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Thursday, 26 April 2007
09:19:50 PM (GMT)
Well my friend Emily is dating Arpan.They HAD a steady relashionship, But latly it
just seams to move faster & faster. Like 2 days ago they peked on the cheek, then the
next day They were kissing on the lips in peek,  then they were kissing and holding
it there and swiching gum,and now there using toung. The other thing is that ITMS is
a 6 & 7 grade school and Arpan is in 6th grade and Emily is in 7th so his image is
better than her's and hers is so not as good as it was b4 they dated,Not that he's a
user he's my friend too,but I may have started a rummor(not on perpous) By telling
the blabber mouth Nicole that she was dating a 6th grader.That wasn't the smartest
thindg to say. I know bcuz My friend Kevin asked me about it and said he heard it
from a guy on his hall(i'm not on it and nicole isn't eather). The thing that worrys
me also is that arpan told me it would end up like last time. Emily gets bored of
him, asks me to dump him, I do after she gets the nerve to do it her self, only this
time they WON'T  get back together. I got them married(long storey ask if you want)
and timed their makout time(25 sec. I think is their record)and one day devorse them.
I am there relashonship consaler and can't find a way to tell them that if they don't
slow down their gona crash. It will end in a break up or an abortion so I am worried.
If you know them DO NOT TELL THEM!!!!!! That would be.... bad...very very bad!!!!!!


Its slower now yaaaaaaa!!!
Today arpan was hit by a guy named Bradley. That MOFO I don't like him.I don't want
to tipe the stary but i will if u wat me to
Last edited: 7 May 2007

I_Need_You says:   27 April 2007   342851  
wow. that is great..... (i didn't read it)
soccerba53 says:   27 April 2007   943168  
i know
candy_cane_angel says:   27 April 2007   125929  
hehehe i know something Emily doesn't....mwahahah
my_username_rocks says:   27 April 2007   412662  
miki Arpan is in sixth grade but his B-day is late so they put him a
grade younger then he should be so really Arpan is dqa same age as
peppermint002 says:   27 April 2007   985929  
yes but at ITMS it is BAD...BAD I TELL you to go out with a sixth
grader regardless of age!!!!!
rhcplove says:   28 April 2007   358712  
going out with a 6th grader is really disgusting. tht story about
your friends reminds me of my friend heather and her ex justin. it
ended up woith hacking into myspaces and writing " i Love cock" alll

hopefully your friends dont end up like tht

but i guess you just need to let them learn on their own. it seems tht
they wont umderstand unless they experience it.

im hoping tht made sense
peppermint002 says :   29 April 2007   621823  
not realy


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