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A Dialogue That I MadeCategory: Dialogue
Sunday, 30 September 2007
08:30:52 AM (GMT)
This is stupid but I decided to make something like what nekoprincess made

Sarah- Me
Miharu- A friend
Asuka- Another Friend
Kougi- A VERY tall guy who is best friends with Miharu
Yumiko- Asuka and Kougi's sister
Joshua- My brother
Kanata- Your average guy
Kyohei- ( sorry kyohei for using your name no offense on this next phrase )
EXTREMELY short guy that is friends witn Joshua *shuts eyes expecting
something awful to happen*

***I'm still alive!! *awed at herself for surviving the awful predicament*. On with
the dialogue*********

P.S: Kyohei & Me are present. The others are on there day off but Kougi is supposed
to be present as well. He's else where. 
P.P.S: The characters don't here what the operator says before he steps into the rec.

Random Operator: Okay start!
Kyohei: Why'd you make me so damn short!! 
Sarah: I dunno, it's interesting watching a guy who's only the half of my height but
the same age as me.
Kougi: *walks into the recording room but in the process bumps head on the doorway*
Random Operator: Please stand or sit by.

*****************after a few minutes of disconnection****************

Random Operator: Okay were back on people!
Sarah: You okay, Kougi?
Kougi: Yeah, just a little bump, that's all.
Kyohei: Let me see!!
Sarah: It'll be the next millenium before you can see the top of his head. Wait,
scratch that. You'll never see the top of his head.
Kyohei: Let me retype this. Damn it! I can't reach the frickin' keyboard even with
this damn chair.
Sarah: Haha,  he's so short that he can't even reach a keyboard!
Kyohei: I would be taller but you made me short you damn princess.
Sarah: I take some offense at that! This means war!!!!!!!

************recording room turns into a battle scene**********************

Sarah: Here I am a warrior princess. You called me a princess oops *goes into
dressing room and changes into a black & white princessy yet warrior-like outfit*
then you've got a princess.*brings out sword*
Kyohei: Can't we just talk about this? *stares at the floor*
Sarah: *gives Kyohei an icy glare*
Kyohei: *runs away screaming around in the rec. room* aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Kougi: *backs up onto a wall* Princess and Sarah, 2 words I'll keep to myself
forever. *gives Sarah a nervous look while thinking why no one has asked why he was
Sarah: That'll teach him. *puts back sword into it's sheath* By the way Kougi, why
are you late? *gives an angry look*
Kyohei: *sits on a fairly safe corner* If there's one thing that Sarah hates it's
unexcused tardiness and absences.
Kougi: *gulps* I forgot about it but halfway to Miharu's house I remembered that I
was supposed to be here.
Sarah: You what! *brings out sword again and points it at Kougi*

*******************after a few seconds of that scene******************

Random Operator: *turns off recording button and steps into the rec. room* That was
great people though I wish you weren't so serious about it *looks around and sees
that the rec. room had become a wreck room*. 
Sarah: *sword is still pointing at Kougi* You mean you recorded that? *sword drops to
the floor while gaping at the operator*
Kougi: That wasn't the script!!
Random Operator: Really? I thought it was terrific!! This is better than that boring
Sarah, Kyohei & Kougi: *Sarah picks up sword while the others change into their
warrior outfits* You..... *each 1 brings out sword and points it at the operator*
Random Operator: *gulps ands runs away screaming only this times out the builiding
and onto the bus to the airport*
Sarah, Kyohei & Kougi: That's what's right for idiots like him.

**********************The End************************************

Well, hoped you liked it!!! This is stupid, nekoprincess's is better.
Last edited: 28 October 2007

‹Thoughtful Zombie› shouts :   30 September 2007   943355  
Someone comment on me. I live on comments!!! JUST KIDDING!!!


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