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Thursday, 10 May 2007
12:02:24 PM (GMT)
ah jesus today was dramatic i must say!
first of all i had a lie in cause i was sick
daddy just said to go in later to school
and im like ah fair enough without arguing because like i had a sex talk
so its all good!
so i got up at 10:30 had a great dream
envolved lots of sex and a person changing into 3 different people
not sayin names
might embarass the hole off meself!!!but basicly
envolved,skiing,flying,pigs,bears,foreplay,sex,rain,well good!
anyways got up had shower etc,got ready,went online for like 30 mins!
notin exciting
went to go get the bus!left the front door open cause i i couldnt find me key
dad nearly killed me!
but yea i got the bus right on time and headed to town
went to swineline and got a 6mm plug!its lovely and pink
only tempo tho cause am goin to ten like:P
then hurried up to school
got in 
and again i thought ashy hated me (LONG STORY)but as i said before i love her like
but yea spent lunch with katie
straightened me hair
still looks like shit tho!
but its me!it always does!!
went shop bought 7up,
went back waitin in the foyé place and ms lynch me irish teacher gave out to me
cause i wasnt in her class this mornin
and i was like i was sick and was made come in late
and shes like I DONT BELIEVE YOU and im like ring me dad then,and shes like no dont
matter,you just have a test tomorrow
and im like yea fair enough

but yea sex talk then
some laugh
the women are lovely like!
had to go around the class and use alliteration on your name
but had to do funny dirty things
like i was MAURA MAURGASM but i did it wrong
it was suppose to be like ASHLING ARSE
then we had to put the different parts of the penis vagina on a big picture of a
penis and a vagina
then just talked about contraception
oh and played this game if you were on a stranded island,but it was a condom
island,think of all the different uses of a condom
and she gave each group a condom
we got a billy boy one and it was yellow
but yea we had the best uses
tbh cant really think now but you get the idea!!!

then she just talked about more contraceptions
and then i fainted,but i was sick anyway
i was as white as a dead person
and the nurse had to bring me outside
then i went home and now am in the sittin room with BECKY:D

talk tomorrow

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