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Girl Probs (i need help, girls only)Category: (general)
Sunday, 7 October 2007
08:47:38 PM (GMT)
Hey, there is this girl that i like at school, im 15 and i think she is 15. I have a
few probs that i need help with. I really like her, and it seems that she likes me.
She is very beautiful and a lot of guys try to talk and flirt with her...I know that
she likes me more than those guys because what sets me apart from them, is that i am
sweet and nice and I dont just go up to the girl and ask her out in a jerk kind of
way. My real problem is approaching her. She is in none of my classes, but i see her
in the hallway. Girls, I want you to put yourself in the girl that I like's situation
and please tell me what I should do. I want to get her to communicate with me more,
so how do I do it without seeming like a stalker? I think about her all the time and
I really need to talk to her, but do you think that I should ask her when to call
her, or what? Please can someone help me? I would really appreciate it^_^

madina_lake says:   7 October 2007   138387  
uh... do u gots lunch wit her??? b-cuz if u do just casually go ^ to
her -n- start to talk to her... if she likes u enough she'll talk
bac... theres nuthin stalker-ish bout going and talkin to her...
sydnosh says:   7 October 2007   258867  
BE A MAN!!! walk up to her and talk 2 her . if ur sweet then get her
somethin she'll like it TRUST me!!!!!! we girls love all that crap
that guys do 4 us just cuz they like us. lol
Orange_Peel says:   7 October 2007   389433  
Just walk up and start talking with her. See if you really click.
Hopefully shell see it to.
Kyukun says:   7 October 2007   193616  
thanks very much. ill try these things
chel7 writes:   7 October 2007   562385  
in the hallway pull her aside from everyone else and say listen i
have like you i think your sweet and nice and your pretty and i was
wondering if you would like to go out with me and then when she
answers you if its a yes then walk her to her next class and carry her
books there for her and then if she says no dought  it though then be
like thats ok its your decision even if it does tare you up inside and
if she says idk be like no problem just don't feel like your being

that should work and if i was the girl i would be flattered and happy
jackjack789 says:   7 October 2007   198188  
I would be extra friendly for a week ( like saying hi to her every
morning) then after maybe one week ask her out
Kyukun says:   8 October 2007   633754  
ok, ill try that too thanks
chel7 says:   8 October 2007   497691  
no problem
SuperSparkle says:   8 October 2007   291732  
Ask her to a local dance, hot spot, or someother place, ask to study
for a test or study with her! Girls literally WAIT forever for the guy
to make the first move, or else they think you're kinda wimpy
angelxxfire says:   8 October 2007   316843  
u people are gonna get this guy hurt  well some of u anyway not all

  ok be nice to her just be around more than u are help her out and
become her friend first but make shure u give hints u want to be more
than friends like playing with her hair or lightly toutchung her back
when ur walking with her or her arm connection is esintal in
relashionships and if she doesnt ask u ask her to go to a dance with u
or if she wants to walk in the park or maby something elc u can think
of but if u ask her out dont do it in front of her friends they will
judge and probley be mean about it if they dont like u hmmmmmm i cant
think of anything elce if u have any questions ask me on my other
account   * kattany2 * good luck

Kyukun says:   8 October 2007   127139  
wow, thanks again u all, tomorrow i go back to school, Ill try my
best and hope for the best, this is all really good advice that i
havent done yet, so it is sure to work. i wish u all luck in life and
your relationships and future relationships!^_^
live_laugh_love_0413 says:   9 October 2007   969128  
my friend did this with me..write 
er a note with all of your feeling about her inside..fold the paper,
and tape it to her locker..or have one of ur friend ask her for you
x_kayla_x says:   9 October 2007   852314  
"Accidentally" bump into her the next time she passes, apologise and
start a conversation. Lol after a few mins of talking tell her what
you feel and ask her out...don't be afraid, the worst that can happen
is she'll say no and if she does then its her loss. 

Good Luck!
heaven_help_us says:   9 October 2007   962943  
well what i would do is ask her what music's she likes then go on
from there be nice and have fun
love9000000 says:   9 October 2007   914733  
when u c her in the halls take a deep breath and walk up to her and
sweetly smile and talk to of luck!
rockchick411 says:   10 October 2007   724361  
if you want to be real mysterious you can write her a note to talk to
her or call you. put it in her locker or books
crystal93012 says :   5 December 2007   295472  
well,I like a guy 2 .Ushould make the first move (or some1 els
will).write her a love note saying 2 meet u @ a local hangout (ur
choice),get her ONE rose, and b urself! **hope it works out** 


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