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Chain Letters...Category: Read if you post/hate/believe chains letters
Thursday, 28 June 2007
04:11:59 PM (GMT)
Oh deary be, why do people believe in the horror story/bad luck chain letters?
Seriously, all of them are wrong.

Take for instance the one going around at the moment titled 'They fucked her up'
about a girl called Carmen Winstead who will get you if you don't re-post the chain
letter. The letter says you can even google her and find out about the incident that
killed her.

Guess what: I did, and the first hit wasn't a tragic news story about a girl who
'fell' down a man hole at school, but a website all about urban myths. Turns out that
our beloved, tragic, evil little antagonist of the chain letter first appeared over
on Myspace in 2006 and can also be referred to as Jessica Smith if you read another
variation of the same chain letter. The chain letter is known as 'Sewer Ghost', 'She
was pushed', 'They pushed her down a sewer' and now apparently 'They fucked her up'.

Anybody want the link to the article which debunks this? Actually, better still, I'll
give you the link to website all about urban myths, which I mentioned before. Check
it before you re-post bad luck chain letters please, as I really cannot -stand-
seeing a new chain letter everytime I log into Kupika. The website in question is:
Or you can access it by typing

Oh, and you know those little messages by the '(search Kupika)' box? There is a
message that occassionally shows up there saying 'Check the truth of any Urband
Legends you encounter' or something similar - same site if you want another link.

I've known the site a long time before I knew about Kupika. Fun to read, though
sometimes it can be a little unnerving regardless of the fact that most of them are
false. Worth having a good look at whether you believe the chains or not. There isn't
a section or sub-section devoted to chain letters (yet; with the amount I've seen on
Kupika alone, I'm sure the site owners may have to make one soon), so you'll have to
search for the specific article; just use the 'victims' name, search it and see what
comes up. There is also an interesting article on the different types of chain
letters in the 'luck' section, if anybody is interested. 

So please folks, either use your brain or use the site, doesn't matter which as you
should come to the same conclusion either way: nothing bad will happen, the chain
letter is false, and you just wasted precious time reading/posting the chain letter.

'Good luck' chain letters are also rubbish, sorry but its true. Please stop posting
them too - they're just as annoying as the bad luck chains.

Still, one good thing about chain letters is that they make an amusing read.
Occassionally. Still annoying though.

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