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Opal Fruit - Chapter TwoCategory: Story
Wednesday, 6 June 2007
12:40:32 PM (GMT)
Opal discovered the attic one day. She went upstairs and she found a door. It
interested her, so she went inside. Once in, she found boxes and boxes. Opal took
something out of one of the boxes. An album, a photo album, a diary. Opal took a
deep breath and opened it. It was written by her Mum. She read it.

27 September '94
I had the baby yesterday. God, what a nightmare! She was definitley a mistake. I
don't really care much for her. But I have to look after her. I don't really feel
like writing much today, sorry. I'm too tired.

29 September '94
I'm not tired now. I really can't be bothered to look after this baby. I just shove
some milk in a bottle, warm it up in the microwave and give it to her when she's
hungry. If she wets, I just smack her and lay her down in her cot. That old cot.
It's falling to bits, even though it's brand new. Anyway, yes if she wets, I just
smack her. She hasn't been changed since she's been born. Her nappy reeks, but I'm
sure she'll learn if I keep on smacking. She should. Well, it's going to carry on
until she does. I really wish I hadn't had her now. I know my boyfriend just did it
for the you-know-what. I'm too young to have this baby - I'm only 16! Oh one second,
I think she's crying again. I'm back now, Opal needed her nappy changed again
but I did the usual, smack, slap and tighten on her nappy and she shut up. It's so
much easier when I haven't got the hassle of changing her. I know I'll need to one
day, but God, she should learn. What with my smackings she should! I know this isn't
right but I'm only 16 and what else can I do?

Opal stopped reading after that. She took the book from the box and slipped it under
her arm. She would take it to her bedroom. She hadn't known anything about her past
before, and now this was a chance to find out all about it. Opal went down the stairs
and as she went she was thinking about what her mum had written. How could she? She
had never changed her nappy. How awful it must have been for Opal. Opal's Mum never
ever talked to Opal, let alone tell her about what she used to be like. As Opal
reached her bedroom, she layed on her bed and decided that this diary she must keep
beside her wherever she could.

It was Monday morning again. Opal got washed, dressed and then set of for school as
usual. It hadn't got any better. Rianna was still bullying her as usual. But, on the
bright side as Opal looked at it, it wasn't any worse. This was the bright
side for Opal. Her life wasn't good.
"Opal, sit up straight and Rianna, put that ruler down." Mrs Song looked sternly at
them both. Rianna had poking Opal in the back as usual and finally Mrs Song had
noticed. Opal sat up and Rianna reluctantly dropped the ruler.
"Right, thank you, and as I was saying, your book reports are due in next week. Any
person who fails to hand in their report will be given double detention, because we
have known about this for a few weeks now. This time there is no excuse! Not that
there would be any excuse at any usual homework but this time there is
definitely no excuses. Do you hear me?"
"Yes," chorused the class. They sounded bored.
At breaktime Opal opened her bag and took out the diary, which had been sitting there
all day. She had taken it with her for comfort, and also for something to do at
breaktimes other than mooch around by herself.
She flicked to a page and then started to read.

3 October '94
The weather is really starting to chill now. I have to wrap up when I just go out the
back yard. I can't believe this, it's turned so cold so quickly. It's almost my
birthday, but I doubt anyone will buy me anything. I lost all my friends when I had
this Opal. Man, is she a pain! All she does is cry cry cry and then cry cry cry some
more. I've changed her once and that was because she was so desperate. The smell hit
me as soon as I went into the room. But I've got a new trick now. Instead of
smacking. Well, not instead of, I still do it. I tighten her nappy. Right now she's
having to take really short little breaths. It's so cool to watch. She goes
'huh-huh'huh' and then 'hu-hu-hu' faster. It's really funny. I know it's cruel but
who can help it when you don't want her?

5 October '94
I think my new trick has worked! Opal has stopped crying when she wets. I think I'm
going to take her nappy off now and then just leave her with nothing on in the cot.
I'll just wrap her up and if she wets, well, she'll have a smacking she won't forget.
I saw some little baby knickers in Mothercare but I thought they were a waste of
money. I mean, she'll be fine on a few nappies a week, won't she? I've stopped buying
tons of them now. I just buy one packet every now and again. They are such a waste of
money. And now I'm on my own, I can't afford much.

Opal stopped to wipe the tears from her eyes. The bell was ringing. She got up and
then started to walk inside with everyone else. Her eyes were brimming with tears
because she was now vaugely remembering sharp slaps and wet blankets and huge faces
looking up at her. Opal had such a vivid memory, up until now she couldn't understand
why her childhood was such a blurr. But somehow, this diary was like, a key. She had
to keep it with her, by all means necessary.

Dragonfly01 says:   6 June 2007   322262  
PLZ wirte more soon!!!
I cant wait to see *read* what happens next!!
Poor Opal!!
Mimzy says:   6 June 2007   678362  
Yes I agree with dragonfly01! Please write more! I am loving this
story! What did I tell you? Great writers all come from England! Poor
Mimzy says:   6 June 2007   362219  
Did you write more yet? Did ya did ya?  Darn, you didn't!
bbqgirl says:   8 June 2007   818921  
plez write  more this is so good
‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   9 June 2007   614817  
Thanks guys
skaterdude123 says:   12 July 2007   379425  
well i agree with all the complements, but 'all great writers come
from england is not true.' some writers in england are good. some in
the us are good. it depends on who you are. im american, and I only
like a few american authors.
Ashleighxx says :   15 May 2008   729274  


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