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Am I a band geek? Most certainly.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
11:33:27 PM (GMT)
You know you're a band geek if...

1. Band is your favorite sport.

2. You hum band songs in other classes.

3. You've ever done roll-step while walking with a full plate or glass to keep things
from spilling.

4. You've never been on a Friday night date, thanks to the football games.

5. You walk in step with any music you hear.

6. A snake is a favorite activity, not an animal.

7. You would never go to a football game if not for band.

8. "Hey Baby" really is the only pick-up line you know.

9. You hear the phrase "tongue harder" on a regular basis.

10. You know that "one more time" actually means "four or five more times".

11. You can't watch Pirates of the Caribbean without wondering what formation you
should be in.

12. It bothers you when the person walking next to you isn't in step.

13. Your band director's phone number is on speed dial.

14. When you retell some of your favorite memories of summer, you start with the
phrase, "This one time at band camp..." and mean it.

15. All your friends are in band.

16. You've actually been to band camp and consider it the highlight of your summer.

17. You know how to play 10 popular-stand tunes, but know the words to none of them.

18. You point out key changes and dynamics when you listen to the radio.

19. You've never had to pay to get into a football/basketball game.

20. You've never sat in your class section at a pep rally because you're always

21. You start humming a showtune from three years ago and your friends join in with
their respective parts.

22. You listen to band demo CDs in your car.

23. You know that "push in" and "pull out" are regular tuning phrases and are in no
way sexual.

24. You see no pervertedness in the words tongueing, blowing, and fingering.

25. You are late for band because you were at another band rehersal.

26. You think there should be horn pops in symphonic band. (for marching band geeks)

27. You laugh at all of these because you know they're all true.

28. You realize you are out of step with the song in your head and you adjust your

29. You have constant arguments as to why your instrument is better.

30. You insist (no, KNOW) marching band is more physically and mentally taxing than

31. Even after you graduate, you still go to every competiton and sit with the band.

32. Someone asks you who your favorite band is and you say "High school or college?
DCI? Which division? I, II or III?"

33. You have a mnemonic for the different modes... "I Don't Punch Like Muhammad A-Li"
(Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian).

34. The entire floor of your trunk is littered with sheet music.

35. You're walking to class to the tempo of the ballad, the late bell rings, and you
suddenly walk to tempo of the 3rd movement.

36. You carry a metronome in your pocket.

37. You feel the overwhelming compulsion to tap out a drum cadence on the nearest
hard surface, even if that means tapping it out on the stranger standing next to

38. You know what it's like to have a reed frozen to your lips.

39. You know just how many people can fit into a band locker (from experience).

40. You get upset when an audience can't clap in time or on the right beats.

41. You use the excuse, "I can't, I have rehearsal" more than five times a week.

42. You can tell what someone plays just by looking at them.

43. You only know how football is played because 
you are forced to sit through the games.

44. You know your school song by heart, backwards, in the dark, sleeping, and in
every key because you have played it so many times.

45. When you hear a school with the same fight song, you want to join in and play.

46. You can look at a little kid and guess what instrument they are going to
eventually play... and guess right.

47. You get excited when you hear songs in movies that your jazz band or any other
band played.

48. You automatically go to attention when you hear a whistle...including the ref's.

49. You continue doing band in college even if you are not majoring in music.

50. You get annoyed when you are listening to the radio and the car's blinker is not
in sync with the beat of the music.

51. You subdivide into 8ths, 16ths, triplets, and quintuplets a turning signal, walk
pace, song on the radio, or just about anything that keeps time.

52. You once drove back to your house going 60 mph because you forgot your music, or
part of your uniform, or other essential item, before a practice or concert or

53. You describe distance in 8-to-5 steps.

54. Someone threatening to kick your instrument is worse than someone threatening to
kick you.

55. You have a favorite key and/or time signature.

56. You listen to a song and think about how cool it would be to arrange it for a
field show.

57. You only date people who are in the band (or orchestra or choir).

58. You have most, if not all, of the songs your band(s) has ever played on your MP3

59. You've ever suggested having a lock-in in the band hall.

60. 95% of your pictures in your scrapbook or photo album are pictures of things you
did with the band.

61. When your friends call you a band geek, you don't deny it, and in fact, take it
as a compliment.

62. You've ever tripped with your instrument and sacrificed your body to protect your

63. You tap your foot to elevator music and the radio.

64. You don't go home on the day of a football game.

65. Your band locker is your personal space for anything and everything.

66. You rarely see your family during the fall because you are always doing marching
band things.

67. When you're walking along with a friend, you automatically get in step and in
time with their footsteps.

68. Your marching show is your ring tone.

69. You skip other classes due to weather, but then go to band.

70. You hear a slight beat and rhythm to everything around you... i.e., the air
conditioner, the fan, the pencil scribble sound, and the squeaky desk.

71. You like the way reeds taste.

72. You wonder what it would be like to play the music in basically every movie you

73. You can listen to a song and figure out the time signature, and often consult
with other bandies who are doing the same thing at the same time.

74. You trade instruments when there's a substitute teacher for band class.

75. You've learned the hard way not to walk through the brass section without shoes.

76. You know that getting to a band event early means you're on time, on time means
you're late, and late means you're in trouble.

Feel free to post more and I'll add them on here!

drummergirl1 says :   17 May 2008   711131  


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