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Monday, 9 July 2007
07:55:21 AM (GMT)
Mr.Hello (that the username) posted this~ Shamelessly "borrowed" Edited slightly.

If any of the following confuses, disgusts, or bothers you, know this:
Kthnxbai. ♥

Name: Allison
Age: 15 on August 3ed (soclose x3)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Asexual lesbian
Hair color: BlueBlack (Black tinted with blue. I'm hoping to get it redyed as
redblack, a blood black, color, or rust-black, for my birthday)
Eye color: Changes. Usually gray-blue, sometimes it's purplish blue, sometimes it's
green/greenblue. Whatever.
Birthplace: Delaware, USA <3
Label: Scene-emo-goth and not giving a fuck what you might think ♥
Relationship status: Apparently I have two girlfriends, possibly a third, possibly a
forth, and an online virtual harem of beautiful, amazing girls... Love you all
Gender your dating: Female~ yumyum
Girls or Guys: Girls. Unless I was a guy. I'd be gay no matter which sex I was~
Piercings: Seven ear piercings: both lobes, third holes (haven't gotten second holes
yet), and on my left ear I also have an outer conch, helix, and an
upper-industrial-helix. I'm hoping to get the conch and upper-helix evened out on my
right ear, get second holes, as well as get two lip piercings (either would be
halfway between where snake bites and where the center would be). I also want my
right eyebrow done in a really weird way, navel and anti-navel, symmetrical hip
piercings, and possibly a bridge piercing.
Last person I hugged: Er... No one? ;__; Jessica. I didn't hug her, she just kinda
hugged me. Alli doesn't hug people often~ 'tis sad.
Guys who I think are hot: Jeffree Star, Miyavi, Gackt, Kyo (Diru ♥, most emo
gai whoreboys♥
Girls who I think are gorgeous: Kristine (my bitch#1), Jessica (#2), Claire, Kaydee,
Fahr, Freya, Delete, Jen, and tooons of other of my girls from my harem ;]
Disabilities: reaaally bad OCD that almost made me rip out my eyeballs in front of my
friends on more than once occasion; catatonic schizophrenia; schizophrenia; manic
depression; bipolar; MPD (or whatever it's called now); hypnagogia (see where my
username came from? XD), and
Write-multiple-stories-that-will-never-end-up-being-finished-syndrome. x]
Heroes: Kyo♥
Bands: Dir en Grey (Diru), Alice Nine, An Cafe (Bou left ;__;... sad), Linkin Park,
Lacuna Coil, Beatfreaks, Fall Out Boy. AFI, P.O.D., System of a Down, Panic!@theDisco
(only a few of their songs though), Gackt, Miyavi, Merry, L'arc en Ciel (though Tetsu
totally pwns when he sings Shinkirou, bestsongeveryesyes♥, Three Days Grace,
and like... tons of others that I forget to name often. :3
If Treena,Bee,Jessica,Tiffani,Maddie,or Alyson we're on a cliff,and you can only save
ONE who would you choose?: Don't know who the fuck they are, but I'd safe Jessica
because that's the name of (one of, apparently) my girlfriend. x]
Clubs off of Kupika: Kupika has clubs? O__o
Would I ever drink: Probably~
Would I ever smoke: Fuck. No. If you want to kill yourself like that, just rip out
your lungs right now.
Idols on Buzznet: FTW is that?

Signatures: "LOLstfu." "Kthnxbai♥"
You'll see me on various websites, most often under the name "Jhueko". If I don't act
like how I do here, most likely it's not me. Except on Subeta. I'm a loving, kind,
giving person on Subeta. Mainly because they don't allow you to cuss. :3

Dislikes: Idiots. Homophobes. Illiterates. People who don't know when to STFUkthnx.
People in general. Sunlight. Fresh air. People who can't stand snakes/reptiles in
general. People who go out of their way to kill a spider that crept into their room.
People who go out of their way to look utterly retarded. Idiots. Homophobes.
Illiterates. Oh, wait, I'm repeating myself.
Loves: Writing, literacy, art, good sense of humor. I love creativity and absolutely
abhor when people fake artistic talent. If you didn't draw it, don't fucking post
it. Art thieves will get a verbal bashing and immortalized as the idiot they are
in my diary, most likely.

Gadgets: iPod Nano, V360, Computer, gamboy advanced SP, gamecube, xBox, PS2 (that's
right, I haven't upgraded my gaming consoles in forever. I'm fucking dirt poor,
thanks.), cameras, coffee makers @___@

{Would I} Section
(Not much here, huh? XD)
Stuck in an elevator with Jeffree Star or Lindsay Lohan: Jeffree Star. He pwns. I'd
better have a camera~
Last edited: 9 July 2007

ismile_xoxo says:   9 July 2007   237767  
wow haha nice umm entry.bye
RaverAlchemist says:   10 July 2007   874614  
Gackt is a sexy beast >:D
Hypnagogia says:   10 July 2007   999863  
Gackt=male Aphrodite incarnate.
tayTOPIC says :   30 January 2008   292376  
what part of delaware??
u rarely see people from there

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