, 1996 

My stepmom and dad came home one day from visiting the Euns. “Guess what?” my
stepmom told me excitedly. 

“What?” I asked calmly. 

“The Euns are planning a wedding for you and Ji Won!” 

I sat down because my knees gave out. This news hit me with total surprise but I was
so happy to hear it because I’m so in love with Ji Won. “Really?” I asked
excitedly? “How did this happened?” 

“Mr. Eun wanted Ji Won to get married and he figured you’re the girl he should

“What did Ji Won say?” I had to ask. I didn’t want him to be forced into this.

“Of course he agreed,” she answered. 

My breathing increased so I took out my respirator. After I calmed down, my stepmom
took me into her room and told me all about the arrangements. 

Meanwhile back at the Eun mansion… 

“Just because you’re making this wedding for me and Mina doesn’t mean I owe you
anything!” Ji Won yelled angrily at his dad. 

Mr. Eun grabbed Ji Won by the collar of his shirt. “Ji Won! You listen to me. Once
you and Mina get married, your grandpa will give you all of his businesses. Sharing
part of it with your dad isn’t asking for much is it?” Ji Won pushed his dad
away. He began to laugh. “The only two people grandpa will give the businesses to
is me or uncle. He won’t give it to you because you’ll spend it all on those
whores! I bet all your money is gone now.” 

It was true. Mr. Eun was in serious debt and he needed Ji Won to get married because
Ji Won’s grandpa was going to give Ji Won his inheritance once he gets married. Ji
Won had just turned 18 and his dad had planned the marriage months ahead. His dad got
on his knees. “Please son. Please do it for me.” 

Ji Won rolled his eyes. “You’re so pathetic dad.” He sighed. Living with Mina
taught him compassion and sympathy for people. “I’ll see what I can do dad.” He
went into his room. Just then his cellular phone rang. He picked it up, thinking it
was Mina. Using his sexy voice, he whispered, “Hi Mina.” 

A weird high-pitched giggle came from the other end of the line. 

“Ooh…”said the voice. “Hi to you too sexy.” 

Ji Won rolled his eyes. “Oh shut up Sung Hoon.” 

Using his real voice, Sung Hoon began to laugh out loud. “Gross hyung! That’s how
you talk to Mina? Ew! It gives me the chills!” 

“Hey Sung Hoon,” said Ji Won seriously. “Is everything set and ready to go?”

“Yeah hyung,” said Sung Hoon. 

“Good,” said Ji Won, smiling. “Meet me at the docks tonight. From there we can
sail to the mainland airport and get away from Hawaii to start a new life in

“Yeah,” said Sung Hoon. “But did you tell Mina about it?”

“No,” answered Ji Won, sighing. “I’m afraid she won’t leave her family.
I’m planning to just kidnap her and take her along. It’s easier that way and no

“Right,” said Sung Hoon. “At least the three of us will still be together.” 

“Yeah,” said Ji Won. “Meet you in an hour. Get everything ready. I got our
money too.” 

“Okay,” replied Sung Hoon. 

“Bye.” Ji Won clicked off his phone. Ji Won’s dad didn’t know it but his
grandpa had given him $10 million in advance, along with hotel ownerships in Korea
and Hawaii as his wedding gift. He planned to leave his dad $5 million and live off
the rest with Mina and Sung Hoon. He smiled thinking about how he would get away from
everything and just be with the one he loved the most, Mina.

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